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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Nevertheless She Persisted

I saw this phrase on someone in their running pic on Instagram and realized it is not just a great idea for #equality but for women's #fitness so get yours here from Amazon

Monday, May 21, 2018

New Career ... Returning to Writing

Right after I left the military in 2001, I started homeschooling my oldest daughter, who had ADHD to the degree that the school she was in didn't know how to deal with her and were isolating her.  During that time, I began following a career interest of mine that I had since I won the county essay competition in high school and was in the school newspaper class, there....writing.  I began submitting freelance writing articles for publication and reading Writer's Digest, Writer's Market, and all the books about following the writing career.  I began small, as you would need to do, and I got published in several small publications for fillers, poems, and etc.  That is where I got the "writing" part of my Yahoo username writingken in that time.  However, writing takes dedication and more importantly...TIME.  I was in the middle of both being the stay at home dad, homeschooling dad, and finishing up my I couldn't really dedicate the time to make it a full time income...considering that the NORMAL rejection rate for submissions is 10 percent.

Well, now, I find myself unable to do a full time job, due to health issues and the desire and need to do grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, and more with my wife's back issues restricting her, as well.  The Uber option was straining but possible IF it paid well enough for me to do it a few hours a day and recover the rest of the day with a little of the housework.  However, due to low income in Tulsa and other restrictions, that is not a viable option, either.

SO....I am selling the car, like I had thought of doing weeks ago.  I will take that money to cover necessary bills for the rest of the year to give myself time to give writing a go, again. 

I am very happy with this career choice, and I look forward to spending every day writing and submitting poems, fillers, cards, articles, and maybe even book proposals.  Regardless of whether I make it big, I KNOW I can do this and will enjoy the life it provides.

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