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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Monday, September 28, 2020

You Reap What You Sow (Karma)

 I believe there are certain principles that are universally true, and they are true no matter what religion you are or no religion at all.  The religions cite claim to them in their scriptures, but they are true in ALL faiths and nature.

They say that you reap what you sow, and I believe that is mostly true.  It is the essence of the concept of Karma, and it just makes sense.  If you are nice to someone, they are often nice to you.. or bitter.. or whatever.  However, I didn’t really see until now that it is not an either/or of people but all are affected.  It’s not .. one is good and one bad and the good gets good and bad the bad.  It’s act by act, specific to each and each can get BOTH blessings AND curses.

I was reflecting, today, on my first ex and how things ended.  While it was true I was neglected and ignored and later mistreated in ways, I DID reject her and leave.  Now, I find myself rejected and alone and can’t miss the parallel.

I really got into witchcraft from my last relationship, while I was already spiritual and created a Christian witch overlap, and in that learning I heard witches have a principle that what you do to others comes back in you unless paid, which is the same principle.  This awakening has me realizing that even if you are wronged, you cannot return it without facing penalty, yourself, and I think that’s what Jesus was trying to help us avoid.

As you forge your path ahead, let the past END, unless you want to see it in your future, as well.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Fear is Stupid

 I used to have the phrase "Fear is stupid" written so that I could see it, often.  I used to explain to my kids that while some logical caution is warranted, FEAR does not accomplish anything but to paralyze you and bring worse things upon you.

What I would use as an example was a car that was sliding into another car.  At first, you are AFRAID you might hit the car.  Then, when you realize you ARE going to, you prepare and brace yourself.  At that point, you are no longer paralyzed or afraid, because your rational mind has taken over.

I first wrote this phrase when I realized that I would often bring anxiety related health conditions upon myself by worry, which disappeared when I stopped fearing...or was just too busy to fear.  Indeed, when I first joined the military, I feared I would not be able to do it, but I did.  When I first started with the IRS, I was afraid the stress would be too much, but I found that to be inaccurate.  When I began running almost a decade ago, I was thinking I might have a heart attack from it.  However, in EVERY case when I dropped my fear or just pushed through it by saying, "If it happens, it happens," I came out of it not only MORE able but more confident.

That has been the result in the last few months.  Two years ago, I had a massive nosebleed that would not stop, and they found I had high blood pressure and cholesterol.  I started taking meds for it, and I adopted a more peaceful life.  I lived in FEAR for two years that if I worked too hard or did too much, I would die, and it seemed to be true as I experienced ANXIETY related conditions and spasms from the attempts.

Then, I was FORCED into action, when I found my financial need had grown, and I had no other choice.  At that point, it became...well, I would either be able to work full time or would die.. and at that point I didn't really see that as the loss I used to feel.  Indeed, my daughter is with my ex and no one needs my money.  I am living on my own, and it is really only upwards from here.  If that ends... well, I had a good life and did a lot of things.  However, it didn't, and the more that I did, the more I found I was able to do and I REMEMBERED all I had said about fear.

Fear is stupid, and it can bring worse upon you by anxiety and paralysis than any downside you can find by jumping in and trying.  Now, as I said, use LOGIC to not do stupid things, but it is also stupid to allow fear to stop you from the potential you can gain by simply trying.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Own Your Life .. Mistakes, Opportunities, Successes

 As I was reflecting on something the other night, I realized that I sometimes take for granted that others are communicating with what I consider basic or standard sets of norm understandings.  However, as the years have passed I keep finding things that I knew from experience or my upbringing that were foreign concepts to those younger of other generations.  Not all.. but some of them simply didn't have the equipment or experience or teaching to KNOW those basics, so they are missing the basic vocabulary to process and the equipment to build a successful life.

One of those basic concepts is the understanding that your life is your life.  Now, they may SAY they understand that, because they like the idea of doing what they want to do with their life.  However, the other side of that coin is that they are responsible for the choices that they make and the life that they lead.  Are you poor?  Well, are you working?  If you are working, are you controlling your spending?  If not, as a charismatic preacher in a church once said that I heard, "The devil doesn't own your pocketbook."  That isn't a spiritual curse or a celestial period or even another political party that is responsible but YOU and your choices.

This isn't mean to be a scolding post but a vocabulary lesson and life lesson, because that ALSO comes with a lot of blessings.. even in the negative.  When you make a mistake YOU made the mistake, but that also means that you know A> the source of the problem (a bad choice) and B> how to fix it (correct the choices).  Even when it is the choices of others that affected us, we STILL have a history of our own choices.

That's the next part.  We are all adults.  We are responsible for our own lives... the good the bad and the ugly.  While some can aggressively attack you against your will, most of our situations involve our own choices putting us there, as well.  Often times, fixing the problem is correcting YOUR OWN choices to participate, rather than forcing someone to become something other than what they are.

Once you are able to correct those choices, though, you are liberated to do... WHATEVER you want in your opportunities.  Any successes you achieve will be YOUR successes, though that comes with the understanding that any COSTS or NEGATIVES that accompany those choices are ALSO yours.

If society can accept and implement this basic understanding, we'd have a lot less fighting, a lot more fixing, and a lot more happiness in our lives and our world.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Appropriate Expectations

 I've said, before, that I thought expectations get us into trouble, but it is really INCORRECT expectations that are the problem.  Correct ones are not only normal but SHOULD be demanded.  Problems come when we use INCORRECT expectations, and that is a problem that is VERY often seen in society.

For example, we turn on the television, and we see a reporter, who was quoting a reporter as source, saying something as VERIFIED FACT, when it is really just an opinion of someone that is trained to REPORT on stories.. not trained as a professional in whatever field they care covering.  Similarly, we see politicians talking about science, preachers giving advice on relationships or money, and so on and so forth.  They can definitely be qualified in ONE area, but what qualification does that give them OUTSIDE of their trained area?  The PROBLEM is that we are turning to them with an expectation that does not match their normal area of qualification or job description.

Meanwhile, we are overlooking the areas of expectation that DOES fall within areas of responsibility.  If you are in a relationship, you SHOULD be expected to care for their needs, value their contribution, and try to make them happy, because THAT'S YOUR JOB in that relationship.  If a relationship fails for lack of your contribution in that area, you must accept that in part it died from starvation of that essential participation.  Without those contributions, it isn't really a relationship and has not been one in that time, because you weren't RELATING to them.

Or, perhaps, they ARE doing those things but doing them in a way that you are not designed to receive, or they are not designed to provide what you expect in the areas you are designed to receive.  The problem there is that you didn't make your expectations clear at the beginning, and they didn't get to know you enough to recognize your needs, before the relationship began.  Some people are just not designed to work together.  That is hard to receive at times, and it can make us feel like failures.  However, we cannot be a failure for being our true self.  The FAILURE is when we couple with someone that cannot meet those needs within their personality and are required to become someone else to meet them, and that failure is shared by both parties that begin the venture.

So, if you want to be happy, match your expectations with those that can be and should be able to provide those needs, present a true picture of yourself to let them know what can be expected of you, and be in the moments with them, living your expectations to them and receiving from them what is due.

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