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Sunday, May 28, 2017

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Witnessing the Rise and Fall of a Ratings President

My Coffee is Amazed at Trump too...

So, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that a President that came from a reality TV show would be all about the optics and ratings.  However, I am amused at the naive conservatives and independents that express genuine shock at how Trump is acting, these days.  They are like.... "but he said..." or "why did he do this....or that..." and are absolutely puzzled.  It's not a mystery....optics.  As with any narcissist, he is only interested in how HE would APPEAR, not how he would BE.  The second part is something that is, honestly, irrelevant to him.

So, at first, you would wonder why it would be that Trump would visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican, when he has not been interested in FIXING the problems associated with any of the countries on the list.  For example, he is visiting a Muslim country, while he is going full speed with the appeal to re-institute a ban on Muslims in the country.  He is visiting Israel, while he is advancing Christianity over all other religions in our country, is hosting the Palestinians, and is limiting Jewish owned media organizations in the USA.  He is visiting the Pope, while he is rejecting the Pope's pleas for protecting the environment and giving aid to the poor...indeed...his plan to CUT money for the poor was introduced even as he was on the way to the Pope.

Then, why go to those countries, when there is SO many other places that he COULD visit that have REAL problems that need fixing?  Simple... optics.  He wants to LOOK good.  If he went to a problem area and failed, it would look bad.  However, he can shake hands with religious leaders and, then, proclaim himself a friend to ALL their followers.  He is down in the ratings, and he is doing photo ops to raise them.

Of course, think about any show that has been trendy and started to fall in the ratings.  What happens?  At first, it was new and interesting and people like it.  Then, they get bored and go to other shows, and the FIRST show takes it could you ABANDON me, the show thinks and the stars get jaded.  You can see this in music stars, too, and even church leaders.

As a part of my seminary training, when I was doing that training, I took a course in the history of church movements, and they all follow this cycle.  They proclaim themselves as NEW and FRESH, and they claim that their secret is that you can be however you want to be and not like the old stale rituals.  People like that message of being themselves.  The religious leaders take the increase to be a PERSONAL approval and declare it to be all about the leader, and they create signature products and messages and ways of worship.  Soon, they declare that if you were a TRUE follower, you WOULD do things their way and to do it another way was SINFUL, and so people leave to find NEW and FRESH other churches to follow, leaving bitter angry leaders.

Sound familiar?  This is EXACTLY what we saw with Trump.  He was the NEW and FRESH President to do things different from Obama (who by the way ran on CHANGE from Bush).  People liked the message of change and being able to do things their own way.  Trump took it personal and put his stamp on everything, as he always does.  Soon, however, it got boring, and his numbers dropped.  He is currently at his lowest ratings, anywhere, and more people disapprove of him than approve of him in the country (20 percent more disapproving than approving).  In any other country in the world, this would result in a new election or a vote of no confidence, but our election system is a little archaic for modern times, so we must suffer through 3.5 more years.  However, as his numbers dropped, what has happened to Trump...angry and bitter and blaming everyone and saying that if you were a TRUE conservative, you would do things ONLY his way.  It's nothing if not consistent.

Yet, there is one comfort as we watch the downward spiral.  Ratings are more fickle than the stock market, and I bet you can't even NAME the tv shows you watched two years ago.  Few remember the name of the President before Obama, and the one before him is a mystery to the younger generation.  As horrible as trump is and even with all the damage that he is doing to the country, now, the truth is that within two Presidents and one generation, NO ONE will even remember his name.  They will just say....yeah, that guy that with the Russia scandals, wars, and the biggest ego in history...what a joke.

And, so will be the legacy of the GREAT and POWERFUL OZ-Trump (don't look behind the curtain).


May Product Picks

Hi all... Welcome to my May 2017 product pics page.  I had originally put these on my Pinterest page, but Pinterest is in the middle of changing a lot of features on their page, making the content unavailable for those without Pinterest.  So, I am putting them, here for you to view and select.

While I am using my screen shots from my Pinterest page, the links are for where the products reside.  So, just click the pic to be taken to where you can get it for yourself. 










This Is The Life (Re-Thinking COMPENSATION and Work)

How do you like my new workplace desk?  I like it...a lot, and the things that it brings me to have such a job, and that is the point I wanted to talk to you about, compensation.  First, a short little background about WORK and PAY for work from economic history.

Before we had payment in our society (and historically in every society), we still had an economic system.  Everyone did.  It went something like this... hey, I would like that from you.  How about if I give you something that YOU want in return (either a good or a service)?  Then, over time, that thing they desired was replaced by an item that the person could give others for what they want.  So, if I pay you in gold or a dollar that you can turn around and buy for what you desire, it would work for what I desire.  That is how currency began. forward to the current day, where people have been conditioned into thinking work means a place you go that you don't like to work for those you don't care and don't care for you, away from your home, to earn dollars that...if you have any time left at the end of the day... you can use to pay for bills and maybe a few scraps a month for something you desire.  Where at the start spending your day focused on what you wanted and providing services you liked to enhance your days, it has now become completely reversed so you spend your day focused on what OTHERS want and trying to find a few moments to enjoy yourself.  In pursuit of dollars, we have lost our wealth.

What do I mean by that?  For a long time I was deluded the same way that most of Americans are deluded to think that dollars equals wealth, but dollars are just dollars.  Wealth is what you have, and that is MORE than what can be seen on a balance sheet.  There are NON-MONEY elements to every job, both positive and negative.  For example, some people live in a specific place, because they like that location, and...even though they do the same job as they could in other places it is WORTH more to them.  Some like to work at a movie theater, so they can see free movies.  Some like to work in a clothing retail shop, because they can see what is new that is out.  Personally, I like to drive...I always have liked to drive.  I used to go out and drive for hours just because being behind a wheel with the music going was my peace spot.  So, the fact that I have a job where I can do that is of great wealth to me, as is my ability to set my own schedule, if for example, I wanted to take lunch off with my beautiful lady at a coffee shop, as we have done 2 times in the last week...


..which ...having that time with her... is ALSO of great value to me, even though I can't see it on a paycheck.

Everyone is different.  However, the point I wanted to make in this blog post is just this.  Don't make my mistake and waste decades of your life dedicating most of your life to making OTHERS happy, simply because they offer you dollars for work but are really buying your life, as well.  Take the time to figure out what is important to you, and...if you are like me..that may mean a much less paying job in dollars can result in a much RICHER life in happiness and peace, even if you have to give up some expenses that are not worth the true COST either.  I wish I had learned that a LONG time ago.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A List of Ways Trump is Screwing Conservatives (while they thank him for it)

I have been amazed at how many things conservatives have missed in electing Trump, such as Christian conservatives that ignored his flagrant lust and greed in contradiction to their own Biblical morals.  However, recently, I have been amazed at several ways that Trump's path is going to come back to bite conservatives OWN DESIRES in the future and amazed that they are flat out choosing to ignore it...even with it so obvious.

So, for those that haven't seen it, yet.  Here are a few of the realizations I noticed..

1.  State's Rights - Conservatives love to point to this one...yup.  Whether it be the state's right to discriminate as they see fit, arm themselves to fit their fear, or Biblical doctrine they desire to teach as science, conservatives have rang this state right bell as long as they have been political...indeed, the SAME exact states have been ringing that bell since they claimed the state right to own PEOPLE in the civil war.  However, I don't think they have thought this through.  If we do away with a Federalist system, one thing that goes away WITH it is Interstate Commerce.  I mean....really...I am down for that change, if they want it.  Basically, it means that all the LIBERAL states they condemn would be able to charge a greater TAX on conservative states for the goods and services that they use.  So, New York could charge a higher tax to the midwest for educational materials, artistic productions, newspapers, books, etc, and California could charge more for the midwest to buy movies and wine and such....while the liberal states could pay more for...what exactly?  Plus, the colleges on the coasts could, then, refuse to accept diplomas from those midwestern schools that bypassed educational requirements.  The conservatives would immediately start demanding that they be given equal treatment under....FEDERALISM of protections and accreditations from the very National government they want to destroy.

2.  Government Benefits - This point is very timely, as the news of the night is that tomorrow Trump plans to propose cutting medicaid health insurance and food stamp assistance for the poor.  I don't think conservatives have really paid attention to who USES those benefits.  It's not really liberal states.  My own experience with seeing those benefits being used is by my own relatives and peers IN OKLAHOMA and other midwestern states, and while Trump judges those using them like they are dirty beggers fogging up his window, the majority that I have seen using them have been single mothers and those working their asses off trying to pay their bills and student loans and coming up short...and the large majority of those on them vote....ding ding ding... REPUBLICAN.

3.  And that brings me to my final point of the night...the rich.  Trump was rich before he was President.  Indeed, he got his start with a million dollar gift from his daddy.  He has never cared about the people he was representing, as evidenced by the fact that he picks targets like he is blindfolded with a machete...everyone is expendable but his ego.  But, have conservatives really THOUGHT about how all this will unfold?  Whether Trump gets impeached or not, the more the religious right and conservatives tout the morals of someone that just took grandma's healthcare away, cut the food stamps from their relatives, or insulted the heritage of 10s of millions of immigrants, the more they are marginalizing the rest of their careers.  Trump doesn't CARE if he loses the President.  As I said, he was ALREADY rich and is just making himself RICHER as President to enact policies that will make him money on the backs of everyone else; however, what happens to the REST of the GOP in his wake?  Honestly, I am kinda excited about that, to be honest.  I see us, currently, in the beginning of a historical cycle that in one incarnation led to FDR and the Democrats owning the government for a generation, and I mean...does ANYONE disagree with me on this?  Are YOU planning on voting for MORE cuts to your aid so the rich can get richer off of you?  This can only end one way....the same way that EVERY rich asshole has ever gone down in history.  The only question is how many Republicans fall on his sword and get a footnote in that history book with him.

But...hey... at least watching the conservatives make a fool of themselves praising their President screwing them is entertaining.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Peace, Love, and Freedom

I had a dream... an ironic way to lead this post, but I really did have a dream.  In this dream, I was wandering between lots of people all gathered tightly in a place but in groups, and one large group was people in old military style uniforms and we're engaged in battle, while another segment was protesting the battle and as I looked at them I realized they were the peace, love, and freedom protestors of the 60s-70s. Then, it hit me ... and made me feel a little stupid that I had missed it, having studied history.  We are at the cusp of a history cycle that has repeated, many times .... a period of fascist control and war to be followed by a period of personal freedom and rejection of authoritarian power.  The clearest American example of this in recent history was this movement mid-century, last century.

Actually, the parallels are quite shocking... it's like nothing was learned, so we are having to learn it all, again.  Or, maybe it is just a necessary society cycle in a greedy, capitalism system to remind business and government that PEOPLE matter... lives matter... choices matter.... FREEDOM  matters.
Consider.  How many of these protest themes are valid, today?

... fighting a war thousands of miles away, that have no sign of ending....including against North Korea, again, which pre-dated the peace movement..against Republican military promoting leaders.
...ban the bomb protests, against nuke development and proliferation  (which Trump wants to develop and expand)
...a government. ..indeed...a REPUBLICAN  (same) that is corrupt and is under investigation and where the President fired the FBI leaders investigating him.
...woman groups protesting in the streets, as political groups (again GOP) enact policies that limit their choices and their pay.
...African American protests of racial discrimination and profiling from the police... again, against GOP/Republican opposition.
...protests of government attacks on Freedom of Expression and Choice... such as choosing to burn the flag or sexuality or political philosophy....again... against GOP restrictions on it.

I hope you see the common factor there.  I think Republicans have come into power so slowly that the world forgot the dangers that fascism presents to the citizens or the world.  My hope is that I can see the flickers of this movement igniting, and I look forward to seeing the flame of freedom purifying our nation of the selfish and destructive forces (in government, business, and society) that would devour us to their end and forget us, after.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Runlifemay17 Fitness Challenge Update, busted.  I was planning on doing 2 posts a week for the fitness challenge, and I desire to do that in the future, but this has been a very turbulent week.  As this page is not just for fitness but for making positive life choices, I want to take a few minutes to go through the last several weeks up to..what I now a stable and growing foundation for not only my blog but my life.

As some may know from prior posts, I left my last job at the end of last month.  I am not the type to just leave any job, and I have routinely stayed TOO LONG, in fact, in bad relationships and workplaces and non-friend "friend" associations and such.  I stayed in a toxic relationship with my ex for well over a decade, after I KNEW it was toxic.  I stayed at IBM for over 3 years, after I knew they had hired me to assist on a desk and, instead, gave me that two person job but had added additional tasks, as well, without any plan to give me more assistance.  At least with Sutherland, I didn't wait that long, and I had given them a 2 month notice that I was looking for work and that they should train someone else for the job, but...rather than train anyone else...they took that as a signal that they should give me MORE and to ask me to solve year old problems for them, before they could no longer use me.  So, as I saw a shit storm approaching that I KNEW would be dumped on me, I left.  It was the best decision I have made for my self-respect in a long time.

Of course, being without a job and very little savings to get me through a month, while looking, I have been frantically looking for a replacement income...but here is the different THIS time from the last times I have changed jobs.  I was not content to replace THIS bad decision with another bad decision of which I would have to leave, again.  So, I began re-examining what was important to me.

I guess I am different from a lot of other people.   I remember when I was entering Sutherland, they were all about the money...I would get paid...THIS MUCH.  When I asked about if the managers were trained to assist the employees or what room would be made for personal life, I saw blank stares of the management, as if they had not considered that.  And, when I told them that money wasn't the primary motivation for me in a job, they seemed to short circuit.  Even as I had given them notice that I was going to leave, the response was to get offered a BONUS of 10,000 dollars.  When I inquired about how work was going to change to be better, I got the same blank stares.  They were shocked that MONEY didn't solve everything.  In reality, it has NEVER been a factor for me.

My goal in life, since before I BEGAN college and work...was a happy life with those that I loved that loved me back.  I still do not understand people that want to spend all their time at work and avoid their family.  For me, the purpose of work IS time with the family, and my life is centered around that concept...and influenced my search in a job.

In the end, I was offered a few alternatives.  I had the opportunity to go back to IBM in a contractor position, and I refused it.  I had the opportunity to go into management in companies that would be all about the bottom line (and use me to achieve it), but I CHOSE, instead, a job that I would like doing and that would give me the flexible schedule to spend time with the family, blog, run, and all the other things for which my life SHOULD have been about all the time.  I would recommend you all do such internal evaluation of what you are doing vs what you desire out of life.  Does your road lead you where you want to go.

A lot of people say "mid-life crisis" as if it is a bad thing.  But, as I have gotten older, I have noticed one thing about everyone.  They care less about what others desire of them and say...and do..what they desire for themselves.  It is at THAT stage that those "mid-life crisis" choices, occur, and the end goal of those choices is their own happiness, which should have been the goal from the start.

Choose happiness.  Think about yourself.  No one else will, and few will appreciate (or even notice) the things you give up of yourself for others.  When you get to the end of your life, you are not going to be happy you surrendered yourself for others that barely noticed.  Instead you will be left with regrets.  Better to act now than regret then.  You will be glad you did.

Ok.  Now to to run my day in the challenge.  Hope your fitness program is making you feel better about your progress and yourself.


Runlifekwc May 2017 Running Playlist #2

Check out my running playlist on Amazon Music: Runlifekwc May 2017 #2

Monday, May 15, 2017

Society Lie #3 - It's Selfish to Think about your Happiness (revealing true friends/enemies)

Society Lie #3 - It's Selfish to Think about your Happiness

For this week's society lie, I will state it and then expand on it.  The lie is that it is SELFISH to think about your own happiness.

Yes, indeed, it is a very common lie, and I have heard it from about a dozen different directions and associations.  The story goes that it is CHRISTIAN to sacrifice your self for others, and thinking of your own happiness is a selfish thought.   Yup....that was the reason I was wrong in the minds of many to leave a bad marriage to a selfish and manipulative B-tch.  It wasn't HER fault for being that was my selfishness in leaving.  The same was said about my desire to stop associating with "family" that were not even friendly but were using me to their own ends without concern for me.  Again, it wasn't THEIR fault for doing, it was my FAULT for ending their permission to use me, which is exactly what could be said of the workplaces that attempted the same manipulation.  To hear them put it, they were just being who they are, and it was my fault for not letting them use me to their own ends.

Of course, when it comes from church people, this takes on the "Christian" aspect that I mentioned, above.  After all, Christ suffered on a cross, so they say we should suffer, as well.  The logical failure in that argument that they don't want to consider is that Christ suffered FOR A REASON... as punishment of sins, while they would have you suffer so that abusers don't get their panties in a ruffle.  I think that a good response to this, actually, comes from George Whitefield, the evangelist known for the Great Awakening in America and personal friend of Benjamin Franklin.... (yeah, that seminary education of mine does come in handy)...

"Sirs, what think you? Suppose I was to come and tell you that you must intercede with saints, for them to intercede with God for you; would you not say, I was justly reputed a papist missionary by some, and deservedly thrust out of thy synagogues by others? I suppose you would. And why? Because, you would say, the intercession of Jesus Christ was sufficient of itself, without the intercession of saints, and that it was blasphemous to join theirs with his, as though he was sufficient.
Suppose I went a little more round about, and told you that the death of Christ was not sufficient, without our death being added to it; that you must die as well as Christ, join your death with his, and then it would be sufficient. Might you not then, with a holy indignation, throw dust in the air, and justly call me a “setter forth of strange doctrines?” And how then, if it be not only absurd, but blasphemous to join the intercession of saints with the intercession of Christ, as though his intercession was not sufficient; or our death with the death of Christ, as though his death was not sufficient: judge ye, if it be not equally absurd, equally blasphemous, to join our obedience, either wholly or in part, with the obedience of Christ, as if that was not sufficient. And if so, what absurdities will follow the denying that the Lord, both as to his active and passive obedience, is our righteousness?" 

Basically, he was mocking those that believed that Christ's death was not sufficient for our sins but that it must be joined by holiness, as well....sadly, this has resumed popularity since Whitefield put it in its place 200 years ago, and there are MANY church people that seem more fixed on the law of God than His grace.  But, getting to the point.

The point is...Christ didn't die so that we could also die, as our deaths would accomplish nothing.  In fact, he died SO THAT we would not have to, and to suggest that mankind must suffer as Christ deny that Christ's death was a substitution for our own.

Imagine for a moment that your child was facing a bully at school...or...let's make it direct to the point.  Your daughter calls you up and tells you that her new husband is beating her.  What do you tell her is the "christian" thing to do... grin and bear it or leave?  I can't imagine any parent suggesting the first choice if they love their child, and

So, then, would GOD rather you be happy, since he died for your happiness, or would he rather be wanting you to suffer?  Indeed, a true test for ANYONE in your life is exactly this...

ARE THEY HAPPY FOR YOUR HAPPINESS?  I mean....anyone that loves another wants that person to be happy, and they..themselves...draw happiness in seeing the smile of the one they love.  Therefore, and to get to the point, finally, when you tell someone what you want to do or what would make you happy...whether that be a job or a location or ....indeed... a sexual choice told to a parent by a child, someone that LOVES that person will be happy that they have found something to make them happy, while someone whose love was only a mask for control will be upset at losing control.

So, is not selfish to think about yourself.  It is just SELF.  And, you should think about your self.  There is a whole litany of psychological terms reinforcing this... self-respect, self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, and none of it is contrary to the love of a God that made us and died so we can look happily in the mirror and smile.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trump Spirals Down Nixon's Path to Impeachment (No Way He Survives)

It's like you are reading a history book from Watergate in reading the news, and I assume that this will go down in history as yet one more iceberg for Pride's Titanic to hit...and hopefully lead a FEW people to learn the lesson, along the way.

And, it it just another example of many, many stories that has us saying, "surely, Trump is not THAT stupid and prideful".... a question that has again and again been answered with... "I guess he IS that stupid and prideful."  It's like when he declared Federal judges less qualified than him to rule on his cases or when he dictated how Congress should pass his bills.  No one would figure that the events of the last 24 hours would happen, and it reminds me of not only NIXON but Hitler and every other militant leader that defied public inquiry.  Firing (or killing) and intimidating those charged with investigating leaders has a LONG history of being done by those in power, whether they be royalty or Fascist leaders or even CORPORATE leaders firing their own auditors.

So, when the story broke that the FBI director that was charged with investigating the President asked for additional money to fund the investigation, he was promptly fired by the President, and, when I say promptly, I mean that the President made the decision over a weekend and forced EVERYONE in his government to carry it out...

"The president already had decided to fire Comey, according to this person. But in the meeting, several White House officials said Trump gave Sessions and Rosenstein a directive: to explain in writing the case against Comey." - Washington Post

And, then Trump spread the story that it was all the doing of the Assistant FBI Director, which didn't sit well with him...

"Rosenstein threatened to resign after the narrative emerging from the White House on Tuesday evening cast him as a prime mover of the decision to fire Comey and that the president acted only on his recommendation, said the person close to the White House, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter."

 Then, Trump casts the action as being done for the matter that Comey falsified information about Hillary Clinton, which led the conservatives to be in a very difficult spot.  Either they say that the information about Hillary was false and that they all spread and voted on false information to sway the election away from the rightful winner, or they must acknowledge that the President that PRAISED Comey for that information months ago was NOW trying to hide something.

At this point, I don't see any way that Trump survives this unfolding of events.  Despite his cover story (and Rosenstein refusing to lie for Trump), the facts have come out that this was Trump from the start, AGAINST the advice of everyone in the FBI, itself...

"Thomas O’Connor, the president of the FBI Agents Association, called Comey’s firing 'a gut punch. We didn’t see it coming, and we don’t think Director Comey did anything that would lead to this.’'"

So, what we are left with is that the FBI director was asking for money to investigate unanswered questions of the President, and the President fired the investigator, which is something only a quilty person would do...which has already lit a huge fire on Capitol Hill to appoint and fund an independent investigator that he CAN'T fire or defund.

However...and pay attention to this one point and the main reason I said Trump can't survive of today, we have DIRECT evidence that is well known and confirmed by 30 witnesses to the Washington Post and by the public at large that the President "obstructed justice" in an active investigation, which is a Federal Crime, all by itself.  REGARDLESS of the outcome, the President is guilty of at least that impeachable crime.

It's only a matter of time, at this point.  My only question would be do we impeach the willing accomplice Pence, as well.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Society Lies #2 - Experience Makes You More Valuable...Reality = More Costly

This is a reality that I only recently figured out, as it started to apply to myself, and it is something that society DEFINITELY is lying about.  The presumption (and enticement used for selfish reasons by companies) is that the more experience you gain and the more knowledge you get, the more VALUABLE you will be to a company, which means more DESERVING of higher pay and respect by companies.

That, immediately, sounds logical and many of you are probably saying..."yeah, so what is wrong about that?"  So, let me ask you to think about things from a business point of view...and just use YOUR OWN eyes and history for considering this.  What has been your experience with your managers and the company for which you work?  Do they generally invest in ANYTHING that costs more, or do they pick the cheapest option available?

Now, maybe some of you work in really good companies that put quality and humanity over profit, but I have seen even the biggest companies for which I have worked that would sacrifice quality in a heartbeat, if it save them...or their clients...a little money.  And, in reality, our economics are kinda BUILT upon that concept.  People pay only as little as they can for what they need, so they can sell their products for as much as they can.  It is cold and heartless, but it is BUSINESS.  No one ever got rich by not overcharging a customer.  Overcharging is how Donald Trump and every other rich person GOT to be rich, as well as paying their employees as little as they can, so they can reap the most as shareholders.

So, then, with this in mind, what do you think?  Would YOUR company and management pay top dollar for the best experienced individuals, or would they rather pay 20-30 thousand less in salary to a new college grad that they assume can learn it just as easy as those with experience.  My experience is the latter, and I have personally WITNESSED the biggest company I worked for (IBM) do "resource actions" to lay off people as salaried employees, only to turn around and hire them back as contract workers at a lesser salary and no benefits....simply to pay LESS for their human resource budget to have higher profits for themselves.

And, so, I find myself looking for work, as I left the last horrible company for which I worked that didn't value individuals (or even train them) that work for them.  What do you think I found as I started to tout my qualifications and look for employment?  I was like... I have 6 years management and accounting experience, expert on all these computer systems, experience training people and consulting people with the very tools that you are looking for in your job.  Now, SOME specifically pointed to my association with the bad company with a bad reputation, but ALL of them was fixed on my salary requirements.  They knew I was qualified, but they didn't want to pay experienced level salary; however, when I would LOWER my salary requirements to a low level, I would get suspicion on their part...why would a qualified person be asking for less unless they were not a good worker.

So, the more experience you have, the more EXPENSIVE..not are to companies, and most companies don't want to bear the cost, and you cannot lower your pay requirements without making yourself less attractive.  So, the REALITY is that the MORE experience you gain, the LESS employable you become to companies looking for a discount solution.

Which, as I learned this option, makes me just sick at the corporate world in which we live and ready to make a career change to work I like, myself, and not what others desire of me.  However, I thought it important to share this with everyone to, hopefully, learn the lesson much faster that I did, myself.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Society Lies #1 - College Degree = Happy Life and More $$$

Society Lies #1 - College Degree = Happy Life and More $$$

I did a similar series of tweets, last year, but I am feeling the need to expand this into a full out blog post series, as I can see society rushing toward investing in their own suffering and graves, with no one to speak up and set the record straight.  As you can see from my other posts, I have no problem standing up in the middle of a politically correct crowd and denouncing the logical failures and factual traitors to their claims.

Which leads me right into the first of my posts for this series, and I can reference my own life, as evidence of this lie....many many times over and for every point within it.  The lie is that a college degree will make you happy and rich.

I recall when I was in high school and considering what job I wanted to do.  There were many ideas I had in my head, but I remember telling my dad that I liked being on the school newspaper and might want to be a news reporter.  I recall him mocking me and saying that "no one ever makes a lot of money with being a news reporter," which was not the only time that he would mock my ideas.  However, I filed that objection away, and it would affect every choice that I would make for a LONG time, after.  He had instilled in my mind that the GOAL of anyone's career success was the make a large salary, and he made it clear that the ONLY way to reach that salary was a college degree....which is an assumption that not only he but most of society, nowadays, believe.

Here's the first fly in that ointment.....College Loans.  Unless you were born into money, you are going to have to PAY for that college tuition, and the costs of doing so keep rising.  And, so, the government...many decades ago...created a thing called STUDENT LOANS that would allow you to pay for your college.  So, ta was happy.  I could take out student loans to get a degree that would pay me more money.

Which leads me to the FIRST part of this LIE.... the student THEN comes out with a college degree and ...once they are lucky enough to get a job after many many applications against others with college degrees, they start getting a paycheck.  But,, you owe student loans with interest to be paid back.  So, deduct that from your paycheck.  Next, now that you are grossing more money before student loans are deducted, you will be in a higher tax bracket and more of your money will be taken away, right from the start.  Then, you will NOW have to pay high rate for health insurance, whereas you could have free health benefits from the state, before, due to a low income.  I remember that when I got my first accounting job that I was shocked that the difference in income was a few hundred dollars a month...but, hey....I had a college degree and a happier life, right?

Except that that is not, actually, what you get with such a degree.  Do you remember when you moved from middle school to high school, as you progressed...or when you moved from high school to college freshman?  Do you remember how you went from being treated with respect to being a pee-on with little respect and had to work extra hard?  Well, now, you have your college degree that you worked for 4 years to attain, but you are going to a workplace, where EVERYONE has that and much more.  So, you get to start out with no respect, little support, and you work in an environment where they expect you to come in with all the answers and to shoulder all the responsibility.  While it SHOULD be the case that managers would take responsibility for their areas and work harder to ensure you succeed, that is not the case for the most part (which will be another post).  So, to PROVE yourself, you will be expected to work extra hours and do all the shit jobs that the managers don't WANT to do....for example, as a college trained accountant in a corporate setting, you find yourself being treated as a glorified secretary with a larger workload, more blame, and ....after STUDENT LOANS...making less per hour than if you had skipped college to work at Pizza Hut, where no one would be expecting you to solve the company's finances for them.

So, let me go back and give you the advice my father SHOULD have given me, from the start.  Figure out what makes you happy.  Think about what you would be happy being and doing, every day, if money was no issue at all.  Then, do that, because the path to greed will NEVER lead you to a happier life, only a more expensive one so that others can use you for THEIR happiness and wealth, instead.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Freedom" to Take Away Freedom?

In the last few weeks, I have had a few conversations with a few online that highlights the mis-application of "freedom" as used by the "Christian" conservatives, as well as every Fascist leader, throughout history.  To walk through one of them as an example, the person was declaring the victories of the President, against the left and gays and etc.  When I argued freedom and liberty, the other person immediately jumped on that to say that if she thought gays were evil, shouldn't she have the freedom to believe that?

So, I think we need to do a basic definition and course in what FREEDOM is, as recently the "land of the FREE" is anything but.

So, first, what is freedom?  Freedom is the converse of being binded.  You are either restricted from being or doing or you are FREE to be or do.  Imagine a slave in chains.  They are bound and unable to do as they want to do.  So, then, we had a Civil War in the USA, so that the PERSON in chains could be FREE from those bounds.  I am using this example to answer the President of the USA, who said...

"People don’t ask that question, but why was there the Civil War" - New York Times

Indeed, let me tell you as someone that grew up in the mid-west and still resides out here (for now), he is not alone in that opinion.  Still, 150 years after the civil war, you STILL have the large majority opinion that the Civil War was just the Federal Government taking away their FREEDOM and CHOICE as a state and that the issue was Federal Powers over their own, local choices.  And, if you as many Trump supporters out there about Trump, they will frame it (as with the woman above) as a question of defending their FREEDOM from the left.

Here is where that is a problem.  While it is true that the government DID restrict the FREEDOM of the RIGHT in that war, it was restricting their right TO OWN PEOPLE...restricting their freedom to take away freedom.  Indeed, ALL LAW does that.  Every criminal believes they have the FREEDOM to take what they want from others and they would, absent LAW and GOVERNMENT to stop them.

And, that is the point of even HAVING a government, to restrict the FREEDOM of those with POWER to protect those without, and that makes sense why those with wealth and power want to take away money from the poor and employment protections, so they have the LIBERTY to use them for their own, selfish gain.  That is the difference between having INDIVIDUAL liberty and a freedom that contains EQUALITY or the belief that EVERYONE is entitled to care and protection, not only the Darwinian Hunger Games of survival of the powerful.

A recent Doctor Who episode had the Doctor saying, "The value you put on a life without privilege. That's how you define an age."  And, that is how you define Freedom on a SOCIETY level, not whether the powerful have freedom to take but the degree to which that is restricted by law so that "the least of these" (Matthew 25:40)  have freedom from slavery or binding keeping them from choosing who to love or how to live or what to be as an individual, provided they are not harming others in doing so.

So, yes, you have your freedom to be a bigot and hate others for simply being different, but that changes when you take on the attitude of the criminal that believes that freedom entitles you to take from OTHERS the choice to disagree or live different from your own morals or religion, unless your intent is to create a religious state of inquisition and punishments, and if that is your goal your narcissism would probably so blink you that you wouldn't even be THINKING of others, only your own plan to control the world and freedom would be an impossible concept there.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Forward to Happiness Product Picks May 2017

Hi all... Welcome to my May 2017 product pics page.  I had originally put these on my Pinterest page, but Pinterest is in the middle of changing a lot of features on their page, making the content unavailable for those without Pinterest.  So, I am putting them, here for you to view and select.

While I am using my screen shots from my Pinterest page, the links are for where the products reside.  So, just click the pic to be taken to where you can get it for yourself. 










Thursday, May 4, 2017

Runlifemay17 1st Midweek Review and Notes

Runlifemay17 1st Midweek Review and Notes

And, so we come to the first mid-week post for the #runlifemay17 Fitness Challenge.  For those of you that do not know about it, I am challenging everyone to engages in at least 5 minutes of some form of exercise, every day, in May.

Personally, I have been a bit overconfident with it...ha. It's one thing to do a half hour of fitness on any given day, but, when you start doing it on a daily starts to take a tole on your muscles, and I gotta say that my joke about Sworkit kicking butt on Monday (while I meant it) has taken on a whole new meaning, as that muscle group has become the most sore of all my body from these workouts, ha.

I, also, posted on my social media about the fact that I was using Samsung Health for tracking my running days, and I feel it is worth exanding on, here.  I had installed that program on my phone, when I was trying out different apps for consideration to use for my own participation in the challenge, and I...honestly...forgot I had installed it.  So, then, imagine my surprise when, after a run, it pops up a notification that I had met my steps challenge.  So, I opened it, and I am in love with this app.  

For anyone that has used Fitbit, this is going to seem very familiar.  It records your steps, throughout your day, as long as you take your phone with you (just like wearing a Fitbit band), only you don't have to pay for a Fitbit, and it comes with step achievement awards, and it lets you track other items as well, such as weight or sleep or etc.

Now, it is a GPS activated app, so you must have your location data turned on, on your phone.  However, I have not noticed a severe drain on my battery, at all.  The good deal of this app is that at the end of the month, you will have not only your run miles recorded but your calories from walking and running, as well.  It won't have your running TIME through, so I would recommend using other apps for that...


But, it is an excellent program for recording your calories and total distance for a monthly total, without having to pay the very high price for Fitbit.

I hope you all are having a good time getting into the habit of personal fitness, as I am.  My muscles are pretty sore, so there may be a day or two of light yoga days, but that works for this challenge, as well. But, just keep in mind that your body is adjusting to a lifestyle of fitness, and soon it won't be a pain, literally, to be getting closer to the fitness and body that we all desire to maintain.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Runlifekwc Running Playlist #1 for May 2017

Olly Murs
Fifth Harmony
Selena Gomez
Charlie Puth
Ingrid Michaelson
Jason Mraz

My children leaking Oklahoma School Bible Teaching

So, today, my daughter was telling me about her day in school, and she casually says, "And so we had to watch the video on the Golden Rule..." 

I was like ..."wait, what?...they have a Golden Rule video?

Then, my other daughters joined in...yeah.  I had to take a few minutes to explain to them that that would be illegal and the history about why the person who created the 1st Amendment was AGAINST such displays in school, as they had just come from a country telling them they HAD to be in a specific church, so the Constitution created a buffer zone to protect that free choice.

And, now, to hear the Oklahoma schools not only do not protect that choice but work violently against its Constitutional protection.  I bet Trump's government and the GOP must be so proud.

New #blog update at

See for my latest post about the real evil in the historical "witchhunt" and irs face we see, today

Trump's New Emerging Axis of Power (WWII re-emerging)

Trump's New Emerging Axis of Power (WWII re-emerging)

One of the many things this site has taken on is the illumination of the fascism movement that brought us Trump, as President.  While I had posted sporatically about it, before, what the last election showed me is my own (as well as all society) failure in educating and illuminating the errors of the past and present, so as to help us prevent repeating those days.  So, when Trump became a serious candidate for President, it startled me, but...I told myself....don't worry about it.  People would never be that stupid or reckless.  Then, as he gained speed, I was convincing myself....well, we have a level headed former Secretary of State, former Senator, and former member of the White House running against him.  There is no way that this hothead with no experience or plan will beat her.  When that happened (while not in the popular vote but electoral) and while everyone else was shocked by the man that won, I was more shocked and concerned for what brought him there...his base.  Because, I knew that if you removed Trump without first affecting the base, it was only a matter of time till someone else fit their bill for supreme leader, and so I started this focus of bringing history and contemporary together and illuminating the truths they would rather not have known...not only GOP truths but Religious Right ones, as well.  One thing this election has shown is that we cannot just turn a blind eye to their power hungry controlling crusade, who is every bit as dictatorial on how everyone else (not just church members) should live as Sharia Law, while being utterly anti-christian in nature (I had my own college Bible training to illuminate me on that).  And, now, I stand in the line of fire of bringing forth secrets other would rather not have heard.  Whatever...not like I care about a little fight for freedom.

And, so, to the history-contemporary moment of the week... Trump's fascination and alliances with other fascist dictators.  The Press...many of whom are probably equally uneducated, as history is no longer a required course in many states... are baffled by his comments over the weekend....

"Trump stunned politicians and pundits when he complimented Kim in an interview with CBS that aired Sunday.
'At a very young age, he was able to assume power,' Trump said. 'A lot of people, I'm sure, tried to take that power away, whether it was his uncle or anybody else. And he was able to do it. So obviously, he's a pretty smart cookie.'
In an interview with Bloomberg News, Trump said he "would be honored" to meet North Korea's brutal dictator under the right circumstances" - NBC News

Stunned...really?  A man with a brutal thirst for power stunned the world by admiring another man that has a brutal thirst for power?  Indeed.  He found his asian soul brother that shares his point of view for ruling.  It's not like his love of brutal tyrants is a new thing.  From before the election, he has been in a love fest with Russian leader Putin, who helped him get elected to power.  Yeah...Putin who re-established the ruling Coat of Arms for his country upon taking lead (top left in above pic) with the crown and septer, despite there being no official "king" in the country.  I say no OFFICIAL King, because no one is allowed to do anything he doesn't want in that country.  Recently, someone was arrested for playing Pokemon Go in one of his official churches and sentenced to 3 years in jail.  Critics of his have a habit of coming up DEAD, even if they run to another country.  Yet, Trump says of Putin...

“Then Putin said, ’Donald Trump is a genius, he’s going to be the next great leader of the United States.’ No, no, think of it. They wanted me to disavow what he said. How dare you call me a genius. How dare you call me a genius, Vladimir. Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually got along with Russia? Wouldn’t that be good?'"

and, when challenged on his support for Putin, despite him being a killer...

"'There are a lot of killers,' Trump says. 'Do you think our country is so innocent? Do you think our country is so innocent?'" - CNN

Indeed...Trump isn't particularly concerned with their human rights abuses..

"Yet Trump’s advisers say the President’s silence on human rights matters is purposeful, part of a grand strategy to rebuild alliances or create new ones." - The Independent (from where pic above comes, as well)

So, he is openly and intentionally not bothered by human rights abuses (and why would he be as he is not really concerned with US rights, either), and that realization, as builds "alliances" with those countries is somehow shocking people?

We would do well to keep in mind that there was once another far right politically leader that was backed by his church, wanted to build his country into a great power and made alliances with other strong dictators around the world.  His name was Hitler, and the alliances was the Axis...

"The Axis championed authoritarianism, autarky, and a variant of capitalism that integrated state management and investment." - Wikipedia

Hmmm state run resources (such as steel) and investment (banks, markets) in an authoritarian government...where have I seen that, before?

It's time Americans wake up.

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