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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Would You Want an Outsider Leading (or even helping) YOU?

This has been one of the coals in the fire of my mind for months, but the recent reactions of conservatives touting Trump as an "outsider" finally pushed me over the limit to make me want to address this absurd philosophy.  So it goes in the mind of the conservative..Trump's inexperience is a GOOD thing, because he is an "outsider." 

Well, as we come off a HUGE Failure (and of course if Trump were a failure he would say he is a HUGE one) of his anti healthcare measure (by definition you can't call taking care away a health care bill), the fact that he is an outsider is VERY clear, as he even insulted his own party and threatened them (literally) if they didn't go along with his bill.  Yeah...that's the way to motivate people to want to help you....say you will destroy them, if they don't.  They'll love you after that...not.

But, let's stop and deal with the very FOUNDATION of the outsider claim for a minute.  Let's not put this on a Presidential level but local.  I, often, find it is helpful to consider macro concepts on a micro level.  So, let's take this concept and apply it to you, personally. 

You go to a doctor, and he tells you that he didn't go to medical school, because those people are all fixed in their way, so he is an outsider without a medical license and wants to try new procedures on you let him do it?

Or, maybe, you need to have someone manage your finances and file your taxes.  You COULD go with the person that has an MBA or Accounting Degree and CPA certification, or you could throw off the establishment and have your plumber that never took an accounting class to do it.  Which do you do?

Shoot, let's put this down to retail level.  Do you want someone that never worked in a pizza place to make your pizza; a person who knows nothing about style to sell you clothing; a person who never picked up a pair of scissors to cut your hair?

Of course the answer is no.  NO ONE in their right mind would choose an outsider to do ANYTHING for them, nor would they want their boss at their work to be someone that has no experience doing their job to be leading them.  However, THAT is the non-logical logic of the conservative to conclude that someone that has never led a SINGLE civic service office would be good at running them all...someone that has never worked in healthcare or education or the environment would be qualified to disagree with the experts and decide what was best for ALL those in those fields to do...someone that has never served a day in the military to lead the military...someone that has not paid taxes in 20 years because of a MASSIVE FINANCIAL LOSS (and with 4 bankruptcies) to run the nation's economy...of COURSE it makes the mentally insane.

No.  No one would want an outsider to manage or service them, and it is NOT a good idea to have one running the country, either, and the lesson of THAT failed assumption is being played out before our very eyes.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Defiant Elegance


Tonight, my wife and I will make our 7th trip to the Tulsa Ballet in the last year and a half.  We both enjoy it, and it has been a part of our celebration of living life and culture in the town, since we have met.  And, fellas, it is a GREAT date idea to propose, because it not only is something that she will like for the culture of it, but it shows her that you both share some of her interests and that you desire to make her happy and are more sensitive and elegant than others that would routinely take them on a date to things that only they are interested in doing.

I led the article with dance images from the National Endowment for the Arts, which helps to fund community dance and theater productions, as well as much more.  Please go and visit their site... while you keep in mind that this is ONE of the culturally significant programs that our newly elected President is planning on DEFUNDING in his budget.  Another is the National Endowment for the Humanities.  More and more, President Trump reminds me of the second of two rulers in English history...Lady Jane Grey and Mary I...otherwise known as BLOODY MARY.

The story is this.  King Edward lie dying, and he knew that the throne would go, next, to his half sister Mary, but he feared what she would do to the kingdom, so he appointed the throne, instead to Lady Jane Grey (I am assuming the origin of the name of the tea).  However, the Privy council switched their allegiances, after Edward's death, and proclaimed Mary Queen.  IMMEDIATELY upon coming into power, Mary would start a campaign of rejecting her father's (Henry's) protestant reforms and the renaissance to usher in religious reformation and that included imprisoning and executing Lady Jane as well as scores of protestants and the arts throughout her kingdom.

Sound familiar?  Like say....Obama ushering in the ideas of human centered renaissance and a move of particularly religious people see their opportunity upon the death (term limit of Obama) to install a bloodthirsty leader who would, immediately upon taking office, execute (fire) those that held human centered thinking in the administration and install a system of imposed ethics and religious order (Mary demanded attending mass, and Trump wants to force religious views in classrooms and health organiations) upon the people.

However, what would be our response?  Be Elizabeth...her sister.  Wait out this fascist barrage, until it will be our time to restore sanity and care of the people and the arts to the world, who will have just seen very clearly what kind of rule results without it.

So, support the arts, be yourself, speak your mind, and wait for the world to wake up.  Until then, go out and enjoy a good dance or show.  You've earned it.

I am establishing new Pinterest boards on for the arts, both products and pics and articles supporting the Arts and Humanities.  Enjoy.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Global...isolationism? And... Father Trump and the Court

There is a LOT of things that happened in the week to draw attention of readers. The GOP announced a health care plan that takes coverage and tax credits away from the poor and gives them to the rich. The EPA, National Endowment for the Arts, and other science and humanitarian programs were proposed to be cut. US troops killed scores of innocence in Syria in a bombing campaign. However, I want to focus on two specific stories of the week that apply to fascism's rise and where it is taking us.

I will start with the courts. We all know that he continues to create plans on erecting bans on people coming from "Muslim" countries, while claiming to the court that it is not a religious test of which countries to ban. But, it is a statement made by Trump ABOUT this process that caught my eye...

In a New York Times story, Trump was quoted talking about the court knocking down his bills and said... "'I have to be nice, otherwise I’ll get criticized for speaking poorly about our courts,' he said. But he could not help himself: The president soon suggested that the court that had just ruled against him should be destroyed. 'People are screaming, ‘Break up the Ninth Circuit!’ '"

 Don't just breeze over this.  It is a key to the mind of the leader and where he is taking us.  He casually says that people are saying he should break up the 9th Circuit Court of the Judicial System....implying and missed by the reporters...that he would have POWER to do so, even if he wanted to do it.  The separation of powers and checks and balances was no where in his head as even being existent to our Dictator Trump.  He was saying it was his benevolence as Father Trump to allow us to have courts.

And speaking of where Father Trump is leading us.

In 2015, Trump criticized the German leader for "ruining Germany" in a tweet.

And, this is the other area of concern for us and is entirely consistent with both the rise of socialist and communist dictators.  They all start by saying they want to separate from the rest of the world and are only for their own country....Hitler also was this way wanting to make Germany great, was the soviets for USSR and all of them built borders to separate them from the world.  THEN, however, they started to tell the rest of the world how they should be.

So, the news weekly is about Trump saying this is how this country should be or that one and...oh by the way, we are putting troops in one or forcing countries to do things for us.  So, is it isolationism or global control.

One thing we know for sure.  They have an agenda not being shared with the rest of, where are they taking us is the question we need to be asking.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Responsibly Leaving the Irresponsible (Freedom)

I was thinking, today, about several different frustrating things about me, and I was realizing that they all have one thing in common, and that one thing has MUCH in common with the themes of my first book, Forward to Happiness, volume 1.  Responsibility...or more precise, those without it.

This came about, as I was conversing with my wife about the apartment maintenance staff that we always have to push along....a LOT get anything done.  They took 15 times coming out the fall, before, to fix our air conditioning.  The apartment gates have been broken for 3 months, the apartments washer has been broken more than it has been fixed, and they have started NOT picking up the trash, for which we pay a fee.  However, they are not the only ones around me not showing responsibility.  I am in the process of finishing up my time at my job, before I leave to go somewhere else.  The ONLY reason I am not gone, yet, is my responsibility to improve what I am doing, there, to leave it better for the next person...a RESPONSIBLE thing to do.  However, I have been told OFTEN there how refreshing that is, because so few DO take responsibility.  I agree from my perception.

See, I have the disadvantage, in a way, of having both had managerial experience and having been trained how management SHOULD be, so I know when I am being shafted, so to speak.  Management, as it is defined and taught in all schools of thought, is being given responsibility over a group.  It is the step over individuals that are given responsibility over a task.  It is a process of delegation, not surrender.  The company, in hiring a person to handle a task is not (supposed to be) hiring someone to blame when things go badly.  It is hiring someone you are delegating to do the task that is...ultimately...their responsibility, because, when a person is hired to be the manager over a department, they are not hired to audit and fault that department but they are hired with the CUMULATIVE responsibility of all those under them.  If anyone fails at that desk, they have failed, so of course they would train them to succeed and empower them to do so.  That is...if in both cases of manager and employee...they are RESPONSIBLE people that feel the need to do a good job.

That, however, is missing in most of the world, today.  That was what inspired my book Living First Edition, as I stated that we needed to rise above the lowest common denominator of what I MUST do (or can get away with) to do a GOOD job and live well.  In work, that would be living up to the responsibility to do your job or train and assist those that do it for you.  In an apartment complex, it is doing the job you were hired to do...if maintenance to FIX things.  In romance, it means to be romantic and caring.  In fitness, it means to work out.  In politics, it means to represent the majority of the voters under you.

However, in NO case, does it mean taking the pay or title or benefits of a position or relationship or budget or whatever without taking the responsibility of LIVING the reality that goes along with it.  Yet, in our society, being irresponsible has become the status quo and almost defended as a RIGHT, complete with excuses of how they have been wronged in the past or current, so they are entitled to live and be less.

NO.....the solution to being among the irresponsible is not to adopt their irresponsibility or justify their failures, and me...people don't change.  The irresponsible about this, today, will be selfish and irresponsible about THAT tomorrow.  The only solution to this narcissistic and irresponsible culture is to walk away.   This is NOT to "teach them a lesson" as they will never learn, and they will blame you long after you left for their own failures.  It is for one reason....among your responsibility and chief among it is a responsibility to YOURSELF.  As Jesus says, we are to love others, as we love ourselves, so it must begin with loving yourself.  Being a slave to users and abusers is not love to them or ourselves, it is a surrender of our responsibility to our own future, and no one will honor us for that sacrifice in the future.

So, as irresponsibility and lack of empathy and integrity becomes more prevalent in our society, it is time that we use the balancing forces OF society....leave the irresponsible and let them fail.  Then, seek out those worthy.  Whether people or businesses or any other thing, that will result in the darwinian evolution of our own lives to be lives of happiness and potential.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

And now...from the deep state... (the FREE one)

And now...from the deep state (inspired by this week's Full Frontal with Samantha here (image above), your briefing.   It was my intention when I began this angle of this show to do a weekly blog, but ...O..M..G...can Trump do a lot of damage in one week.  I finally decided I must do a blog to try to stop the bleeding, after just a few days.

What happened?  Well, there are these stories...

Trump proposed eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanties

Trump proposed cutting the budget of the State Department and the EPA

Trump's party proposed a "health" plan that pushes 24 Million out of coverage and raises premiums nearly 10fold in ten years ("For a 64-year-old making $26,500, the cost would rise sharply, from $1,700 to $14,600."), but it gives a great tax cut to the rich.

So...where is the money going?  The "WALL" right?  Surely, that is it.  BZZZ.. Sorry.  No, it is going to a rise in the military budget to the size that the one year rise would fund PBS for 121 years.  Why would he need that?  THE WAR ON ISLAM I have been telling you is coming.  This week, he announced 1000 new soldiers being deployed in SYRIA.  Did you know we were at war in Syria?  Well, we are about to well as Iraq, Afganistan, and a whole host of other Islamic lands...who he wants to ban from coming in because...ding ding ding...he is about to be at WAR with them all.

 So...cut money from the poor for healthcare, cut funds for diversity and independent throught, cut protection of the environment, and cut State department officials budget that ...I don't know..may make PEACE with the countries he wants to have in his gun sites?  All, so he can launch a full scale war on an entire religion....because the crusaders going in and converting at the point of a sword made them love us so much they attacked us for a thousand years and even now.

Is this REALLY the country you want?  Is this what you want for your kids or for our reputation throughout the world?  But, the problem is that no one that voted for Trump is THINKING, only following.  They didn't think when they bounced to the tune of their pied piper, last year, and they are not thinking now.

I felt it was fitting to end this blog with quotes from the lyrics of two old school Christian bands, back when it was acceptable to challenge leadership and think for yourself.  If you were alive back then, you undoubtable remember these two favs of mine (their album covers at the pic, above, and I will put links on the songs, below for purchase).  I will end with them.  Until next time, stay free....

Whiteheart - Power Tools...

"You play follow the leader
No way you could ever be wrong
So you keep playing along
But he's lost, living in a lie
While your cost of giving goes sky high
For his piece of the pie
So take my hand
Just tell me what it costs
To see the Promised Land
I'm getting sleepier

"You gotta open your eyes
You better know who's making all the rules
Is he a man of God
Or just a baby with power tools?"

PFR (pray for rain) - Them

"And the band marches on and on and on without slowing
And their leader leads them on and on and on without knowing
Never looking back to see the mess that they had left behind
And the media mediates between the masses and the myth it creates
But it never knows the damage grows the more it bends the truth
They tell us what they want us to hear
They patronize our aching ears

"...How can you say, let's all remain, unaffected when
No lines are drawn and the band just marches on
and they forget you when you fall down."

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

washingtonpost article cover picture says it all... he is determined to deprive our country's poor and defund diversity, peace officials, and free speech in order to have his war and make the rich richer.  But duh... this IS #trump. .. only a fool would have expected less. #warmongers #crusades #warwhatisitgoodfor #worldpeace #fascism #freedom #jointheresistance #befree

Stay Free

Trump is openly cutting the arts, peace negotiators, Healthcare for the poor, and driving cuts for the rich.  He demands everyone agree with him (no freedom or diversity), and refuses all checks and balances.  He openly lies and bragged about wanting to bed a married woman.  He is, as we speak, preparing for global war on Islam, and is building a wall I think that is more to keep us from wanting to leave via fear than keep anyone out.  This IS the rule of a dictatorial regime, and ONLY a voice of persistent dissent will end it.  Stay free.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Freedom of Religious Choice in the State of Trump

I shouldn't HAVE to write this blog...but, then, I shouldn't have to write ANY blogs on common sense to other adults with the power to reason.  However, I find that I do, when I read a news story this morning about the Ethics Committee head for the Southern Baptist Church that find his very JOB as ETHICS head to be in jeopardy for questioning the church's loyalty to Trump.  Several Megachurch pastors have threatened to withhold money from the denomination specifically because he spoke against Trump, and the Wasthington Post says..

"Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Southern Baptist, told a TownHall columnist that he was “utterly stunned that Russell Moore is being paid by Southern Baptists to insult them.” Huckabee declined to speak with The Post."

...yes...the same Gov Huckabee that ran for President for the GOP and whose daughter is on Trump's staff at the White House.  But, if it bothers you that a party official is telling a religious body how it should believe, it doesn't stop there.  From Trump's twitter...

"Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
.@drmoore Russell Moore is truly a terrible representative of Evangelicals and all of the good they stand for. A nasty guy with no heart!

So....a self admitted sexual harasser of women, mega rich greed promoter, and angry warmonger is somehow qualified to proclaim who should and should not be the head of the ethics committee for a religious denomination because....why?  He is using his authority as PRESIDENT.  So, he assumes that as President he has authority over religious institutions, appears...those denominations seem to be jumping in line to fall at his altar.

What happened to the freedom of religion?  See...the religious right are saying...we WON ..that is what.  Somehow, we have gone from a country that was founded by a people that ran from government persecution of their religious choices and established a first amendment that guarenteed the right to believe however you want and say whatever you a religious politics that says their own religious leaders must be subject to their government head and all opposition must be silenced.

That is not the voice of freedom.  That is the voice of oppression of freedom, and the religious bodies of our current age have become just another example of state manipulation of religion via government appointed heads that have happened for thousands of years and still happen in every dictatorial country in the world...and now, our own.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Freedom is Worth Fighting For...Join the Defense

I believe Freedom is worth fighting for...but, that is coming from one that has seen true oppression.  Too many in our society feel they are a "victim" or are "suffering" because their car didn't start in the morning, or others didn't rush at them with gobs of money or praise.  But, that is a product of the entitlement generation, and that entitlement generation is tied to the strongest selfishness that I have ever seen exist, within the last several years.

Well, as I have noted in my book, Forward to Happiness, my life has seen several periods and people, where I have faced individuals that did not care about MY needs or wants, so long as they got what THEY wanted, and they believed if I cared for them, I would surrender my own happiness and not expect them to notice or rectify that unhappiness, for them.  This was my ex, my sister, my oldest daughter, and some work places.  But, does it sound like someone else that you have heard in the last 6 months?  Of course it does....Donald Trump.  The last election was a divided election between Democrats that were pushing many social programs for the benefit of all Americans and a SUPER-RICH American representing other Americans whose message was very explicitly that they didn't WANT to be forced to acknowledge or fund anyone different from themselves.  Taxes for social programs?  Well, why would they want that?  They desired...and campaigned..on LOWER taxes to care LESS for others and more for themselves.  They campaigned on desiring WAR against entire religions different from themselves.  They campaign on throwing the starving refugees that escaped oppressive countries BACK to the oppressive regimes.  Why on earth would anyone think they would care for others?

Since the political movement was so bitter and angry and judgmental, who would have thought it would have spread?  I mean what family DOESN'T have immigrant or muslim or gay or transgendered or liberal members.  Surely, that would cause them to have second thoughts.  As it turns, it didn't, and we saw entire denominations of the "christian" churches backing a known sexual abuser and lusty, greedy, angry man that just radiated sin.  In my mind, if there ever was a clear picture of the "Great Apostasy" predicted for the end, this would be close.

However, as the election numbers came in, Hillary won the vote but Trump had played the system to be declared President.  Now...and this is attention to what happened, next...both from Trump Himself and all the people that voted for him.  Rather than acknowledge a divided country and have a President that failed to get the majority of the vote of the people and seek to compromise to unify the people (as EVERY president did before him), we had a President and supporters that stuck his middle finger in the air and said...I WON.  Now, everyone worship me by accepting UNQUESTIONINGLY the DRASTIC and UNPRESIDENTED changes he was making to the country he barely got elected to lead and actions the majority of almost every demographic opposed to very openly reject the very CONCEPT of FREEDOM to disagree and be different from how he was and FREE SPEECH to object.

Well, I believe that freedom is worth fighting something you would THINK the "conservatives" would applaud, since they praise the founding fathers that fought for the freedom to disagree and spent the last 8 years voicing that concern, even as they spun in lightning speed to become the voice of anti-freedom fascist control.

So, I have decided that I will be a voice of opposition until the greatest threat to the land of the free and home of the brave out of office.  I will be conducting weekly blog posts on this blog and promoting donations to the Democrat Party, which is the only party with the resources to get him out of office.  Join and donate here

Until the next post, live FREE.

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