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Friday, May 18, 2018

Wealth is Not Money

Good morning. 

I am sitting here in my pajamas, this morning.  It is nice.  I plan to do it for a few more hours with my love.  Then, I will get up, do a few leg lifts, some yoga, shower and saunder out the door to drive around town delivering food to people and people to places with Ubereats and Lyft.  Then, mid afternoon, I will cut it off and come home to cook dinner for my family and relax for the evening.  This is the life I choose, and I like it.

Does it pay well?  God, no.  The Tulsa economy is almost dead, unless you are a church or a gun dealer.  We make just enough to pay our bills and a little more to save for a cheap ass house in like 5-7 years.  We won't have money for a nice place, fancy furniture, vacations, and we will make great use of cheap or free date options around town.

But...that has never been important to me or my wife.  It isn't about things or vacations.  Sure, they are nice, when we can do them. However, we have DONE that, and we HAD to take them to spend a little time together from work schedules, and we had to spend the first half of time off just physically recovering from the stress damage we had inflicted in those lives. 
Between finding job stress, moving, the stress at work, and etc from the last few years, I now have back tendon injuries and higher blood pressure, both of which does and will limit me for the rest of my life...even life at a slower pace.  Are those jobs or the kids thankful or sorry for the injury upon me for them? NO...they didn't even notice and those jobs are now injuring others.

Now, compare that to the image, above....sitting in bed on a weekday, morning.  And, I feel guilty, knowing I am being judged for this lifestyle by others that work long hours for lots of money for things...for a life I do not wish to have.

But, here's the thing.  There is a REASON they judge me, and that reason validates my choice.  They see me resting and not stressing and feel JEALOUS...they say how can HE relax, when I have to work so hard? 

Of course, it is because I choose to spend less than they do.  I work for life, while they work for things.  HOWEVER, the FACT that they deem my life enviable and something I should not have means it is a GOOD life, since they wish they had it.

Wealth is not money, and often money leads you further from your happiness than take you to it.  I just figured it out, before my life ended.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lucky Charm for Car

Got my #car #lucky charm (or #talisman ) in the mail, today.  Has a #horseshoe #clover and more and only 6 bucks.  Mine was paid by affiliate sales, so thank you.  Get yours, here.

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