Saturday, June 19, 2021

Can You Imagine?

 "Can you imagine that love?" - Beastly

We talk a lot about self fulfilling prophecies, and it is true.  What you expect from your future will impact what you invest into yourself and others.  Many think that the key is finding others or opportunities in which they can believe.  However, the most important faith is in YOUR value and in your future.  That's the what... the how will come along the way.

Can you imagine a future where you are happy?  What does it look like?  Try to picture it... relationships, finances, etc.  Imagine receiving the things your soul craved but started to feel was out of reach and impossible.  

In relationships, imagine someone looking into your eyes and holding you close.. comforting you on long days and telling you that things will be better, tomorrow.  Imagine their touch, smile, laugh, and kiss.  Imagine not just active days out experiencing things together but imagine the comfort of knowing you are securely loved as you just watch a show cuddled up in bed or on the couch.  All of that can be true.

In finances, imagine not having to work extra hard to not only cover immediate bills but have an emergency fund, just in case.  Imagine being able to take a vacation or vacations to see different sites.  Imagine the peace of knowing your finances in your older years are covered and the freedom to work less if desired, as your body needs more time to rest and recover from simple activities.  Imagine time to spend with your family.  Imagine having enough to not only cover all of that but to give to others in need.

Now... if you can imagine that... what are you doing to bring it about?  Will you give wings to your dreams by your actions, today, or will you see your dreams become cynicism and depression?  Can you imagine that love... that life?  What will you do about it?

Thursday, June 17, 2021

June 2021 Playlist 5

 June 2021 Playlist 5 on Spotify and YouTube .. and no not a current reflection of my life but hits on the stage I am exploring.

Optimism - Welcoming Opportunity

 I know how depressing it can be to have been failed by others in the past.  It can impact your ability to believe for the future.  However, you have to keep in mind that how you project to others can impact what you receive.  I've talked about it in my relationship posts and the related free book out of them, but it is also a financial concept.  Whether you grow or not often has a lot to do with what you believe about your future.

Almost two years ago, my marriage ended with my ex, and I went through all of those stages in relationship.  However, I ALSO went through many financial realities.  When a marriage ends, you have shared expenses that are no longer shared, and there are new expenses related to divorce as well as relocation.  In my case that was more difficult than many, because I was moving across state.  When that marriage ended, I gave custody of my child to my first ex (from a decade ago), because I knew that my ability to provide would be in flux for a while.  My ex lived in another state... half a country away, in fact.  Also, we were in the middle of a shut down economy, and the move was to Florida, which is more expensive than many states.

However, rather than seeing the reasons this COULD NOT work, I looked for how it WOULD work, since I knew that I was determined to make it happen.  I had used Ubereats for an income in the past, and I knew it was able to be done in another location.  So, I pulled myself up to meet the challenge by buying a car (had to sell the last for my ex's expenses), flying across country, book into a REALLY cheap motel, and begin driving.  Then, as I earned more, I moved from that motel to a better location, and I will be relocating to better in the months ahead.  I could have continued with Ubereats, but I took a job that makes a little less for a little official stability to show apartments and other benefits, knowing Ubereats was always there if I needed it.

This new job also has challenges... I haven't worked this hard in YEARS, but it is helping me get more fit and allows me to develop in other ways... like socially.  Anyone that  has been through a marriage and divorce knows that you spend years cutting time with other social connections for one person.  When that ends, you find yourself cut off from your one social link for years and distrusting connections with others... not just relationships but all.  It takes a while to begin to trust others, and I have discovered it takes practice to get yourself back to your socially bubbly person that existed before the last relationship.  However, that practice is kinda fun... even if a person is not a romantic partner but even just a customer, it helps you enjoy learning about someone else and interacting with another person, which is always a good adventure.

Bringing this back to the financial point, it is about how you perceive yourself and your future. If you doubt others and yourself, you will cut yourself off from opportunities and self growth (and you make yourself a negative person others don't care to be around).  However, if you believe in yourself, you can welcome new opportunities as an adventure and ability to stretch your legs and grow, as well as allowing others to see you for the person you feel has been underrated by others.  That's the best way to ensure others that WILL value you get the opportunity to know you, as well.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Your Success Depends on How Well You Fight Nature

This post is the first of my posts towards the next book, which will be financial.. tips from my experience, education, and what I am experiencing in my own rebuilding, after a divorce and move to another state.

Today's post might sound a little different from posts I would have done a few years ago, and that is because I, too, am evolving by applying the lessons I learn to my own life.  The subject line might have caught your attention and perhaps invoked some anger against me, but listen and you will see that you agree to the point, even if you don't know that you do.

Entropy is a concept in nature that says things fall apart over time.  It's only natural that cohesive systems, whether it be a human being or social links of individuals.  The most perfect form by nature is near the beginning.  Then, it begins to spread out and deteriorate.

However, we do not accept that, nor should we.  NATURE in our body would prefer NOT to get up and exercise, for example.  Every time we cut back on foods that we like or do extra work that causes us pain, we are fighting our natural impulses, but that is the way that we make ourselves more fit to live longer and more functionally.  There are a whole HOST of products and injections out there that are bought by people and applied or used to extend their youthful appearance or function.  We don't welcome nature.

Similarly, our bodies don't WANT to work for more money.  If I'm laying in a bed, I don't want to get up and get ready to go into a place that will be physically or mentally taxing.  However, if I follow that natural impulse, I will be poor and MORE stressed over bills and such.  Our level of financial success does not depend on finding and doing what our body WANTS to do as much as it is based on the level of how well we can suppress that desire to do things we do not.

Now, there needs to be a balance, or you will find yourself failing yourself by not being able to ENJOY the benefits of the choices, so you need to be able to snack from time to time, rest in your bed, or take time off to enjoy the literal benefits of your labor.  But, I wanted to do this post to note that, in the culture that screams for you to ignore the needs/desires of others as well as cultural norms to follow your desires, it is important to OPPOSE what you want at times to reach your dreams down the road, whether that be personal or financial.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Forward to Happiness Ebook

 I have collected several of my posts from this blog, edited them, and put them into an ebook on Smashwords, which will distribute to Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, and more.  Right now, it is a free download in many formats for e-readers or PDF for reading in your browser.