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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Selling Your Soul..the Worship of Money

The election really lit a fire in me that I had put down and ignored for a while, but .... as has been repeated to me in my own life and in my observation... when you see a wrong in society and say nothing about it, it WILL return to you.  Edmund Burke said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Yes, indeed.

I think the thing that this last election showed me the most was exactly that.  When I saw the extremist elements of the GOP arising in the party, I checked myself out of it and's a problem for another person.  Surely NO ONE would be stupid enough to go along with this, and it will die out.  Then, I see the result of the last election.

I think that the thing that offended me the MOST in the last election is the complete TURN ON GOD by HIS OWN CHURCH in voting for Donald Trump.  Does that sound like I am being a little extreme?   Well, normally, I would agree with you that it is not something that you should do to say that God is for this candidate or that candidate, this party or that one.  The truth is that God is for NO party.  He is for people, and I don't mean for them to worship him.  God is not an egotistical maniac.  Jesus didn't go around taking selfie pictures of Himself, saying...this miracle brought to you by the Holy Trinity.  Indeed, almost all of the time, if not all the time, he went around saying NOTHING.  He didn't wear Nascar patches on his cloak as he healed people.  He didn't have a book stand of his gospel, as he fed the poor.  He didn't even say that GOD was the one doing the healing.  He just HEALED, FED, CARED for the poor and needy.

I think there is a reason that Jesus spent most of His time in the gospels talking about corruption IN HIS OWN CHURCH in that day and the days to come.  He made it very clear that a TRUE minister would not worship God AND fact, he said that one could not do both.  He specified that EVERYONE in HIS service should be judged by their FRUIT...what it is that they produced.  He warned about those that would come in the appearance of a dove but act like a serpent.  And, he said that HIS followers would be known for their LOVE.

That last one is the one that is so damning to the current day church and is the reason that I do not attend, anymore.  It is not because I have NOT attended or know nothing of "ministry" fact it is the opposite. I have attended too much to stomach it, any longer, and I have been educated in a fundamentalist "christian" seminary enough to know from the inside what they are taught about how to manipulate people into their ranks.

Church stopped being about "ministry" a long time ago, and most churches that exist, today, have almost NO church committees or branches for feeding the poor, shelters for battered women, clinics for drug users, adoption centers, providers of health care, or such.  But, they have REALLY BIG BUILDINGS, and their worship service has a good light show...and after all that is what Jesus was all about, right?  Wrong.

Now, we are in such a corrupt generation that we just has a person that was KNOWN for his SIN that got elected, which is bad enough.  However, THE CHURCH was on his side, and so...I cannot be silent any more.

So, go ahead and vote for a man that bragged about cheating on his wife and wanting to sleep with a married woman and said he can do anything he wants to women's bodies, because he is a celebrity, but don't claim it is a vote FOR GOD.  It is a vote for sin, especially when you are being led by him to vote against medical care for the elderly and poor, against food for the hungry, education, and protection for the refugees running from persecution from other lands.  And don't claim that declaring an entire race or an entire religion as being so evil that they must be shunned is an act of God.

However, that is how our society has turned.  We live in a society where churches are the new gambling casinos.  People come to church and give to God, believing from their pastors that they will get rich as a result of it..just like the gamblers at the slots.  Meanwhile, property values plummet around the church, while the church gets very big and fancy.  The house always wins.  It reminds me of how I was talking to my fiance about ORU, here in Tulsa, that promised everyone that if they gave them money that God would prosper them, only to have the college ITSELF go so bankrupt that it took an 110 million dollar bailout from the Green family to stay afloat.  So, how can a ministry claim to its flock and book buyers that God will create money out of no where, when they, themselves, go bankrupt....all the while the Roberts family lives in their rich houses and private planes.  One should ask ...why is it that the members of modern day churches MUST give 10 percent to be considered "christian" but the ministers give NOTHING to ANYONE?

The churches of our day have sold their soul for money.  There are a few exceptions, but they are not on the broad way that leads to death but the narrow way that leads to life, and they are not known for their glitz and glamour and big buildings, because their money is better spent on actually PAYING for the needs of others.  For all the criticism that the "church" has of government social programs, there is not one law or regulation or anything else that keeps them from donating a portion of their money to the local food shelter or women's shelter or government health program.  Nor are there any restriction on you, either.

So, the next time that you feel tempted to buy into the argument of RICH Republicans that never give to charity and vote EVERY vote for one purpose...self accumulation and use of wealth...consider the pooor.  We are in the season of gratitude and sacrifice.  Don't trust any minister that does not understand both of those concepts, either.  They are not from God.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Is God Author of Evil .. debunking the "will of God" claim

One of the extremist claims of the religious right over the years thaf has bothered me the most is the claim that whatever happens is the will of God.  It is a convenient excuse for them to get out of taking responsibility for their lives or their actions.  Someone's house burns down and they say... God is testing them.  Someone is married to an abuser, and they say God put them there to be abused to be abused.  Someone gets sick, and God is wanting them to trust him. 

To listen to this group, you would think that God loves the very devil they preach against, because everything according to them is of the devil and God directs the devil's actions for the good of mankind.  T

However, the contradictions are too glaring for even the most basic person of reason.  If God is behind it all, why pray against it?  And, why would God send people to hell for fulfilling His will for them?  Then again, if it is all the devil, hoe cam he be evil, doing the will of God?  And if it is all God's plan, how can homosexuality be wrong (as they judge not in reality) since everything that happens is God's will and some choose that lifestyle.  Indeed, how was Obama wrong, being God's chosen leader for having been elected, how is abortion wrong for having happened, and how was Hitler wrong for killing millions, as ALL THINGS are the will of God?

Of course, it is true that all things DO happen for a reason... that is a scientific fact.  The fault lies in attributing divine purpose to that reason.  If people are free to make mistakes or sin or hate or kill, there are going to be those wronged or injured or murdered for the PURPOSE that we chose that path.  GOD is not the author of our sin or responsible for our choices.  We are. 

Further, the church has over the years held the mentality that "might makes right" and despite their disdain for evolution holds a very Darwinian view of society  (which all fascist dictators believe too) that if God allows someone to take power, it is God's will and that has been used to justify conversions of cities to Jesus by the sword, invading and taking over occupied lands, slavery and the current political events.

But, to say this means that the subjection of races, the domination of males, the abuse of women or children, and... indeed... the DAILY examples of rape, murder, theft, and more must be God's will and, as such. .. we may as well do away with the police, especially if... for example. ..a current sitting President may have thousands of lawsuits that would be very embarrassing to the ministries that proclaimed him God's choice.

People are people.  They make choices.  Those choices have consequences, and those consequences are not not the will of God any more than their choices are.  It is about time that people start dealing with the fact that evil exists, and it is not in the shape of a demon but your neighbor or Co worker or "family" or other person making poor choices to harm and injure and be given the consequences of such a person fir their actions, and those that make good choices the actions of choose those around us that build us up and reject those that tear us down.  Then, we can approach God not as an excuse but as a friend to see how we may make His world a little better.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Religion and the Rise of Nazi Germany

I have decided to do a weekly blog on the rise of Nazi party in Germany, due to the VERY striking similarities in our current day and the fact that those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.
And, that is part of the problem.  When have you learned about the Nazi's....have you had ONE class about it..or one chapter..or one school?  History fell behind all the other subjects in the need for preparation for national TESTING...testing which only validates the message of this article, by the way.

Do you even know what Fascism means?  I know you have heard seems that EVERYONE is a fascist.  Hillary was called one, many times, and that is absurd.  If anything, she is a communist, and that is extreme...but I bet you don't even know what the differences between the two groups are.  Allow me to educate you, all from the FREE source of Wikipedia, which for the purpose of this article serves the purpose well.

Fascism:  "a form of radical authoritarian nationalism...opposes liberalism, Marxism and anarchism and is usually placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum....
Fascists believe that liberal democracy is obsolete, and they regard the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties.Such a state is led by a strong leader—such as a dictator and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party—to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society.Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature, and views political violence, war, and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation. Fascists advocate a mixed economy, with the principal goal of achieving autarky through protectionist and interventionist economic policies.  ...
One common definition of the term focuses on three concepts: the fascist negations of anti-liberalism, anti-communism and anti-conservatism; nationalist authoritarian goals of creating a regulated economic structure to transform social relations within a modern, self-determined culture; and a political aesthetic of romantic symbolism, mass mobilization, a positive view of violence, and promotion of masculinity, youth and charismatic leadership. According to many scholars, fascism—especially once in power—has historically attacked communism, conservatism and parliamentary liberalism, attracting support primarily from the far right"

 Does that sound familiar?  You know...a group out there that is violently opposed to socialist ideologies and rallies behind a strong leader, praise of masculinity, and far right? not.  No we are a "christian" nation, right?  That is not Nazi's right?

"A census in May 1939, six years into the Nazi era and incorporating the annexation of mostly Catholic Austria into Germany, indicates that 54% considered themselves Protestant, 40% Catholic, 3.5% self-identified as "gottglƤubig" (lit. "believers in god", often described as predominately creationist and deistic), and 1.5% as non-religious." - Religion in Nazi Germany

So...1 percent atheist.  One percent....Germany was not against Christianity, it was a CHRISTIAN nation.  Indeed, it considered itself doing the work of God. Indeed, the Nazi symbol was an ancient CROSS used by the church.

And, that is where I will leave it for this week for you to reflect and consider.  Hitler didn't make the Nazi party.  the Nazi party CHOSE Hitler, being already of a fascist mentality.  As we just elected a strong military leader to oppose socialism, isolate our borders, and rule the nation with a hard line and condemning all political opponents to disagreeing....consider.  Who appointed you judge of even your brother, let alone all of society.  This election was not about the electing of one leader but the growing belief that ANYONE has the ability, knowledge, or authority to say to ANY other person that they are wrong for what they believe or how they live, be they liberal, socialist, athiest, black, mexican, muslim, gay, young, or any other indicator of a TRUE society of FREEDOM...diversity.  THAT is the American dream that is on the verge of extinction.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"righteous" bullies

So, I am sure you heard that Donald Trump is the new President.  He didn't actually win the popular vote, but the electoral college gave him the victory.  However, I want to focus on what I have been saying for the last several weeks on my Instagram and Twitter.  Indeed, I have been saying it for months, but those that needed to hear it was blocking their ears.  Donald Trump didn't skew and pervert the GOP into the heartless, war mongering, racist, sexist, party that it is.  The party has been saying such things for over a decade, and Trump is the CHOSEN candidate of that voting bloc.

I want to post several things that I have personally experienced and seen in the last 24 hours as proof.  First, there was many Christian commentators that said that if you were a true Christian, you would be voting for Trump to save the babies that could be effect, saying you were killing babies to vote for Hillary Clinton.  So, it comes as no surprise that my youngest daughter was pushed down at her school, today, by a bully that told her "Hillary is stupid" and calling her a baby killer for supporting the first woman candidate for President in the nation's history.

Then, there was my post, last night, where I said that Hillary would be back in 4 years to run for President, and TWO of my "christian" friends hoped she would die, before then.  I had someone reply on an anti Trump by calling Hillary Clinton a "cunt"...quickly deleted by myself...and unfriended.

This may shock you, unless you I just said and have been saying...TRUMP IS THE REFLECTION OF THE GOP RIGHT.  He isn't the exception to how they are.  He was THEIR choice, chosing him over very popular NON-VIOLENT alternatives.  Indeed, it was released in the last month a tape of Trump saying he wanted to bed a married woman and grab her by her "pussy" and was implicated in at least 11 similar incidents of him doing these things, to which Trump had said as a "celebrity" he can do anything.  And, how did the "religious" right respond?  It had no impact on them, at all.  Instead, they started saying that they didn't care about his sinful and abusive behavior as a qualification to be President of the USA.  Of course, this comes to mind...

I mean...what exactly was wrong with Bill Clinton, again?  Let's compare... Republicans spent 4 years attacking Bill for real estate scandals, but they don't care about the thousand lawsuits against Trump University.  They held impeachment trials for Bill for his consentual (but wrong) cheating with women, but they don't care about the NON-consentual physical abuse of Donald Trump and the 11 women saying he sexually harrassed them.  I can only assume that the first several years of the Trump campaign will include similar congressional investigations and impeachment hearings about Trump, right?  Wrong....because it is becoming increasingly clear that moral are RELATIVE to the Religious Right...wrong for Democrats but perfectly fine for the GOP.  I guess the Bible only relates to OTHER people, to them...which is good, because they just defied the Scriptures themselves in voting for a known angry, lustful, greedy man to serve their own purposes and who wants to cut healthcare for millions, education for children, and ignore the problems of the world.  They are DIRECT accomplices to EVERY act Trump does for the next 4 years and will share the guilt before their God.

It is one thing for Democrats to have voted for someone that did sin, BEFORE being elected, and it is something else, entirely, to KNOW how he is before casting their vote for him.  That is not a party is a moral endorsement.

That said, and going back to the bully on the playground that spoke Trump's own words (but not as far as Trump has said), this is the culture of the next four years of hate and condemnation by the newly appointed SS to the new Fascist leader.  Hiel Trump.  God help us.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Trusting Experience - Hillary Clinton for President

The last post focused on the anti-logic drive of Trump supporters to elect him.  Now, I want to focus on the other side of the coin...the experience and qualification that they want to so easily dismiss.  I will do three points on this, as I did three for Trump.

1.  After all the hubub of he said that and she said this...and saying this person is THAT person is immoral, you have to come down to one simple question..who can do the job.  I think that no one has so clearly illustrated that as Hillary Clinton.  Indeed, I think she has presented a better picture of some that is prepared for the job than ANY recent President in the last 50 years.  Just think about it.  Most of the people that have been President have had NO experience in doing the job.  Obama was a civil rights advocate, Bush jr was a Governor of a state, Bill Clinton was a lawyer, Bush Sr was a Director of Intelligence and was one of the more qualified GOP leaders (and who has not endorsed Trump), Reagan was an actor, and so on.  Hillary, actually, has experience as Secretary of State dealing with world leaders, as Congressman from New York (where there is great diversity and lots of issues with which to deal), and 8 years in the White House as First lady, where she didn't just hold tea for the ladies but was actively involved in budget issues, military affairs, and more.  No matter whether you agree with her or not, you cannot deny her history of experience doing...exactly what she would be doing, after elected.

2.  And, speaking of her time dealing with world leaders, let's consider how the world would respond to her vs Trump.  Whether it be the growing world Muslim population, latin america, or Europe, who do you think would rather DEAL with America as it's leader in affairs of state or FINANCIAL trade policies?  Isolation may sound great to a small faction of right wing fanatics in compounds, but imagine higher taxes on our goods sold in other countries or closed markets to our products.  How do you think it will impact our economy to have more money going OUT to buy OTHER countries goods than coming in to buy ours?  I greatly accept a leader that CAN go to other nations for our financial it was said that only Nixon could go to China. 

3.  Finally, I will willingly for the woman.  I know that she would hate to be elected for that reason, as it undercuts her ability or qualification.  However, if it really doesn't matter, why NOT vote for the first woman President as an inspiration to your daughters or the daughters of foreign countries that your voice DOES count and you really CAN become what you want to achieve in this land of America.  Or, is America just to undeveloped and archaic for that kind of liberty?  It is up to you.

The Anti Intellectual Crusade for Trump

This is the first of two blog posts I will do on election observations this year.  Then, I will focus on non political evils of this world in need of escape (as is the point of this blog...forward to happiness from current or past evils).  The first will focus on what I want to call the anti-intellectual crusade to save Donald Trump.  I can't think of a better way of describing it, because it defies all logic, and I will do it in list fashion, as is the mind of an accountant...ha.

1.  I think the first stark contrast is the religious crusade (that is why I chose that word) to stamp Trump as the "righteous candidate."  Personally, I think this is founded in the backwards nature of American churches that does not determine good and change themselves but decide what they want and declare it well as all means to an end of their pursuit of achieving it.  How it would be that you have two that is well known for her Methodist faith and the other for his sinful acts..and the church comes down STRONGLY on the side of the one that barely donates to charity, wants to cut off medical benefits to illegal aliens, wants to disband the Department of Education, and cut federal benefits to the poor and needy.  Why?  Because their pastor SAID that he was God's own choice.  This was Predicted.  I recall the New York Times in June saying that the pastors were having a conference to determine HOW to portray Trump as a good candidate, so they could get him elected.  After that, he was suddenly announced to be "born again" and, as such, can't be held to his if his present comments or coming months would be so much better.  However, even as audio was released of him saying that as a celebrity he could do anything, including grabbing a woman by their "pussy" and that he wanted to bed a married woman, the church STILL stood by him as their "man of God."  Isn't it a sign of the end that a sinful man stands at the lead of the church of God...just saying.

2.  Next, apart from the religious aspect, let's move ON to the elephant in the uber conservative voting booth....abortion.  I understand that some have deep convictions that believe life begins at conception and should be protected from death until birth.  Personally, I agree with the philosophy and would like to see that not happen.  But, a lot of deaths happen for reasons I don't think are just, including the death penalty, diseases that can be prevented by immunization, illegal aliens without health care, society inequalities of racism or religion, and such.  However, let me ask you a VERY logical question.  Does ANYONE that has paid attention to this election think that Trump will do ANYTHING about an issue that will turn off half the voters?  He is a populist candidate for God's sake.  He, like most candidates is interested in only one thing...getting re-elected.  He wants ratings, so it is in his advantage to SAY he is against MANY things but to DO very little to rock the boat.  Lately, Republicans are VERY well known for saying one thing and voting or doing something else, entirely....or have we forgotten that it was BUSH that bailed out our capitalistic system with government money, not Obama.

3. I will only identify 3 things for each candidate (my leading points)... there is the STARK reality that Trump supporters are in direct contradiction to their own claim about WHY it is essential to elect Trump.  They claim that we need a change from the EVIL of Obama or the IMMORALITY of Bill Clinton.  Setting aside the fact that Bill Clinton is not RUNNING for President and has shown NO interest in telling Hillary how to lead (assuming she would accept the advice), how is it that the VERY SAME reasoning is not applied to Trump.  Indeed, they claim that Bill Clinton was immoral and cheated on his wife, but they seem to breeze over Trumps admission of doing the same.  Then, they get offended that Obama wanted to come in and change the way America is run, so they want to elect a man that wants to change the way America is run...both wanting to change laws to do it.  Indeed, Trumps whole solution to the abortion problem is NOT to VOTE to change the law, as is the constitutional method but the appoint Supreme Court justices that WANT to legislate from the bench and change  it back.  They, also, feel that Obama was inexperience in fixing the economy, so they want to ...elect a man that declared business bankruptcy 4 times and has NO experience in ANY political office or dealing with any foreign power and whose solution to other countries seems to be to judge them and their people and shoot first, ask questions later?  If he WERE to be elected, I would predict a month before our first major war, as the world would know who it was we elected and Trump would have the power of a nuclear military to fulfill his penis contest male defining ego.  Personally, I would rather go for someone that has experience in doing the job, but that is the next post.

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