Thursday, July 8, 2021

Final Post on Blog

 I deleted the last playlist, as well as a few posts before it.  I mentioned in the past that a lot of my playlists were led by a combination of divination like divine leading and my own working through issues.  A few weeks ago, that all kinda.... completed.

That doesn't mean that I proclaim myself complete, and I don't have the relationship that will happen at some point.  However, the issues that I needed to work through, and which I think those in breakup-relationship gap face, are complete in my life and reflected in both the music and the playlists.  I need to update the song lists with a few of the most recent.  However, after that I am going to spend my mind that has been focused on working through this and solving world problems on my social media to begin the process of personal rebuilding in my own life that dovetails perfectly with the end of this blog.  

There it a trajectory in several of my recent posts and social media that lead to this exit.  First, it is better to focus on your future over your past and your desires over your pains.  Second, your most attractive self is your happy and loving self, which you cannot be if you are opening your wounds.  It is important to open them to clean them out and heal, but you get to a point when that job is done.  I'm at that point. I no longer hold ill will to those that chose to go another way... what does it accomplish, anyway.  I wish them well.  My most attractive quality is when I am able to provide emotional support to someone, as well as being established enough to provide dates and gifts... things I can't do for a few more months on a plan that is in place and on which I am progressing.

I will talk about my financial progress as well as financial opportunities on my other blog.  I plan to add a similar song list to that page, but it will be less relationship and more inspirational for your financial journey.  This blog has served its purpose for me, and I hope it does for you.  Then, you too can move FORWARD to happiness by closing the book and taking your next step to prepare to be the person your future love will enjoy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Sabotaging Our Own Happiness

 I’m going to have to do another chapter in my blog-book on breakups and recovery.  I realized a big factor that is not covered adequately in it.

I wrote in the past that “the secret” in recovery is to focus on the thing you want and not the thing in your past, and that is true.  However, there is another level to it that I realized in thinking over the last few days.

I had reached the level that it no longer bothered me that my ex was posting pics of herself to attract interest and said that I should, instead, post things that displayed my attractive features, as well.  Then, it the light began to ignite in my mind, as I reflected what my features are.

Women are known for their beauty, much more than men.  Men are known for other things. Yes, that CAN include the ability to provide or defend.  However, the most attractive feature of any man (and myself in the past) was their ability to CARE for the woman, though that caring attitude is important to both genders attraction.

HOWEVER, I haven’t been showing that feature as I used to.. haven’t been using it.  Why?  When I did in the past, it resulted in pain.  This is common in breakups.  So, what do we do… we close that part off.  We feel it betrayed us to be caring.  Further, we look for others who will care.  Yet, they TOO are closed off and looking.  

So, we both close off the quality we are both looking to find.  We sabotage our own happiness in the search of a safe source of it.  I am realizing the only way to overcome this is to finally realize there is always risk and to value the qualities they rejected and to begin displaying that heart BEFORE one comes along worthy of it.  

Unfortunately, this is chum in the water for narcissistic people looking for someone to give them what they want, and there is no way of knowing whether your future potentials are mutually caring or not until you give them a chance.

So.. I think the way to happiness must begin by giving it to others.  Only then will you be attractive enough to attract the partner you need to reach both your dreams.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Follow Your Truth, Meet Your Need

 Everything is presented in such absolute terms, these days, even as people rarely live up to their own convictions.  It's a lot like New Years Resolutions, which last a few weeks, at best.  One reason that they often don't meet their resolutions is other commitments or distractions on way to their goals.  Why?  There are OTHER truths or needs that come into conflict with their own and they give them up.

Now, there are times where this is good.  If you are a parent and your child has a need (as opposed to a want), you will make sacrifices to make sure it is done.  The same is true for a romantic partner, as the purpose of romance is MUTUAL sacrifices to make each other happy... otherwise, there is no reason to be together.

However, a mistake that I have often made in my life was extending that beyond family or close friends to give up myself or my needs for strangers or those that even overwork me or use me with no concern for how it impacts me, let alone want to benefit ME in return.  Let me explain that the end result of that path is similar to my own... later in life finding yourself broke, having given it all away to others who are no longer in your circle since you have nothing left to give.

Despite our assumptions to the effect, there is no one truth that is president over all others.  Let me explain.  It may be true that I need money for my financial needs, and it may be true that YOU need my help for my financial need.  Both are true.  However, you have to think about yourself.  In the military, you were taught to put your own gas mask on before helping another, and they give the same advice for oxygen masks on airplanes.  Jesus said to love others AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.  You can't fill the glass of anyone else, if your own glass is empty.

I would hope that we all want to help others, and I would hope that we do help as much as we can after meeting our own needs.  However, when truths conflict or when needs desire the same resources, you need to think about yourself, because later in life you may be the ONLY one doing so or find yourself alone and depleted from giving to others.  Indeed, many desire you for what you can GIVE to them, so keeping some to yourself not only helps your need but increases your status.  Let me repeat that... if you GIVE to someone, you lose value as you decrease.  If you keep some back, you retain your value... because VALUE is often determined by what we have left to give.

So, don't forget self love and satisfaction as you consider the needs of the world.  The WORLD needs you to think about yourself, before you consider giving to them.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Everything Comes With a Price

 "Magic always comes with a price." - Rumplestiltskin in Once Upon a Time

I used that post to lead into the topic.  This post is not only about magic but the cost of all things.  However, it is true about celestial things, as well.  I remember when my last ex (a lifelong witch daughter of a Hungarian witch) first told me about the different sects of witches and how Wiccans believed that to use magic to harm another was wrong and would extract a price on anyone that tried to do it... a price that must be paid... I disagreed.  I believed that the price was ALREADY paid in prior events.  However, my experience in practice has taught me that it is true.

It's not exclusive to only witchcraft but other religions.  Jesus taught that you reap what you sow, and He was HIMSELF the payment for a debt that had to be paid for wrongs done.  But, it is true beyond magic or religion, and that is the focus of this post.

Everything comes with a price.  That's not just saying that if you want those boots or a nice meal you have to pay for them.  It's also saying that if you want to be thinner, you must pay for it in sweat and less sweets.  It's also saying that if you want to find romance, you need to pay in fees to dating apps or dates and in risk and stress that goes along with the process.  And, it's saying that if you want to be financially secure and have a savings to not have to stress over bills, it is going to take WORK, which is called work for a reason.  It's not fun.  If it was fun, they wouldn't pay you for it.

We live in an entitlement culture, where many feel that they are not getting their share of everyone else's wealth, and many feel that they are being wronged by not receiving their due, without having to work to achieve it.  That is like me in the past, trying to say that the price was already paid in the past with magic and trying to say that I should receive money without having to pay the price to achieve it.

Science teaches us that nothing is ever created or destroyed in energy. It just translates from one form to another... one thing that gives hope of an afterlife.  Well, if that is true, it is IMPOSSIBLE to create wealth or effect without it coming from somewhere, and that where is when you decide it is important enough for you to pay the price to achieve it.

Only then will you start to see the changes you felt you were due... when you CREATE the opportunity for it to arrive.