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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trump vs the Ten Commandments (and the call to care)

As it seems growingly clear that the Religious Right are determined to continue supporting Trump and proclaiming his sin, righteous (and thereby invalidating themselves in society), despite evidence to the contrary being published through the campaign...

"He said he does not ask for forgiveness and "does not bring God into that picture" when he makes mistakes. He has tried to put money in the Communion plate and referred to the sacrament as "my little wine" and "my little cracker." He mispronounced a book of the Bible, and when asked about his favorite verse, has either deferred or, in one case, cited "an eye for an eye," an Old Testament revenge scheme specifically condemned by Christ. (Turn the other cheek, Jesus said.)" - CNN

So, I thought I would do a piece comparing our President to the one standard that they so strongly use to condemn the rest of the world... God's Law...

The Ten Commandments and Trump (all verses from Exodus 20)..

1.  "You shall have no other gods before me."

First...definitions.  What is a God?  God is something you worship.  So, let me just ask you to trust your own ears.  What is the number 1 thing you hear Trump worshiping, daily, in every speech, interview, and tweet...himself.  So, by definition, he has put himself above God.
2.  “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.

Again...see commandment 1.  The Golden Trump name is stamped on everything he owns, and he is quick to point it out as something that you should worship, as well.

3.   “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

For this one, don't fall into the habit of reading it.....don't cuss.  That isn't what it says.  It says uses the name of God in vain.  So, how about a President that doesn't abide by any of God's laws and brags about the opposite using God's name to his own end of gaining followers for himself?

4.“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns.  For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy."

 Not only does Trump work on the Sabbath, but there is a story about his frustration over not being able to get his son in law to do so, as well.

5.  “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

This one I will give him the benefit of the doubt, as I know of no story where he has attacked his parents, yet.

6. “You shall not murder.

I'm not entirely sure that we couldn't produce actual dead bodies with this guy, but the New Testament says...

"Everyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that eternal life does not reside in a murderer." - 1 John 3:15

Now, as with the first few commandments, trust your own ears.  How often have you heard Trump angry with someone?  It's kinda become his defining characteristic... attacking someone.

7.  “You shall not commit adultery.

Where to start with this one...

Well, we must start with the fact that Trump cheated on every one of his past wives, and when confronted on one of them, what he regretted was being caught.

"My life was so great in so many ways. The business was so great... a beautiful girlfriend, a beautiful wife, a beautiful everything. Life was just a bowl of cherries," he says later in the interview." - Daily News.

But, then, we have DURING THE CAMPAIGN a tape coming out with Trump bragging about his use of women.  He openly bragged about wanting to bed a married woman and saying that he could do anything, including physically, with women, due to being a star.

"Trump didn't stand beside his wife, Melania. He didn't ask for forgiveness. He didn't lament that he had fallen under sin's sway but that by God's grace and with his family's support he hoped to earn a second chance. In fact, Trump didn't mention faith, family or reconciliation at all." - CNN

But, bragging on sex with women is not new for Trump...

"If I told the real stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed best-seller (which it will be anyway!). I’d love to tell all, using names and places, but I just don’t think it’s right.” - Washington Post

And, in that same source, Trump admits to wanting an open marriage with one of his past wives.

8. You shall not steal.

USA Today ran a story in summer of last year about Trump's empire being built on not paying his bills to people..

"At least 60 lawsuits, along with hundreds of liens, judgments, and other government filings reviewed by the USA TODAY NETWORK, document people who have accused Trump and his businesses of failing to pay them for their work."

9.  “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

Hmm..Trump lying about others or the facts...I can't imagine where that has happened.  Just kidding.  When has it NOT happened, lately.  The battle group is heading for North Korea...nope, it was heading the other way.  I am going to raise taxes on the wealthy.  Nope...cutting their taxes massively.  I am going to scrap Obama care....nope.  I am going to use most of it in my own plan.  I am going to make Mexico pay for the wall...nope, it is going to be us.  We don't have money for social programs to help people....well, we can fund the tax cuts for the rich by raising the debt limit.  Etc.

10. “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

As stated, above, he was very explicitly coveting someone else's WIFE, and his empire is built upon the greed of WANT of what others have and that is never ending.

But, the Conservative Right would counter that God's law ends in Christ (even as they use the Old to condemn others), and they are right.  So what does Jesus say about the law of God..

"Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” - Matt 22:37-40

Now, I ask you...does a President that angrily yells and condemns on a daily basis, beefs up existing wars while starting new ones, judges entire nations and religions at once, and takes food, healthcare, and education from the poor reflect someone that LOVES others?  Think about it.

"What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead." - James 2:14-17  

A good reminder not only about judging the President by His fruit (Matt 6:43-45) but the conservative Christian movement, itself, that seems busier pushing politics and building buildings to even NOTICE the hurting within their own congregations, not to mention the community around them.  May we all open our heart to the real love that blooms into a better world. 


Living the La La Life (Choose Happiness)

It is appropriate that La La Land was released for rental the same week that I quit the job that had been driving me into the ground for months.  We saw it in the theaters and loved it, but I had forgotten just how applicable it was to my current state of events and life choices made, recently.

To say that my job has been difficult is like saying Mozart is instrumental.  Yeah, it fits the same use of the word, but the same word...instrumental... can be used to describe any putz with a banjo or harmonica.  Similarly, job was hard, but that is what work is supposed to be like, and that wasn't really the problem.  The problem was never the tasks, it was who it was for and with.  It was not the past or the present that was the problem, but it was the future....or lack thereof.

I mentioned in a recent blog how relationships and workplaces share the same process and outcomes.  So, consider what my past marriage was like.  I spent years sacrificing and doing and fixing problems that was created by my ex, only to ...instead of creating an attitude of concern and a sacrificial response and concern back...create an attitude of thankful expectation.  Thankful, because she knew that she had someone to pull her a** out of the fire, whenever she overspent, worked too long, or otherwise acted without thinking...but she knew that she had someone that would CONTINUE to do so...or so she came to expect.  So, rather than respond in kind, she gratefully expanded my....opportunity to fix things for her and be there for her.  The idea that she would need to be there for me was beyond not only her observation but capacity to understand.  So, when I left, she treated it as an attack on her, rather than what it really was...self respect.

So, now, we move to a workplace that hired me for my ability to adapt quickly, solve problems, and fill in to whatever emergency presented itself.  And, that is how it went.  Very quickly, I was not only tasked to fill in for a dozen different types of plants, when needed but was designated as the new system tester, back invoice payer, and much more.  And, each time I did well (as I always do), they knew that they had someone that could fix what they needed fixed and be there for them, wherever and for whatever they needed, and that began the downward spiral to finally being put in the most complex roles without backup, training, or assistance, while shouldering all the responsibility and blame, so that they could do other ..funner.. things, without a second of concern about how it was impacting myself or my family.  As I saw a cliff coming in the work plan and knowing what it would mean for my family and my future to be associated with it, I gave my notice and ...right up to the last day...continued to resolve this massive analytical burden that no one else was shouldering.  And, in the end, I was criticized for leaving...even though I gave them a month's warning to prepare...because I was no longer going to be there for them, even though they had YET to be there for me.

Sound familiar?  So, this week, as I have been looking for work, I have done some real soul searching on what it means to have a career and/or happiness.  I say and/or happiness, because they are not often the same.  I read a book some years ago called Choosing to Cheat ...while I was in seminary of all places.  The gist of the book was this.  No one has the time or ability to be all things with all of their strength and soul.  We are finite beings with limited resources.  For every increase at work, there must be a decrease at home.  For every increase at home, there must be a decrease at work, and so on.  However, all are important.  Therefore, the key to life is being ok to CHEAT yourself in one or all of those areas.  But, you need to start by asking, what is important to you.

Without giving too much of La La Land away, that is a message of the movie.  You can have success in your career, or you can have a happy home, but you cannot fully have both to the max.  So, you have to determine what is important to you and adjust accordingly.

Therefore, I don't consider it as failure to be leaving a higher paying job for what will probably be a lower paying one, if it provides me the opportunity to spend time with my loving wife and family that care much more for me than that job ever did.  In fact, it would be a failure to miss that for a paycheck, and as the years went on, it would become more apparent.

So, take a few moments and consider how you spend your life.  Are you investing the majority of your time and energy in what will lead you to what makes you happy?  Or, will you "succeed" one day at reinforcing your misery.  Your life is in YOUR hand, and you cannot blame anyone else for your choices or lack thereof.

So, choose wisely.

Run My Own Life May Fitness Challenge

Welcome to my first monthly fitness challenge for Run My Own Life fitness media.  It won't be my last.  I intend to start doing this on a monthly basis and to step up my sporatic fitness posts into a daily, full fledged fitness inspiration mini-web, starting in May 2017 with this first challenge.

For those that don't know me or are new to me, I began in August 2016 to separate my fitness interests, activities, and inspirational postings into a separate Instagram - Runlifekwc - and have spent the last 9 months feeling out my direction with my web presence.  At first, I created a separate blogger account for fitness, but I discarded that due to the time needed to maintain a separate account and the fact that I didn't have a daily focus upon which to post and build.  That is changing, now, but I feel that it is a better fit as an element of the greater Forward to Happiness focus that I have, since establishing a fitness routine will lead to better health, better energy, better confidence, and a better life, as well.  

Just as my entire website has just undergone a massive update, my fitness web is about to do so, as well, and here is the plan, as it sits now (of course I am going to be following the Lowe's theme of Never Stop Improving for my site that is something more original to the very concept of fitness, through the ages.

1.  Websites - As stated, above, I have a longstanding instagram that will continue to grow.  A few weeks ago, I created a twitter account of the same name and same fitness focus (click on the link to follow).  In 3 weeks, it has already reached about 300 followers.  That is where you can find the most recent fitness posts and tweets, though the Instagram is a close second.  Third is going to be this website.  Starting in May, I will be posting updates to this page on a routine basis.  I would like to say on a daily basis, but I think that would be too much to maintain, so go to the Twitter and Instagram pages for daily, though the twitter feed will be live on this page, as well.  However, I will be doing at least 2 posts a week (midweek and weekend) to chart my own fitness progress, tips, and inspirational items, as well.  I will be creating a tab on this page for these posts, so you can see them all in one place.

2.  Challenges.  This is a new thing for me to do, and I don't even know how this will grow over time.  It will kinda depend on what works and what doesn't.  However, starting in May, I am beginning with a daily challenge.  #summeriscoming as they say, that the weather is fitting for is a good time to amp up your program and fulfill those fitness resolutions you made at the start of the year (and after ever big meal ha).  Fitness covers a wide and diverse field of activities.  For me, it started with running, and I will keep that as my main focus.  However, I..personally...can't run every day.  Hats off to those that can, but my aging muscles rebel if I try to do that.  So, I added into my routine #yoga but, while that worked for stretching out my muscles and is important for peace and balance (thus remaining in my program) I wanted more activity on non run days, as well.  So, I added in Leg Lifts and a little abs work.  Yet, I want to step it up a notch.

So, starting May 1st, I will be using the Sworkit app for both my Yoga and my Cardio workouts, and I would recommend it to others to use, as well.  However, it is not required for my challenge.  My challenge is pretty basic.  Here it is....

For the month of May, I challenge my followers to do at least 5 minutes of exercise, every day.  I will be doing much more of that, but don't feel you have to keep up with it.  Indeed, my own fitness activities will be surpassed by many of those out there, as I am not a hard body, super-diet, gym body, and I can't run a marathon or even a half marathon, and I don't really want to.  I want to promote a fitness program that the average person can fit into their lifestyle...and still enjoy their life.

So, start with a 5 minute commitment.  It can be using a fitness app (sworkit allows you to enter how long you want to exercise and gives you activities for that time frame), or it can be as simple as using something like a fitness band or simple leg lifts, standing or laying down, before you nod off to sleep.  Of course, I encourage you to increase that over time, as I have done and continue to do (up to 4 miles each run time, now, which has taken me some time to get to doing).  

At this time, I can't afford to offer any medals, as I am also not charging any fees for my coaching, but you can freely donate to me, here, if you so desire (anything is appreciated).  But, I can offer you more confidence, better health, and a direction toward the body you desire to have.

So, to continue, as I said, starting May 1st, I will be using Sworkit for my non running fitness, days.  There are several reasons for that.  First, it is one of the FEW fitness apps I have found out there that allows you to track BOTH Yoga AND Cardio fitness.  Second, as you can see in the beginning picture of this blog post, you can select what type of exerise you wish to do, then, you can customize it and select the time amount you desire to do for that type of cardio, yoga, or stretching (It fills in the time period with a suffle of the items you choose to fit the period, though I believe you can shut off shuffle, as well).


All you have to do is select customize.  Then, you can select the programs that you desire in your fitness program for it to use and save it as a custom fitness program.  Once you do that, you can select your customized plans from the star icon at the bottom of the first page, as you go into the app, where you can, also, if you so desire, commit to a full fledged fitness routine that takes you through 6 weeks, 3 times a day, program, which you could also do for this challenge.

But, whether you follow along and use this app for yourself or choose your own methods, follow along with my social pages to see my progress and get fitness meme's or tweets to help you follow your path to a happier you.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Trump Making Tea MAKERS Party Happy, While Villagers Unite

Once upon a time, we had this Republican move that caught my attention, and I found myself impressed by it's ability to cause people to think for themselves and stand for themselves.  It was called the Tea Party, and it was explicitly created to stand for the little guy, referencing back to the time when the Colonies would dump their tea in the sea out of the ships, rather than drink it for big business.  So, the story goes, this party would push for the little guy to stand against the establishment, and it would stand for freedom and liberty and the American Way.

Well, what has happened to the GOP and that tax party movement?  Today, we saw the President's new tax plan...yeah, the President that the tea party helped to elect....and what is the summary of EVERY news source upon looking at it?  It benefits the rich, and it eliminates deductions for the poor.  Indeed, this accountant saw that very clearly in just one element of the tax plan, which was not even the element that most paid attention changed the 7 tax brackets into 3 tax brackets.

And so, the simpleton conservative says....hey, 3 is less than 7, so taxes are reduced.  Well, let's walk through that, and we don't even need the exact breaking points of those 3 groups to do it.  I will do it graphically with dashes...



So, now, look above.  3 is INDEED less than 7, so a wider range is covered by the same tax rate.  So, for those that WERE in the OLD 7 step tax brackets, it means they will pay LESS than they used to to get down to the averaged larger tax bracket, while those that WERE in the lower ones will pay MORE in the averaged tax plan.  For example, the OLD B is now paying the rate of C (a reduction), and the OLD D is paying the wider averaged rate of C, as well (an increase).  So, with perspective, those that MAKE MORE will pay LESS TAX, while those that MAKE LESS will pay more of it to fund the tax breaks of the rich.  How...anti - Robin Hood....

I don't think that Trump and the GOP want to keep referencing the Revolutionary Fathers, because they were poor people that were protesting against the rich English living in their land, and just like EVERY rich despot in history, it eventually leads to a peasant revolt, and the next elections will not be kind, as those voters come to regret voting for their own loss of healthcare or benefits and tax increases, while the rich line their pockets with gold.  As the saying goes...fool me once, shame on you.  Food me twice, shame on me.  And, I don't anticipate the Republicans winning any more elections by pissed on constituents in the near elections.

I honestly think we are sitting in a historical cycle that can last be seen in the period leading up to FDR and the New Deal that put democrats in charge of the government for an entire generation...indeed, they had to change the constitution to keep that Democrat from serving more, because he was not only loved but respected by the little people that he spent his service trying to protect and benefit.

I look forward to our new FDR to come, and the generation to follow.

My Week in Review (notes on employment, relationships, and fitness)

I am going to start doing personal, weekly, blogs on to serve for all of my blogs. 

So, this week has begun with an ongoing declaration of independence from a job that has become the strongest cautionary experience of my career life.  I don't need to go into specifics, but it all boils down to a few principles that I have seen repeatedly in business in America growing.  Most companies, however, only have the beginnings of these flaws, while the company I am leaving had perfected them.  The new, young workers that start working there do not know it is supposed to be any different.  I have the advantage, however, of not only experience in GOOD companies but an MBA of training on what management is supposed to be.  And, that is the reason I am leaving, not for my inability to perform. Indeed, I was given the most complex plant to "fix" and was offered 10,000 to remain for just a few more months.  However, after bringing forth my concerns and objections a month prior to giving my notice, I saw management shelve them, as they had bought me with the bonus offer and felt no need to improve, and I saw us running toward the end of a cliff with very preparation for that....and looking ahead, I felt that it would only hurt my career to remain through that.

As it turns out, I was right to be concerned that my association with that company had already hurt my career.  As I started meeting with staffers and recruiters, I kept hearing, " are from THAT company.  We have heard of them."  As to how it hurts my employment opportunities, I would point to something said by one of the staffers in an interview a few weeks ago and something I heard, yesterday.  A few weeks ago, one of the staffing company reps I met with said, "There is discussion around town about that company, and we are all trying to determine if it is the COMPANY or the employees that is causing it to fail."  Then, yesterday, the hiring official said, "I lost some people to that company, because they were offered more money, but those people were not quality workers, anyway."

And, it's true that there were low quality people there with me....not only in the lower ranks but the upper ranks, as well.  The reason in part for this is that it is a new company into that industry, and they are still trying to work out the bugs in their procedures.  Being new, they couldn't attract the highest quality employees, so there were many that were NOT very good at their job, mixed into those like myself that were hired to balance out the inexperience and ignorance in the staff, and at first...that was attractive.  Come in and be the shining example of talent and rise up in the ranks to management, quickly.  I was estimating being in management there in 6-8 months, and I could have had it.  However, I didn't consider a few points, and I want to list them, here, for others that could be falling into the same passive controlling trap.

-Narcissists, who have a high value of themselves but don't want to put for the effort to learn or act, SEEK OUT others to do things for them.  I have seen this in my past marriage to someone similarly self-centered, but I have also seen that relationships and work share the SAME principles and outcomes.

-While lack of preparation by workers is difficult, lack of preparation and self-training by managers is paralyzing and suicidal.  You can only do so much as a worker, and, if management is not living up to their own responsibilities but are pushing them down the chain to the lowest members to blame for failure, it is a formula for failure, as they will take credit for every good and blame the bottom for every bad.

-Consider the management style.  When I was learning my MBA, I learned about the sectors of management style, and which industry was fitting for each.  Just because something is a successful management style in one area does not mean it would work in another.  A military environment, for example, is most effectively run on command and unquestioned obedience (of course the commanders must be trained and experienced to make this work, also), but outside of that or another civil service job like police or firefighting, the OTHER work environments need POSITIVE rewards to not only effectively run a work environment but keep employees.  People want to feel that they are respected...not only as a worker but as a human being, but many managers, today, have adopted a.... I am higher than you so you do what I say ...mentality demanding unquestioned response and audit the behavior of those under them.  But, in a work environment, this is the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.  As a manager, you are tasked with the responsibility of the tasks carried out by those under you, but if those under you do not feel respected or feel appreciated, they will not feel inspired to do well and may leave the job to find other places they are, which will lead to task failure and the blame must go somewhere.  If this blame is pushed down, as well, people will definitely leave, and the cycle goes downward to destruction.

-Consider the REST of your life and what is important.  Work life balance, contrary to this company's perception and much of industry, is not an excuse or distraction.  It is LIFE.  While it is true that many spend more hours at their job than their home, I know of very few that are living for work.  Instead they are working to live.  In my own life, my salary paid or work done is a FAR way down on my priorities than the happiness of my wife, my kids, or myself; and, if that work create obstacles for that priority, I must will all eventually.  Work either provides a happy life, or it leads them to seek another job.

And so, I have put in my declaration of independence and have left the company (and couldn't resist singing Les Miserables songs in the process).  The reactions I got from many is my next point.  Upon putting in my notice, the others that were unhappy at the job, while being happy that I was "escaping" from it, was SHOCKED I did so without another job to take it's place.  This is a very popular reaction, and I have seen it a lot over time.  Indeed, many companies DO consider it a bad sign, when it SHOULD be seen as a good one...the employee knew enough to not want their record tarnished by a bad company.  However, just consider this from a relationship perspective (recall I said they share the same principles and outcomes).  How would you view someone in a relationship that had reached their breaking point in the relationship and said, "Well, I don't want to be without a relationship, so I will just stay this bad one and start trying out new ones till I find a better fit; and, then, I will leave."  I would HOPE that everyone would reject that mentality...though it does appear to be growing in many relationships, as well.  It's called cheating.  When I knew my last marriage was over, I left...I didn't shop around while in a bad relationship.  That is because it is a two step process.  1.  finding what doesn't work for you and leaving it.  2.  Finding what does work for you.  If you are looking for 2 as a replacement for 1, you are going to be more apt to accept ANYTHING as a replacement, and that can lead to another relationship or career failure.  You have to follow your self respect out the door and into what you deserve, instead, even if on the way to the new solution you have to work little jobs (or date around, after leaving) till you find it.

Magically, the universe seems to be smiling on my decisions (see my Godwitch Tumblr).  Leading up to my departure, I draw a card from my Tarot deck several times that was moving out of rough waters into calm ones.  Then, after leaving, last night, I drew three cards from the deck...all from different parts in the deck as I felt led to go to them and placed them down without interpreting them,yet.  Then, I felt led to open my Bible and was led to Psalms and chapter 78 and verse 23.  It is in the middle of 3 verses, where the people were nervous about following God, but he "gave a command to the skies above and opened the doors of the heavens" ...which was read just as a storm began outside.  Then, I read the cards, and they all...all from different suits...were interpreted that now was the time for stability and balance in your life.  Basically, go forward, it will unfold as it should for happiness.  And, so I look forward to the days to come as I see how that will be fulfilled.

But, all of this change has not slowed my fitness goals.  This month, I had, already, increased my per run goal from 3 miles to 3.5 miles, but the last week I have started doing daily exercise of some kind, even if only leg lifts at the end of the day with my Core Performer or Yoga, and that has strengthened my running muscles, leading to my ability to handle longer distances more often.  Yesterday, I increased that to 4 miles, and I am going to try to keep doing that distance in the runs to come.

Now, while I am a running blogger by definition...I run and I blog, I am not one of those hard body, super diet, people with fast running times.  If that is what you are looking for, you will face disappointment.  My goal in my Run Your Own Life Instagram, Twitter, and blog is not to replace your life with another slave master, telling you what you have to do, but to show how you can integrate fitness into a normal life, will see on my Lifestyle Instagram a LOT of pictures of alcohol, foot, and pleasure.

So, that is my week in review.  I will do another one telling how things are going, next week.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trump the Global Isolationist? (cutting American aid to push global fascism)

As I was watching the French election unfold and was hearing a lot from our "isolationist" President declaring who he wants in office as the French President, I couldn't help but reflect on the hypocrisy of our  I think that more people need to wake up and notice this, so I am writing a  blog about it, to that end.

Who STILL thinks that Trump is an isolationist that wants to pull back from the world and fix all of our problems.  Indeed, everything he has done to date proclaims the opposite.  He proposes cutting food, healthcare, environmental, educational, and other aid from OUR people, so that he can increase his "big stick" military, that he has so far used to pound Syria, pound Afghanistan, and threaten North Korea, all while telling our country that we need to establish trade agreements with Russia and China and other extremist countries.  Then, he goes twitter happy to condemn Australia, Germany, and others not politically aligned with himself.

And, so we get to the French election, where Trump has HIMSELF got involved in trying to help Le Pen to win the French election.  Now, to be fair, centrist governments around the world and Obama, himself, has fallen behind Macron, but since when have they claimed to be isolationist or America only?

So, we get to the truth in the matter.  Trump is not interested in Americans.  If he did, he wouldn't be cutting their taxpayer aid to use for the military, and he would be trying to represent ALL Americans...even liberals and democrats.  However, Trump is not particularly interested in what the polls show America wants or listen to what they need.  He is only interested in promoting fascism, in this country and around the world.

And, so we are back to Nazi Germany's Alliances and another history lesson.  We hear "Hitler" so often and about Nazi Germany that we forget the pattern of how their alliances happened.  Yes, just like America, Hitler ran on a make Germany great again.  Just like America, they took control of the markets and said what could and couldn't be used to make products, and their car industry (that currently makes BMW) was nationalized...something that the LAST GOP President (Bush) was able to do with our cars, before leaving the White House with government investments in car companies and banks, as well.  And, just like Trump, Hitler ran on a message that he was just interested in Germany.  But, what happened...well...he started meddling in other nations...

"Once Hitler gained control of the government, he directed Nazi Germany’s foreign policy toward undoing the Treaty of Versailles and restoring Germany’s standing in the world. He railed against the treaty’s redrawn map of Europe and argued it denied Germany, Europe’s most populous state, “living space” for its growing population. Although the Treaty of Versailles was explicitly based on the principle of the self-determination of peoples, he pointed out that it had separated Germans from Germans by creating such new postwar states as Austria and Czechoslovakia, where many Germans lived.

"From the mid- to late 1930s, Hitler undermined the postwar international order step by step. He withdrew Germany from the League of Nations in 1933, rebuilt German armed forces beyond what was permitted by the Treaty of Versailles, reoccupied the German Rhineland in 1936, annexed Austria in 1938 and invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939. When Nazi Germany moved toward Poland, Great Britain and France countered further aggression by guaranteeing Polish security." - History Channel

Now, every historical event and person is different, but the patterns follow the same paths and reach the same destinations.  When Germany only Hitler started eying control of the world, he began a path of working behind the scenes to influence leaders that he COULD control and attack those he couldn't...sound familiar?  The Rightist government of that time is following the Rightest governments of this time.  The only difference is that THIS time, we are not there to stop it but have become a part of the Fascist New World Order attempting to be made.

But, at least we have elections...well, until they become a threat to Trump's plan, and he starts making anti-Trump speech a threat to the national security....a line he has already toe'd over a few times, such as demanding Twitter reveal a critic of his policy's identity.

We live in amazing times, when such events can happen.  Who would have predicted just a few years ago that the land of the free and home of the brave from which the statue of liberty proclaimed freedom of ideas to the world would, now, be attacking that freedom throughout the globe.  But, in such amazing times, there is always a counter that brings the world back to sanity.  That was the USA in the 40s, and I pray that we become that voice, again.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Father of Lies

Why would anyone believe Trump on anything?  I cannot think of anyone that has more closely earned the title "father of lies" than him.  This week, we learned that when he was supposedly sending a battle group to fight North Korea he was, in fact, sending it in the opposite direction.  But that fits for a President that said he was going to build a wall that would not cost us anything, was going to provide more health coverage than Obama care, was going to reduce taxes on everyone, and said Hillary was under investigation by the FBI, Obama was wiretapping his house (and microwave), and that his administration was known for caring for the environment, even ad he cut federal aid to the agencies safekeeping it.

But, sure as anything, the "church" in America will keep declaring this confirmed liar a holy agent sent by God to... I guess kill Muslims and start wars, because that seems to be all he has accomplished.  The more the established church stands behind this man that expressly rejects love and pretty much every commandment of God, the more they confirm their faith is a lie, how easily they are sold, and that I am right to live my faith apart from them.  Maybe that is why twice as many people call themselves Christian in this country without going to church than those that go to a building to be told how to think.

Facts are facts, though, and the easiest way to decide liars from the true is action, so keep your eyes open, as things unfold.

Rock Running Playlist 1

Amazon finally changed something that I missed from Spoitify.  You can finally share playlists, so others can use them, as well.  I have also created a new running playlist, and I have decided to stop naming them after the month I made them in and instead based on the style of music.  So, I pressent RUNLIFEKWC Rock Playlist has a lot of classic rock on it and a few new songs and it flows very well...tested it, today, in my run this morning.  

Also, Amazon Prime music is no longer a members only program.  NON- Prime members can get it for only $9.99 a month, without having to pay for the prime membership for the streaming music, and just like Spotify, you don't have to buy the songs...just that fee and you can not only stream the music but download the songs and playlists to your phone in a wifi spot to listen, whenever...


Earth Day 5k Virtual Run

Today is Earth Day, and to celebrate and support it, I am running the Earth Day 5k run.  You can join me in running it by clicking above...medals are still available and will be mailed out within a few days of your run.  It is only 17 dollars, and 15 percent goes to the Wild Earth Allies fund, and you can do as I will do and run it with the Charity Miles #runningapp and select one of their many charities supporting the Earth and those within it. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

National Security Risk by Buying STEEL? Fascism birthing.

So, on my way home from work, I see this news story pop up on my Washington Post news app...

"The Trump administration has launched an investigation into whether foreign imports of steel compromise U.S. national security, a step towards fulfilling a campaign promise of cracking down more severely on the unfair trading practices of countries like China.

"President Trump gathered with steel industry executives and press in the Oval Office Thursday to sign a memo directing the Commerce Department to expedite the investigation, which was officially launched Wednesday night. Trump called the signing 'a historic day for American steel and, most importantly, for American steelworkers.'" Washington Post

Get that?  Yup...somehow, an American...NON GOVERNMENT company having the choice to buy STEEL from a company in another country....ANY other a threat to national security.  Uh huh...

I actually predicted this right after the election, as I saw the fast upramp to the creation of a fascist country, and I started thinking through the mental dominoes that...invariably by all fascist countries over time....Hitler, Mussolini, etc.. takes place, as the dictator starts on their quest to make Germany, Italy, or even the USA great again.  In order for any leader to fulfill a promise to make America great again, it necessitates the power to control all factors in that nation and, thus, control that nation.  So, of course, they must be able to control the citizens right to buy whatever they want, and of course they wrap it in the flag of "national security," even as they take away the freedom that flag represents.

Today, it is STEEL that must be controlled for "national security" and, tomorrow, it will be the freedom for the press or the people to speak out in favor of Muslims or against the President, because...of course..if they speak out against Trump, it could rally others against him and he would see that as a threat to HIS National Security..or his security as being President.

So, I had to write this blog, so that it doesn't go unnoticed, even if it IS buried in the news under much less important stories....or much flashier distractions so you don't notice that the US President just demanded that non government workers follow his orders, so doing...make the entire population under submission to our Supreme Leader Trump.  Ugh.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

News Review: The War President Playing Risk With the World

I would lead by saying ...what a week with Trump in the White House, but has it not hit everyone, yet, that this is how EVERY week will be with him in the White House?  We have a President that, before Presidency, wanted all eyes on him, and he did extreme and controversial things just to be notice and to pump his ego.  So, it should come as no surprise, when President Trump is doing the same thing.

A few of the things from this week worth noting, along our decline toward the end of the nation...which a growing segment of society is realizing and joking that we should enjoy Easter, as it may be the last one, or SNL having Baldwin Trump telling his Vice President that his Presidency is coming to an end.  When the actor playing the VP says that he has a lot more days to go, Baldin-Trump asks him if he didn't see his North Korea tweets and saying the nation will all be over, soon.

Indeed, it is sad that we now, have a President that is so extreme that we have Russia and Iran as more diplomatic on Syria (calling for an International investigation of the Syrian gas charges), and a North Korea government more level headed ..

"North Korea’s vice foreign minister said that Trump was 'becoming more vicious and more aggressive' than previous presidents and that this was only making matters worse.
'Trump is always making provocations with his aggressive words,' Han Song Ryol told the Associated Press in an interview in Pyongyang."

Indeed, it seems to be the perception of every world power around the world that Trump is a madman with his finger on a trigger, and who can blame them.  Since before even being elected, he was promoting building a wall to protect us from non-existent invaders, and his budget cut almost every social program, so he would have a big army and start wars around the world.  I am starting to think that Trump loves to play Risk or Command and Conquer, and he is so happy to have his opportunity to take on the world.  In one week, he has sent Cruise missiles into SyriaDropped a 'big beautiful bomb' (per Fox News) on Afghanistan, and sent an Aircraft Carrier group to threaten North Korea.  But, hey... this is according to a well thought out military plan, right? 

So I said, we’ve just launched 59 missiles, heading to Iraq,” Trump said in an interview, before being corrected by a reporter. he didn't even remember which country he bombed, he was just happy he got to bomb someone. 

All I can say after this week and at Easter?  God help us.

Generational Demise .. Enabling Parents & a Narcissistic Nation

I was already putting together a blog on conservatives states attacking liberal states they fluently use, when my children provided me a link to everyday life, as well, of which most parents can relate.  Spoiled children demanding things of their providers.

So, today is Easter..or Ostere (within the Spring Equinox season of rebirth and new hope), and we decided to be extra good for our kids and gave them Easter baskets a day early, yesterday.  Aside from the criticism of the baskets having the toys in them tied down to hard, they eventually thanked us and went their way.  So, this morning, my love and I went out to see Fate of the Furious and a little coffee and Barnes and Noble time.  When we got back, the kids were upset that we had not done an Easter egg hunt.

Now, I rarely speak in critical and raised voice to my kids, but this elicited a non-loud but still stern criticism about the kids needing to be more grateful...noting that our kids have it WAY better than we did as kids, and they needed to respect the parents that were providing them ANYTHING, rather than demanding more.  Indeed, it reminds me of Harry Potter, where Dudley was complaining about only having 36 presents, instead of the 37 from the year before, and absolutely yelling at his dad for it.  Watch here...

While this is an extreme example for effect, it provides a visual example of what I am talking about, and it has, actually, presented an explanation of a question that I have been having....namely, how is it that we have SO MANY narcissists, today.  Think about it.  Kids are growing up in households of Enabling Parents (a label I just thought of that I think should be more used) that spend ALL their time trying to make the kids happy.  Indeed, EVERYTHING and EVERY FREE MOMENT in these houses are spent on exactly this.  Why can't mom and dad go on a date?  Well, the KIDS need our attention and to shuttle them around.  No they don't.  I didn't get half of the attention that my kids do from me growing up, and do you know what it taught me?  Self reliance and the ability to deal with my own responsibilities...a life skill that has taken me far.  Now, I am not preaching neglect or abuse, either, and my own father walked the fine line on that front.  However, there is an extreme in the other direction that can have an even deeper injury to the child, since a spoiled child not only develops an over-sensitivity to perceived "wrongs" of simply having to take care of themselves, but they ALSO fail to develop needed confidence and ability that will affect the whole rest of their lives.

And, this lesson fit perfectly into what I was thinking about conservatives.  I have grown VERY weary and irritated at the conservative condemnation of all things and people "liberal" and "Democrat."  Every election shows the divide in states by politics very clearly.  The center of the country votes red (republican and a good color as it is the color of anger), and the coasts vote Blue or Democrat, and the Republicans are pissed about that and rail about the horrible liberals that are destroying their country..... as they drink their California wine or wear their New York fashion or watch their New York tv shows or cheer for their Boston sports team, or go to their HOLLYWOOD movies.  Indeed, a lot of the conservatives are wanting to go to war, inspired by a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE of war and terrorism...and, then, they condemn the culture and people that made the movie.  Or they go to the ballet or enjoy art at the museum or music, but condemn the sexual orientation choice of those that made those productions or designed their clothes or styled their houses. 

Does this sound familier?  Yup, it is the spoiled kids that demanded their parents meet their every desire and demand...the kids that failed to appreciate or respect the parents, yet demanded they give them what they desire even as they criticized the method it was given.  So, these kids that were taught by parents that they were the center of attention and could tell their providers what to do, grew up into adults that feel entitled to receive from their relationship partners or other states the benefits they desire, even as they feel free to condemn or be critical of the way in which they were given.

As brains are set by the time kids reach adulthood, this is probably a lesson that will fail to be able to be corrected in this time period.  The formerly spoiled kids will continue to be spoiled adults and tell EVERYONE what they are doing wrong in giving them their "due"..however, I hope that this reaches a few parents out there to make the change were it CAN be received....with our children.  Maybe the next generation will have more empathy and care and there will be a little more "social" in our society.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Being a Victim vs an Accomplice

Once upon a time, I took a class in "victimology" that was a sociology course that studied the concept of being a victim and applications that it took form in doing so.  It's one of those courses that took prior knowledge, added society statistics and philosophy publications and just asked you to think about it and develop your own opinions on it.  I love those kind of classes, because they develop you as a person and teach you the skills to keep learning, throughout your life.

Of course, I do have my own applications from my own life, but I don't need to mention them to get across the point, because I am sure that we all have examples of both where we have been victimized and had others claim to be victims, and we have seen were some were valid and some where mentally created.  Some claim to be a "victim," and they are just lazy or lack commitment or desire.  Indeed, some complain about the wrappings in which a gift come or the manner in which an sacrifice is made, while others know REAL limitations of which they have no choice in the matter.  Some cannot help but make adjustments to their expectations and lifestyles, no matter all the ...."all things are possible"...and.."the only thing limiting you is you"  ...quotes that are abundant, online.  This is especially true when it comes to trying to change other people. You cannot believe that others should change, and you really shouldn't be trying to change them.  They are who they are, and if that is not good for you, then you should leave.

And, that is where this post comes into play.  You DO have the pen in your hand for your own future, and that pen is CHOICE.  There is the very old saying that says, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."  History.  People show you who they are.  Now, BEFORE that was displayed, you have the complete excuse that you just did not know who they were.  However, AFTER that has been displayed, we all face a line upon which we become liable for our own abuse, if we were able to leave and choose to remain, whether that be at a workplace or in a bad friendship or relationship.  At some point, you take some of the BLAME for the evil that is done to you, by just ALLOWING it to be done to you without using your power to remove yourself from the situation.

However, some worship suffering, and they willingly subject themselves to it.  Indeed, they will not only proclaim that it is "christ-like" to endure the situation, but they often start juding anyone else that found freedom.  I have known this judgment, myself, as I left a toxic past marriage and sought happiness with the days that I had on the earth with someone that actually loved me.  And, what did I get from the church?  Condemnation that I was leaving that suffering.  Even as I met someone that I did love and found more and more happiness, the bitterness of some became too toxic for me to have around me, as their apparent ANGER at my happiness was threatening that happiness, and since they could not rejoice in my joy, I found less reason to call them friends or family than opponents. 

However, people don't change, and those that abused your nature or those that judge you for it will continue justifying themselves, often pointing to the Bible as their foundation for their judgment and proclaiming their anger "righteousness" and your joy (whether in new marriage or gay marriage or whatever) "sin."  I tend to think that the God that proclaimed the whole law about love would disagree.

People will be who they are, and some will consider themselves "victims" for even not being allowed to bind and condemn you publically, and certainly they are free to express their opinion (and they certainly will), but that does not mean you have to be buried in unhappiness to gain their approval.  This Easter, let the haters put their association with you to death, so you can rise again into the new life of joy without them.  It will be a much better New Life, on the other side.

My April Product Pics

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

History vs Hope? Learning From the Past

I am in the process of quitting my job...gave my two week notice, yesterday.  Odd way to start off this blog?  Well, actually, it inspired it a little.  I won't go into details of the company or their failures.  However, the part that is directly related to this article is my failure to make my decisions on FACTS or HISTORY but relied upon unfounded hope.

It is not the first time that I have made this mistake, and it probably won't be the last.  However, I CAN say that I am getting better at it.  When I was at IBM, years ago, I remember a public training video about their artificial intelligence program called Watson in which the creators of it said that they taught watson to learn as we learn in that it not only learned from successes but that it learned from the failures, as well, and didn't repeat them.  I remember, after that video, thinking about that and saying with a laugh that I wish I was more like a "human" in that case, because I spent too much time re-visiting the same errors.  It took me a LONG time to finally divorce my ex, and the longest part of that was spent in repeated failures to get what I needed to be happy, all the while trusting my hope that it would improve over the history that she had given me.  I don't expect that I am alone in that type of failure.

This has been present in the job that I am leaving.  Indeed, when I TOOK the job, they told me of the challenges of the business and how little they knew of how to fix them.  However, I HOPED that this would change and that I would be able to create something out of nothing...without any knowledge of what that would be or how I would get there.  Well, of course I could not do that.  It was a foolish and prideful assumption to believe that I could solve what a room of those with more experience and less  resources had solved to that point with no factual basis upon which to base that hope.  The end conclusion is exhaustion, failure, and depression, and that final state describes...I believe... EVERY failed relationship that was based on hope over facts.

History is king.  History is not the enemy of hope, and it shouldn't really BE a question of if you rely upon history or hope.  Indeed, history is the only BASIS of hope of outcomes or options.  But, you don't have history, until you try.  So, you launch out with a plan.  You assess how it worked and where it failed, ....LEARN and try again.  Henry Ford said, "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently," but that is not true, if you refuse to listen to the lesson.  Tonight, my TV time with my love was The Edge of Tomorrow, where Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt play in a scifi movie, where Tom Cruise has been given a gift in a battle with an alien of being able to re-set the day, each time he died, and apply the lessons he learned to the next attempt at living it.  A fitting movie for me to watch, as it turns out with this blog.

So, if there is a lesson I would have you take from this blog, it would be this.  Don't base your hope upon your desire for something to be true, and don't accept the words of anyone (whether a relationship partner or boss or even President) as to how it will be or how it will improve.  Words are kinda irrelevant.  If they are true, they are unnecessary, because the actions will prove the change, and if they are not true, they only deepen the wound.  So, whatever you desire...and I do want you to follow your desire...stay aware of not only the goals but the road or vehicle you are in to take you there, always watching to see if it will END with your desire or a waste of time.  If it is the second, cut your losses and redeem as much of the time to invest in a truly happy future.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Waiting to Hear What I Believe ... Fascist Morals

I was having a Twitter conversation the other day with someone that first was declaring Trump God's man, because she had prayed for him to be President. When I said I prayed to and yet Trump became President against it, she switched to declare Trump the solution to a country that left the beliefs of the founders.  So, I questioned if the founders that wrote the first amendment protections of free speech and religion would like limiting both if the person was liberal or Muslim.  Then, she abandoned that argument to declare herself a victim for not being able to tell others how they can live their lives.  Get that?  A victim for not being able to control others....

Now, while this is horrible, it is not new and is not surprising.  First... the argument that someone should be "free" to control others was pretty much the whole argument of the Confederates that wanted the "freedom" to have slaves.... the Confederates whose states and decendants just voted to elect Trump.

It is also not surprising to hear her shifting arguments like that.  The conservative movement has lost almost all ability to think for itself ...long before this election...and that started in the Christian Right distortion of church.  This movement has declared to itself that it is not only too hard to think for themselves but not proper.  No... see, they say...

"I am a horrible person (so said the church) and the minister is good because he has a Bible degree.  And, if he says something is God, it has to be."

And, so, we end up with the poor of the community giving to rich pastors to build large buildings and declare it charity.  So, the fascist movement saw an opportunity within this weakness and formed the Christian Right or Moral Majority to use them.  I am not speaking from ignorance but as someone with a degree from the University of one of the Moral Majority founders...Falwell.

See, they figured out that if they declared someone or something political as being not of God or of God that none of their sheep (they call themselves shepherds) would question it.

And it seems to be working very well. The conservative Christian movement elected a confessed adulterer that was not a peacemaker but was rich (all of which Jesus spoke against) and declared him God's man.  Then, they take his plan to cut funds for food and medicine from the poor and give to the rich and declare that righteousness. However, as I said they are in practice of doing this on a weekly basis for their rich pastors and big buildings.

A lot of people on the left focus on our fascist President, but as I have been saying since the election was that if it wasn't Trump it would be another fascist leader at the head of the GOP. ...why?  They NEED someone to tell them what to believe ...their pastor conditioned them to require it.

But, to end with a positive note....another thing I have been saying since the election.  The conservatives have been an opposition party of "victims" for a long time.  They don't know how to operate, otherwise...which is why that woman was declaring to me that her free speech to condemn was being limited by the politically correct.... not realizing with the last election SHE is the PC one limiting others, and we see this from ALL the GOP leaders that are now in power but acting the victim.  Their need to blame and condemn will tear the party apart, and the health care failure is only the first example of that. 

It will be an entertaining thing to unfold the next few years, and hopefully the public will choose a grown up leader next time to actually care for the people under them.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Historical Fiction - Believe What You See

Next lesson in learning to be happy is to not allow yourself to be deceived by those that are using you, because the moment that you start to speak up or protest or complain, they will either spin it to try to blame you for your criticism or will make with false apologies to keep you around.  Why?  It isn't because they actually CARE if you are happy or not.  It is because by complaining or declaring you are going to leave them, you have made a statement that they are unsatisfactory.  This becomes a problem to the classical narcissist, who is focused upon themselves....again, not because you are unhappy but because they refuse to accept criticism of themselves.  They have to act to save are now a challenge for them to "win" and forget upon winning.

I can apply this to both personal experiences with individuals and employers from my past and present (as we all can), as well as the President of the United States..the boy that would be "King" if he could change the title.  I think our beloved dictator, in fact, is DEFINED by this need to compensate for inadequacy.  So far, he has had a few of his appointed positions have to leave the positions for breaking the law, has had executive powers from around the world declare his inexperience and failures, has had his executive orders denounced by the courts and his healthcare plan rejected by even his own party, has the lowest ratings of any President in recent history with only about a third approving of his job, enacted a hiring freeze that has paralyzed the government from acting, is proposing a budget that will cripple the science organizations even as he says he wants to shoot for the moon and fact...cut EVERY organization that he claims will be best in the world making them impossible to even be as good as his predecessor, has increased terrorist organization threats on our country, and has found himself the target of impeachment level investigations into his collusion with a foreign power to rig the US Election.

So, what is his response?

""I think we’ve had one of the most successful 13 weeks in the history of the presidency,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One." - The Hill

Yup...classic narcissist.  Evident failures, but....not only does he think he is doing good enough but is the MOST successful in human history.  This is how it goes with him, and it has been that way, since the beginning.  His wall would be the BEST.  He will have the MOST atomic bombs.  He will have the largest war force.  He cannot be inadequate in his mind.  Shoot, he even spent a month whining about the fact that Hilary Clinton got more votes than he did (something that any NORMAL person would take as a cue to center himself to the voting public but no...he WON, even if only electoral, so he gets to call the shots and decide what is best for the majority that voted against him).  And, when history or the news is against him, it is "fake" and must be replace by his own crafted story of the truth.

Too bad that historians don't write historical fiction but facts, and in the end all people should remember not what they are told or excuses made by those saving face but what actually transpires ...and not just one time but continuous..for how things really are and make life choices from that reality.  Only then will we walk free from shadows of praise and promises to a firm road to a prosperous future.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Abuse of the Naive (Judgment Impaired)

Next topic of discussion is the Naive.  I am putting it mildly to put it as "judgment impaired"...really, I should call them abuse accomplices, because...after a few times of being fooled..they are willing participants in their own abuse.

I am coming to the realization that there are two types of people out there, and each cannot understand each other.  That is why they have gravitated to political parties of those that share their views of people they CAN understand.  The two groups are motivated by two different things.  One is motivated by getting as much for themselves as possible, and the routinely post about working hard to achieve their goals, and the goals are more for themselves....not just money but status and power.  The other group is motivated by care for others and society at large, and they willingly refuse money, power, and status to achieve balance and social interaction.  The first group sees the second group as weak for giving up their dreams for others, and they violently protest the idea that they would have to...for taxes from their "winnings" of their efforts to pay for those that have not worked for them, while the second group sees the first group as mean and heartless and cold.  I tend to fall in the second group.

That said, the point of this article is about the lies each of those groups say to themselves about themselves.  There are on both sides of that spectrum those that believe they stand for principle, when they really just stand for social acceptance, and that is where I differ from both of those groups.  One thing that I have noticed is that the older people get the less they care what anyone thinks about them, and that is when they become more free with their opinions....and that makes for a good social blogger, per say.

Anyway, this week saw several examples of those that lie to themselves.  This week, we began the week with conservatives taking to the airways to say that we could not afford any social programs.  Indeed, the White House of the Trump dictatorship said that he could not ask a widow or coal miner to pay for PBS (which would educate their children), but they could ask for defense in the raised military budget.  Yes....the story was that there simply was not enough money to pay for both the military's 54 Billion dollar military BUDGET increase AND paying for the Endowment for the Arts and Humanities.  Now, that is in my opinion a very poor prioritization of money paid into the government by the people to not fund the people, but it was at least logically sound.  It COULD be a legitimate frame of mind.  HOWEVER, then, we get to the end of  the week, and Congress was challenging the President's tax cuts that he was proposing, and the statement of the President left my mouth open....well...the White House said...the President has always been open to the idea of RAISING THE DEBT CEILING to pay for the tax cuts, and all the greedy people cheered that they wouldn't have to pay for other people in taxes.

HOWEVER, stop and consider for a moment the SECOND statement I just said in context to the FIRST statement they said.  Just this week, the White House was saying there just wasn't enough money to pay for the arts or humanities or meals on wheels or healthcare for the poor.  The money just didn't exist, they were saying, AT THE VERY SAME TIME THEY WERE PLANNING TO RAISE THE DEBT CEILING.  SO....if they were willing to raise the debt ceiling to cut taxes, why would ANY social program need to be cut?

So, then, it is all a lie.  They didn't HAVE to cut a SINGLE program, but they CHOOSE to cut the programs, because they fall into the first group at the start of this post, and the whole time it wasn't about dollars and defense but NOT WANTING TO PAY FOR OTHERS.  The whole time, it has been a calculated way to NOT care and to GAIN for themselves.

Yet....and coming back to the point of this blog post, conservatives were proper puppets of their puppet master and mouthed both sides of the hypocrisy.  First, the conservatives were saying that there wasn't enough money to pay for the poor.  Then, they were saying there WAS enough money to cut taxes on the rich.  Truly, Scripture has it right, when Jesus said that it is near impossible for a rich man to enter heaven, saying, "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." (1 Timothy 6:10)   Truly, the "christian" Church has departed from the words and example of a Jesus that never got a paycheck or built a building but fed and healed the poor to become the temple of the Pharisees that wanted status and position and power and, in fact, attacked those that were hurting and begging for temple money....driving them away from their temples and leaving them poor and alone.  Now, we have big church buildings in the midst of poor communities, and while there is weekly calls from money FROM the poor for their newest temple projects, there is scarcely EVER a word of money going OUT for helping anyone, even those in the church.

Yet, they naively proclaim themselves righteous and the candidate doing God's will, when they really mean their candidate is going to get them more money and a bigger building and more power, and the church of Christ has become the very institution that chanted "crucify him" for simply trying to love.

My prayer this weekend is that the scales of self deceit will fall from their eyes, because until they recognize how lost they are, they will not even seek to leave their abusers and follow the path to redemption.

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