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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Still Figuring It All Out

So...last week's online products was a bust.  I was pretty sure those would take off, but it looks like I would have to drop the price to cost just to unload them.  It doesn't mean I won't sell online...I still like that idea.  It just means I haven't figured our the things that work....yet.

Watching Girlboss on Netflix, last night, there was one line that applies, here.  The series is the loose retelling of the life of Sophia Amoruso, as she built her business.  As she was wandering the town in pursuit of her business name, the guy she was with asked her a question, and she said..."I don't know...I'm still figuring it all out, man."

That's kinda where I am in my career transition, right now.  I don't know.  I DO know I HATE where I was, before....sacrificing my health and happiness for the corporate profits of those that couldn't care less about that or me.  And, I DO know I LIKE the things I am trying, which is an improvement.  As to what the outcome will be, that is up in the air.  It may be teaching full or part time (if in conjunction to other things). It may be Uber full or part time.  Hell, I may even get a movie theater job ..still feeling it out.  

However...and this is the banner ad said that I added after my last blog, "Not all those thar wander are lost."  I have, personally, never been more found.  So" thanks for the patience to see where that leads.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Finding Hope

The last few weeks on the blog and in life has been exploration in finding my happy, where I have to be.  Last year, I had made it to the Dallas metro...a few hours away from Tulsa.  While it was not New York, Boston, or L.A. ...or other places I would like to live domestically or foreign, it DID have a working economy.  There was no shortage of jobs or options, and you could do whatever you wanted to do.  However, my wife's ex sued to DRAG US BACK to Tulsa, which in recent posts I have likened to Handmaid's Tale or such.  I thought of another example, when we started watching Once Upon a Time season 7, tonight, and they made reference to "the curse" that kept them from leaving town, such as was the case in other seasons of the show.  How fitting to being FORCED to live in a town of very little industry or civility for that matter.  We are cursed to be, what now?

Well, I could either sit and stew and nothing will change, or I can find the best way to live the most happiness I can in this location.  This has been my exploration task for the past few months, and I have discovered that Uber just does not work (or Lyft) as a long term solution.  I love the job, and, if I still lived in Dallas, I would still be doing it.  However, a few times this week, I found myself driving, literally, ALL over Tulsa for over an hour on just a 3 dollar income for that time.  That didn't even pay for the GAS to do that driving.  The problem is that people here just don't have money, so who has money to have food (or themselves) delivered...few out of a whole city.  This is ASIDE from the ahole drivers I face, literally putting my life at risk every day in this town.  So, enough is enough.

What that DOESN'T mean is getting ANY job, even if I don't like it, as was the mistake when I returned to criminal IBM in this town.  What it DOES mean is finding what WOULD make me happy, and I have a few ideas.

The current idea is an idea that I have had, before...teaching.  I, actually, have completed 20 hours of a graduate level Elementary Education training program, and I have an ABCTE Elementary Education certificate.  While that doesn't work for an Oklahoma certificate, I have in the process already passed the first exam teachers have to pass in this state to teach.

So...I applied to a local teaching certification program and will find out if I get it in a few weeks or less.  In the meantime, I also applied to be a substitute teacher, and I will start building up my experience as I find a way into the profession...or..honestly...if I only ended up being a lifelong sub teacher, along with my online stores, it would be a pretty great life,, that is my current goal.  That said, I am keeping my options open to other jobs I would like in the arts or social services areas, also.  We'll see.

The point is...if I HAVE to be here among the super-conservative ego-centric, I DON'T have to be LIKE them, and maybe I can bring a little New England or West Coast culture to them, along the way.  Happiness isn't others to take away from me.  It is mine to take, wherever that happens to be. general banner

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