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Monday, September 18, 2017

Don't Miss This Trump Tweet ... Huge Fascism Alert

That was my reaction, in the screenshot, to Trump's tweet, last night.  I included it in the screenshot so you can see it.

I know in the Trump Presidency that every day feels like a month, as we try to keep up with all the foundational changes he is making to the whole government, and we can't possibly keep up with or focus on all of them... It's emotionally exhausting.  There are always 5 things he and the GOP are doing at once.   Indeed, at this moment, they are hard at work trying to remove poor people's health insurance as we speak.

However, this text by Trump sets off HUGE alarm bells, and I can't emphasize enough how important it is to read.  It reminds me of a quote from an episode of Handmaid's Tale (just won big at the Emmy's) that I saw, last week, where the main character lamented how they got to their situation by doing nothing as the government blamed terrorism and suspended the Constitution.

And so, we come to the above text that Trump not only tweeted but RETWEETED, showing he really means it, where he says that the internet is a recruitment tool of the terrorists and as such, must be "cut off" ... I am serious, and you can see the words yourself, even though it is straight out of what you would hear (and have heard historically) from fascist dictators, as they banned free speech to protect their rule and eliminate criticism.

I predicted this in December, last year, when I blogged that if Trump was going to "make America great" he would have to have dictatorial power to do it, over all freedoms, and if he was going to eliminate freedoms, he would, like all dictators, have to eliminate free speech... Which is why the framers of the government put that guarentee as the FIRST to protect.

I don't know what form that "cut off" of the internet will take place, but it makes sense why he eliminated Net Neutrality, now, as that would have prevented that control over what you can see.

Regardless, we need to wake up, before we wake up in the GOP's new Nazi fatherland with no freedoms left to speak out.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Classism in America

As I get older, I keep seeing things in new ways, now that ... as with pretty much everyone that hits the 40s.. I started thinking for myself.  Things that I grew up just feeling was normal, I look at with new eyes and say...WTF...how did I think that was ok, simply because someone told me it was "good" and "american" (often NOT historically American, in fact).  Classism is one of those things.

I don't fully blame those with money.  They were raised in the system, and "that's just the way it is" as they would say.  Yes, but SHOULD it be that way?  They don't question the system, because it FAVORS them.  So, it is easy for White Supremacists to say things should favor the whites that grew up with society advantages such as where they live, what schools they could go to, who they know, etc.  It is easy for America First fascists to say jobs and industry should go to them, since they ARE them.  And, it is easy for the rich to say that one should be allowed to heap up wealth, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONE WITH THE HEAP.

Let me ask you, isn't there something morally wrong with someone that heaps up wealth they can never use, while everyone around them is literally DYING in poverty and disease?  I mean...seriously...even though the Religious Right Evangelical preachers say the same thing to protect THEIR wealth from being taxed to help the poor...can anyone justify that as a VIRTUE?

Let's consider some real life analogies of this concept.  Let's say that they are having a pizza party in my kid's school classroom.  The rule is...take one piece of pizza, so there is enough for everyone.  Then, a selfish bully comes in and take 5, which means some will not have any at all.  Is that fair?  What should he do...give some back to the others of course.

Or, as my wife pointed out  to me, what if there is a child that is disabled and maybe can't get to the table as fast as the others.  Should he/she go without, or should someone ensure they get a piece, even if they can't...WORK for it...for example.

My whole life I was brought up being told from even my CHURCH that socialism was bad and capitalism is good and Godly, but looking at the FACTS of the rich keeping money from the poor that starve and die, I am starring to think otherwise.  EVERYONE has a RIGHT to LIFE, even if the Republicans want to deny that to all but the wealthy, and I think it is time we did something about that.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Don't Give Conservatives Fruit of Trees They Condemn

One of many things that wells up in me from time to time is anger at seeing Conservatives condemning a race or a region and then expected them to still provide to them.  To be very blatant, it is like how that masculine party demeans women but then wants those women to put out for their own pleasure.  Well, on both situations, it is time we tell them to go f*** themselves.

I mean, seriously.... Trump married a foreign woman but wants to block immigration.  Indeed, as it turns out, it looks like Melania was in violation of her visa WHEN SHE MET Donald Trump.  But, hey....it's not like Trump ever turned his back on international money that HE makes off foreign companies IN the cultures he condemns.

But, it's not just trump and it's not just immigrants.  That is the tiny tip of a HUGE iceburg.  Conservatives LOVE to blame and attack liberal states, like California and New York.  They love to attack the arts and media.  They love to condemn homosexuals.  The list goes on and on.

Well, it is time we started saying enough is enough.  Like the woman that gets fed up and stops putting out till she gets respect, it is time that we liberals follow suit.  If conservatives don't like California, let them do without wine.  If they don't like Hollywood, stop sending them movies to watch.  If they don't like the arts, then they better not follow Pence's example and turn up at BROADWAY to see a show, or we should show them the door.  If they don't like homosexuals, let them cut their own hair or do their own design and not listen to musicians that may not swing their way.  Further, how dare they condemn immigrants, right before they settle into MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL or watch BASEBALL with barely a non immigrant or non minority on the WHOLE TEAM.

It is time we stopped letting those A-holes condemn the tree but then eat the fruit.  Let them enjoy ONLY what is made in their states for a while, and I bet they will change their tunes, pretty dang fast.

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Frog Pot of Fascism

I forget who told me about the secret to cooking a frog, a long time ago.  However, it went like this.  You don't raise the temperature of the water fast to boil, because the frog would just jump out.  You raise it slowly, and the frog will just sit in it till it has cooked to death.

I recalled that story, when I was considering ...not the stories of this week...the REACTION of the public to the stories of this week.

1 - First off, we will lead off with the story that was all over the twitter-sphere a few days ago.  It was the White House media representative saying that the administration believes that an ESPN reporter should be fired, because she called Trump a racist.  While the nation was busy discussing whether Trump was a racist and the damning fact that a black reporter was facing threats by white rich guys (kinda confirming the charge), I was more interested in a fact that seemed completely missed by the press and social media....since when was it the PRESIDENT'S role and authority to tell a private business how to operate...and, further, to tell them to fire someone for FREE SPEECH.

2 - Next up, let's talk about Trump's supposed defection to the DEMOCRATS for a few bills.  Yup, the news was all ablaze with pundits that were declaring that Trump was REALLY a DEMOCRAT all along.  That's right.  I heard the news declaring this, as I took a work break.

I figured it was just the GOP wanting to distance themselves from a radioactive President, as Mueller closed his wagons around Trump (and I still believe that would happen).  However, it wasn't till I got home that I heard WHY the GOP was saying that about Trump.

So the story goes (don't believe it as it is just a ploy by Trump), Trump got tired of the GOP not getting things done, so he called up Chuck and Nancy and called them to the White House, where he told them that he was willing to give up a PHYSICAL wall border, was willing to keep dreamers in the country, and he was even willing to increase the taxes on the rich for his programs' cost.

Now...while that is so bizare that it would distract you, don't lose sight of what happened NEXT and reported much quieter.  Behind the scenes, conservatives turned on Trump in a blink of an eye and was vocally attacking him, even former GOP President candidate Mike Huckabee (whose daughter is that White House media representative and who has a Christian tv network show coming on in less than a month from now) was engaging in a mocking series of Tweets of Trump.

Now, it would be tempting to say....WELCOME TO THE PARTY...to the GOP that suddenly hates Trump and thanks for GIVING him to us.  However, pay attention to WHY they are attacking him.  Huckabee and others were attacking him for not doing ENOUGH to eliminate health care coverage, block the borders, and etc.

Get it?  So, as I have been saying...this was NEVER the party willingly following the man that happened to get elected.  They weren't uncomfortable allies that backed trump despite his attacks on the poor, needy, and neglected and blatant sins.  If that were the case, they would have welcomed his change of heart.  No.  This sudden turn on him illustrates that it has NEVER been Trump leading the GOP to fascism but a FASCIST GOP that supported him as long as he was giving them fascist control over the lives of everyone else in the country borders.  The moment that he backed off his extremist stance to moderate, he was the ENEMY, showing very clearly the FATWAH of the Christian extremist cultists that are growing, with or without Donald Trump.

So, keep an eye out, as this movement grows.  It seems unfathomable that we could be seeing a conspiracy to take over power of the government.  Those are things that we have only read about in history books and on tv shows like The Man in High Castle (can't wait for the next season this fall).

We might be faced with the uncomfortable choice that Germany made after WWII of making their Nazi groups illegal in the future.  One would hope it doesn't come to that, but this frog pot of just the last year should illustrate VERY CLEARLY how easy it is for a country to go from disgruntled to a HITLER.  May God help us avoid such a fate.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

It Isn't That It Isn't

There's a phrase that I heard of been to New England a lot that I used to hate to hear, but later came to fully accept. It is that it is... Which is to say that some things just can't be changed.

Now when I was a young hothead ready to set the world on fire, I didn't believe that anything was beyond my power to change.  Indeed, throughout the world there are many motivational speakers, preachers, and inspirational memes that convey the message that your only limitation is yourself.

While that's catchy, it's dangerously deceptive, as there are many things that are beyond our control. Some things just are that they are... Or more importantly, they are not that they are not.

And, I think that's where the most dangerous deception comes into play.  There are many people who will play upon your hopes and desires to have things and situations and tell you that you can have it if you just believe. And while I fully agree with pursuing your dreams and reaching the furthest that you can go, it is not wise to deny reality. There are real limitations upon all of us, whether that be physical monetary or otherwise.  Only when you recognize your limitations, can you find alternative means to reach your goals.

For example, a man .. no matter how maternal...will never have a baby through their body.  However, they can adopt and reach that goal.  Someone with a back injury should not try running to get into shape.  However, there are other means of fitness they are able to use.

As I look back over the events, jobs, and people that have been the biggest disappointments in my life, it wasn't the lack of "faith" or determination that caused the ultimate depression.  It was my lack of REALITY, particularly on the part of what I expected from others.

In the movie Bruce Almighty, there is a scene where Jim Carrey is frustrated and talking to Morgan Freeman, after he had been given the power of God by God as a lesson.  He asked God, "How do you make people love you, if you can't affect free will?"  Of course, God didn't have an answer to that either, because you can't...and more important, you shouldn't be trying.

I accept my part in the failures of the past, and the biggest failure I see in all of them is exactly what I am trying to help you to learn, here....to accept failure.  Even a toddler learns that a square peg won't go through a round hole, but we get to be an adult and we say....BY GOD IT WILL IF I FORCE IT.  However, how do you think the peg feels about that...how would you feel about it?

The solution to a happy life is not having a life free of failures.  Every one fails.  Even Thomas Edison failed hundreds of times in making a lightbulb.  The secret of success and happiness is learning what fails QUICKLY so as to find another person, job, or method that WILL lead you to a truly happy life, before you get to the end of a life of misery and find no one handing out awards for their suffering.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Follow Trump Example .. Declare Bankruptcy

This week, I declared bankruptcy, and it took many years of fighting a downward salary drop before I surrendered to the fact that I just didn't make enough money for the amount of expenses that I had accumulated.  A few years ago, I was making nearly 60 thousand per year, and I am, now, making barely more than half of that, due to the drop in employment.  They can scream that unemployment is down all they want, but as someone with 4 years of accounting experience, 2 years of management experience and an MBA, I couldn't get a job in the industry and had to settle for using veterans preference (as much as I don't like that concept) to get a job at the VA...which after benefits is paying me less than I could make on UBER (food for thought).

However, I am not here to talk about my "failure" leading to bankruptcy but my SUCCESS in filing for it and to promote that OTHERS do it, as well.

Why?  Life happens.  You get saddled with unexpected bills or have a reduction in pay from work or whatever.  Things happen that make it less likely to pay off your bills.  Now, you CAN do debt consolidation, but I have learned from experience that many of those companies offering that service screw you over, too.  I had debt consolidation on my bills for a few years.  Then, one day, one of my bills from Dell called me up and asked how I was going to pay off my 4000 dollar bill.  I said this is under the consolidation and should be much much less (the computer in the beginning cost just about a thousand...a long time before the consolidation).  When it entered consolidation, it was at 2000 dollars from interest.  However, after 2 years of payments in consolidation, the debt had doubled, since the consolidation company missed EVERY payment date, causing late fees for each payment.  When I brought it up to the consolidation company, they said...well, it's not our problem.  It's yours.

Companies don't care about you.  They don't care what is happening in your life.  They only want to find a way to charge you the most they can charge you for the longest they can charge you.  It's called business.  So, if you are straining your reduced budget to try to please the rich, know that the rich do not even notice you are struggling or even care.

Indeed, the biggest rich are well versed in bankruptcy, themselves....like our illustrious President Trump that declared bankruptcy FOUR TIMES, while keeping their mansions in the process.  Indeed, RIGHT NOW, Trump is passing rules to allow him to borrow without limit on the treasury, while at the very same time reducing the income coming in from taxes...all so our children can pay for his shopping habit.  Are you really going to fall on your budget sword for the rich values displayed by THEM?

It's about time that all of us started thinking about ourselves and not pleasing the riches of others that do not care for us.  If you are underwater, financially, wipe it away with bankruptcy and start fresh.  FREEDOM may not be politically correct with the current administration, but it is still LAW, and the bankruptcy court EXISTS to stand between you and those that ...like in the Merchant of Venice..demand their pound of flesh from your heart.

Be Free.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Forward From Narcissists

The other day I saw something online that I had not heard, before  Did you know that Narcissists get their name from a mythological character?  It is named after a figure called Narcissus, who was the son of a Greek god.  He saw his reflection in a pool and fell in love with himself.  He couldn't bear to leave himself, and so he stayed there and died.

It seems that we have an epidemic of narcissists in the world, today.  I think that there have always been a large number of them in the world, but I have noticed it more and more over the last decade... but, then, it was in the last decade that I learned to respect myself enough to not be used, so it could be that I am NOTICING it more and more.

Since the beginning of this blog, I have been trying to promote that self esteem and awareness in others, as it IS the key to happiness to KNOW what makes you happy and to FOLLOW it.  I have spent way too many years toiling away my life for those that do not respect me or even notice that I exist apart from them, whether that be relationship-wise or work-wise.

And, that is what sets a narcissist apart from someone that wants to harm you.  They don't even NOTICE you, because they are too busy looking at their own reflection or fixed on what others think of them.  When you find yourself having to have many, many conversations of telling the other person your needs or wants, only to have them completely forget by the next morning...or hear "I didn't MEAN to do that to you" a lot, you might be with a narcissist.

Indeed, narcissists DON'T mean to harm you.  It just never occurs to them to be GOOD to you.  There is a song in my most recent running playlist for my fitness profile... @runlifekwc on instagram or twitter...that both my wife and I both liked when we started dating each other and applied to our romance.  It is Good for You by Selena Gomez.  In part of it, she sings,

"I just wanna look good for you, good for you
Let me show you how proud I am to be yours"

But, that is something that a narcissist would not do...take time to make themselves look good or do other actions or give other gifts to make the other person feel happy, because a narcissist is too busy thinking about themselves and what they want to be happy.

If you are in a relationship with someone like this, or you work for one, don't feel you are doing them any favor to stick around...your sacrifice is only hurting yourself.  They don't notice you when you are present, and they will ONLY notice themselves getting less when you are gone.  However, it is your life.  So, think about what you need to be happy and follow it, because those that really care for you will want you to have that and the rest just don't matter.

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