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Friday, November 24, 2017

Free to B Site Up

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which will be focused on the political threats to individual freedom.  You can either wallow in depression, when things move out of your control or do something about it.  This is my "something" ... To eliminate the GOP fascist party from government.  Join me.

Monday, October 16, 2017

The President with Something to Hide

Paul Manafort was the campaign manager for Trump at the start of the coordinated Putin - Trump election misinformation and hacking campaign currently in the news.  That makes him very vulnerable of a witness in the Mueller investigation into that corruption.  But...

Then, we hear that Manafort has received 60 million dollars from the Kremlin and personally approved through the Cypress bank by it's then head... Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, making it a 60 million dollar payoff and debt they can collect to keep his mouth shut.

But, this is just the latest story of many of a President very occupied with keeping eyes off himself...

..A month ago, the secret service was evicted from Trump tower base by Trump.
..Trump is using private attorneys rather than government ones so they can't be compelled to testify.
..Trump fired every Attorney General and US attorney investigating him and explicitly stated Sessions only got the job after promising not to investigate.
..Trump tweeted recently a Republican was "set up" by being recorded, fitting personally with his own claims of being set up by the press being "fake news" for reporting his own words and speeches.
..Trump feared he was being "wiretapped" during the election by Obama and went on to have his staff saying "they" can watch you through your microwave.
..Trump fired heads of every government branch and replaced them with people he can control.
..Trump put a Breibart executive over the national security council to know what intel had on him, and he has let it be known that he still questions them as to if he is subject of investigation.
..Trump STILL has not released his tax returns.

The list goes on, but what is clear is the President FEARS anyone watching or recording him.  As conservatives have so often said in the past to liberals wary of "terrorist" investigation of muslims... Why would he hide, if he was not guilty? 

Now, for the hard working muslim or African American under surveillance without cause, such objection to being watched is valid.. They have a right to privacy.  However, for those denying that right to them, how do they justify Trump BLOCKING such monitoring without suspicion?

If we are going to investigate every immigrant from foreign lands, why are we ignoring investigation of one that financially profits from foreign interests?

Especially when he so explicitly is trying to hide.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

GOP "Pence Rule" Highlights Women as Sex Objects

People that are rarely aware of their bigotry, whatever that prejudice may be, and it is not entirely their fault. Often, it is the result of cultural influence on them. They grew up in it as their basis for judging "normal" from "different," and unfortunately, for conservatives, better is not based in what improves mankind but allows it to walk backwards in time to a "simpler day" in their mind...which really means not having to challenge their prejudices or to change.

How they treat women are examples of this, as is how they treat former slave races in their states, how they treat Union states, how they treat other countries, how they treat children, and etc. But, for women, it means getting back to the simpler days, when the "Divine purpose" for women was to bear children and be silent and submissive to men.

If you think that is an over exaggeration to make it sound like handmaids tale,consider this, which they consider to be the "infallible word of God"...

"Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church." - 1 Corinthians 14:34-35

Or this...

"I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. But women will be saved through childbearing" 1 Timothy 2:12-15

So, it is no wonder, then, when the GOP President's response to them is to grab them by their privates and the "Pence Rule" counter is to just not be alone with them. BOTH are symptoms of the same illness of prejudice that doesn't answer with... Just see them as equal people, because GOD tells them, in their mind, that they are not.

Prejudice does not disappear easily and will likely not change in those that have it. The BEST we can hope for is to keep them from positions where they can use it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fascism Alert: Wash Post: Evangelicals Proving Critics Right

And..the second source follow up for my blog post, yesterday.  In that post, I said...

"Conservatives will NEVER center, since they feel that their way is straight from GOD (literally...just like the Shite Muslims believe) and, as such, is how EVERYONE should live to please a vengeful judge over the world."

And, we read from the Washington Post, today..

"For years, Democrats accused Christian conservatives of being closet theocrats, seeking to impose Christianity on the country and refusing to accept, let alone embrace, American diversity. That was a generalization, but it turned out to be more true than not.
... it’s common to hear other conservative Christians say that Trump’s unexpected win — down to the electoral college — shows that God had a more-deliberate-than-usual hand, and has put Trump there for some reason.
...That’s stunning to the many Americans who think the divine right of kings was what we fought against in the American Revolution. A God-chosen president can do no wrong, tell no lie, make no error. And that, it seems, has been the default setting for many of Trump’s most loyal supporters among the religious right."

And, sadly, that IS the not the exception but the RULE, as religious dictators guide their congregations to adopt this mentality as their EVANGELICAL KINGdom is established.

Fascism Altert: Trump EXPLICITLY attacks Free Press

This is the first of two short follow ups (confirmations) of what I said, yesterday, about the GOP.  When you get done reading this, go read how the GOP is ending America.

Yesterday, I said...

"The Bill of Rights protections of free speech are DAILY condemned by the man sitting in the oval office, who also condemns the FREEDOM of the Press of those that condemn him and the FREEDOM of RELIGION of those not of his philosophy."

And, today, we have this tweet by the President...

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
"With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!"

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Why #GOP rule will end the #USA (and maybe it should)

The historian in me has been wary of the direction of the GOP in this nation for years, because we have seen all this, before in other nations.  Our framers designed the guarantees of FREEDOM in this nation as a means to making sure no group could dominate and control other groups and in so doing PRESERVE this country, and it worked for a long time.  One party would gain the upper hand, but they would be blocked from stamping their foot on the freedoms of others to disagree by the Bill of Rights that protected the rights of the minority to speak out and live their own lives their way.

Yep, catholics could live side by side protestants by people of no faith, because they were PROTECTED in their freedom of religion.  People could openly condemn George Washintonton or slavery or what was considered unwide military or economic policies, because of the first amendment...allowing them to rise up a change in the party elected in the NEXT election and so as to keep the balance.  The President could not act without the authorization of the Congress or vice versa, and both had to listen tot he Supreme Court.  ALL of the provisions of the Constitution were designed for ONE objective, to RESTRAIN and LIMIT those in power to keep them from interfering with the rights of the citizens.  Indeed, the colonies would not even CONSIDER adopting the Constitution, until there was added to it a Bill of Rights to protect the citizens FREEDOM from that government.

Fast forward to the current day.  Within the span of a little over ONE year, we have seen the entire political landscape change, and those "rights" are now declared TREASON by ONE MAN in the White House.  The Bill of Rights protections of free speech are DAILY condemned by the man sitting in the oval office, who also condemns the FREEDOM of the Press of those that condemn him and the FREEDOM of RELIGION of those not of his philosophy.  However, that is not the ONLY right he has trampled on.  The right to DUE PROCESS has been eliminated, as he judges entire groups guilty by their RACE or National Origin.  He has rejected the balance of power, stating that the Supreme Court has no authority to deny him, which was their stated purpose in the document.  He has bypassed Congress to change laws and finances without consult of Congress.

And, states' rights?  Forget it.  For a party that claimed they were simply being victimized and wanted to live their own lives their way, they have taken the Presidency victory as a green light to deny LIBERAL STATES from living THEIR own way.  Trump and the GOP will not ALLOW sexual diversity within liberal states, will not let those states hand out birth control in insurance plans, will not allow them to use block grants to erect environmental protections or allow them to use such block grants to determine what THEIR schools teach and what they do in regards to protections from guns or abuse.  And, God forbid that a NEW YORK (Liberal state) newspaper writes a LIBERAL comment to its LIBERAL readers about Trump or even SIT for the national anthem.

We all know this, but some have a mistaken belief that I think is best answered in my RELATIONSHIP book Forward to Happiness, since the concepts we see in relationships are the SAME concepts we see in business and government, as well...

"In a '.. #relationship of use and abuse, and the solution for that is ALWAYS to leave, because no one can love ANYONE to make them change.'" - Forward to Happiness, Basic Principles

And, that is what I have concluded is coming, eventually, for this nation, due to the very same principles.  The FACT is that the GOP doesn't WANT to concede, and...in fact....when Trump or anyone else does any "deal" with the Democrats, they condemn the GOP member or voter for NOT fully backing the President, and why should that surprise anyone?  Their CHOSEN leader as President, when elected, broke with the tradition of ALL former Presidents...EVERY SINGLE ONE of them...that upon election CENTERED to represent not just their own party but the entire nation that they, now, represented.  However, TRUMP upon winning literally said, "I won," to anyone that asked him to center, even if he won by getting LESS than a majority of the voters.  Yet, in doing so, he EXACTLY represented his Conservative BASE that feels the same way.

And so, yes....I do think the country will fall apart, and I think that it would be a good thing at this point, because we no longer represent FREEDOM, as the founders desired or LIBERTY as seen in the famous bell in PA or statue in NY.  Conservatives will NEVER center, since they feel that their way is straight from GOD (literally...just like the Shite Muslims believe) and, as such, is how EVERYONE should live to please a vengeful judge over the world.  When they are in the minority, they scream at being FORCED to allow difference of opinion and see others are people worthy of poverty aid or freedoms of expression; and, when they are in power they seek to extinguish those freedoms and protections from all others.  So, like any marriage that will no longer compromise, it may actually be time for a divorce, so we can go to our own corners, and states without the historical witch burning, cross burning, religious minority as majority can live in peace.

Considering the last 9 months...ONLY 9 months, can you believe it...PEACE sounds like a good idea.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Conservatives: Death is Price of Freedom.. OUR Freedom, Not YOURS

After the horrible shooting, last week, the GOP response went out thus...

"This is the price of freedom. Violent nuts are allowed to roam free until they do damage, no matter how threatening they are" - Former Foxnews host Bill O'Reilly - Newsweek

Yup, and the GOP broadcast the same message, everywhere, including the President saying that this was a disturbed man (as he cuts funding for mental health treatment).  You know...we just HAVE to allow this kind of violence, because they have the RIGHT to their FREEDOM.

So, suddenly the GOP gives a shit about FREEDOM?  Indeed, the SAME time that they were touting the freedom of people to own and carry guns, they were...

...denying freedom of women to have birth control
...changing the law to allow discrimination against transgendered people and homosexuals
...protesting a person's FREEDOM to KNEEL SILENTLY during the Pledge of Allegiance

So... to be clear and simply collect what they are saying in one sentence.... We must allow mass shootings for the sake of conservative FREEDOM to weapons of mass destruction, but liberals are not FREE at all, since we will decide your gender, your clothing, how you have sex, your political views, and whether you have children or not.

Uh huh...

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