Thursday, May 13, 2021


Without details, my life has had a lot of changes over the last several years.  During that time, I developed vision for my future, which I used to encourage passion that drove me forward.  I always said that a straight line needs at least two points.. one where you ARE and one where you want to go.  That is what is needed to have direction.  In order to do that, you need to ACCURATELY assess where you are, and you need to pick a point... or points... that you know you can achieve, or you will feel depressed.

Now, that doesn't mean that you won't feel down, along the way.  It is easy to feel disheartened.  It also doesn't mean that you will see the destination in a short time period.  Just as you need to be honest about your starting position, you need to be honest about what it will take to reach your goals and be patient to build the steps to get to them.  And, it DOES take steps... one thing building on another.  It's not just going to happen as a gift or a lottery winning.

However, it's kinda like faith.  When you need facts but don't have them, yet.  Realistic FAITH can work as a substitute... the EVIDENCE of things not seen and SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, as the Bible says.  So, you can REST in patience, knowing that SOMEDAY it will be a reality, if you continue on your path.  

This is also very true for budgets and investing.  When you are in a tight spot but on the right path to extra monthly to invest but don't see it yet, it can FEEL like your path is failing.  In both finances and life, the reality is often that you just haven't given it enough TIME, yet.  Let it progress and build, and soon you will begin to see the facts to match the faith that gave you wings.

Monday, May 10, 2021

May 2021 3 Playlist

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 This blog is changing to more of a life strategic/ financial focus, and I removed all personal references in the blog.  I will not be disclosing my life on it, and any relationship or lifestyle posts will have more of a general perspective.  However, I will be adding more of my life SKILLS and financial training and experience to help others.

For my first post in this perspective, I want to talk about strategy.  It is closely related to my post about accident vs intention.  No one is going to look out for you and your interests, so you need to make a plan for how you will accomplish them, or you never will reach your goals.  

This is more than simply making a budget of upcoming bills and planning your income to be able to exceed them, though that is important, as well.  This means making choices about what you do and when you do things.  For example, if you are living with high expenses that you do not need, you are hurting your ability to reach your goal by keeping them.  Sometimes, that means doing without things, EVEN IF YOU CAN AFFORD THEM, while you save for other goals.  If your expenses always rise to your income level, you will stay in place with your progress towards reaching the levels you need for future things.  It also means that if a choice you would select will come with ADDED costs, you should wait until you have enough for ALL of the related expenses to do it, or you will be living tightly and not able to enjoy them.

An emergency fund is also a necessity.  I have not lived for more than a month in the last year without having to access an emergency fund for at least a few weeks or longer, due to unexpected expenses.  So, I always made it a priority to re-stock that emergency fund.  You should keep at LEAST the amount you have needed on average for expenses and probably double in case more than one thing happens in the same month.

It pays to save, but that is just one part of your strategy that you will develop.  However, THAT is the first step... think about what your goals are, what costs may come, etc and plan the path that creates the least friction and fastest accomplishment of your goals to reach greater happiness.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Intention and Accident

Many times (not always) when someone says that they accidentally forgot something or someone, it is really a matter of priorities.  They forgot them, because they were not IMPORTANT enough to them.. otherwise, that would have been their focus.

I have noted before that there really isn't that much difference to the recipient if it is accidental or intentional.  Either way, it means that the person doing them or forgetting to do them doesn't VALUE them enough to remember.  Sometimes they forget, because they were hyperfocused on social media, jobs, kids, and everything else in life.  However, all that means is that among all of those things the recipient was the least important thing of value to get done.  OR, it meant that they didn't feel it important enough to SHOW as it is to other people and things.  So, even if it is not intentional, is is still an insult to the recipient.

This also applies to your personal goals.  It takes intentional acts to reach them, and those acts are often difficult.  However, if you avoid the difficulty, you end up with less or without.  You either intentionally save for retirement or accidentally end up poor, intentionally exercise or accidentally get fat, intentionally train for and work jobs or accidentally end up failing at them.  Intention is the difference between something being REAL to someone or just a wish list.

So, remember to live life intentionally, or you will accidentally end up at the end having not accomplished anything.