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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

What to do with your Kids FREETIME

If you are like most parents, you are happy to have your kids at home, but you find they have a LOT more energy than you do in the summer months.  However, you would like to know they are getting a good sample of things to see.

So, as the first of  my weekly product ads I am going to start adding to this site, I am promoting Amazon's FREETIME...

Friday, June 15, 2018

Do Not Eat the Eye Candy

Today, there is the story out there of a cosplay woman giving her #metoo moment, online, about being abused ... EVEN AT the Fan CONVENTION.

It shouldn't have to be said.  We are WHY do we keep having to have the conversation that a woman being in the proximity of a man is not permission for him to control and use her, simply because of what she is wearing or how she acts.  However, the first time that any woman speaks up about abuse, the male republican response is...well, just look at how she was dressed.  She was ASKING for it.

NO.  She wasn't.

And, for fcks sake, this is something I recall being discussed when I was still in school...DECADES ago.  Why is it that it is not something that we have learned by now, that a woman deserves the right to pick and choose who she does or doesn't want to sleep with or how she should be treated.

But, no...from the President of the United States to like... half the Republican men in office, we have to hear a new scandal each week where one of them or another are being sued for sexual harrassment and abuse and GOP party leaders paying the women to be silent, after.  When it is brought out to attention, what do they or their Fox News abusive male reporters say?  Well..did you SEE them?

But, welcome to the POLITICALLY CORRECT ... MALE society, where MEN demand that women wear sexy outfits for them and NFL CHEERLEADERS wear less than underwear in freezing cold temps, all for the satisfaction of male LUST, under the endorsement of the Evangelical Religious Right.

I don't care if they were wearing a clear body suit.  I don't care if they DID come on to you or to their mental detriment go OUT with you or heaven forbid MARRY you.  That doesn't mean you can abuse them or dominate over their will, even if Trump's buddy Putin's country promotes the view that a man's wife "cannot be abused"... as the lower Russian legislature bill said.

No means no..and, if you can't get that, get ready for a country of lesbians, because who would want to be with you.

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