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Friday, June 30, 2017

Why Following Christ Led Me To Leave The Evangelical Churches

It won't take you long to see that I have a lot of criticism of the Evangelical church leaders, but don't mistake my criticism as that of an atheist or someone uninformed.

First, a little about me.  As I grew up, my faith was a major part of my upbringing.  Indeed, as my father was very un-involved and cold in my upbringing, I sought out a church to fill that void of love that was absent from within.  Further, as a person that was sensitive and caring, it gave me an outlet to love others...or at least attempts at doing that.

I was always very much a bible reader, and I read it with a passion.  Then, there was a period, after I left the Army, when my oldest daughter was having ADHD issues with her school.  She was being isolated by a school that didn't know how to deal with it at the time.  So, I homeschooled her for 7 years.  I am not sure if I would make that choice, today, with the school systems being more sensitive and perpared for it, now.  However, I was there for her in that time, and it gave me time to finish my bachelor's degree, online, which I did at Liberty University in their Bible Studies B.S. degree program.  I picked that program, because it was focused on study of the Bible without all the "religion" and church structure courses to go along with it, and that study inspired me to write many books, as I studied the Bible which was put out online for sale and download, as well as my own engaging in online evangelism being inspired by the charismatics and evangelicals.

Most of those books are not, now, for sale at my OWN choice to withdraw them, as I began to realize the things that I am putting in this blog post about WHY I left the evangelical circles. 

You see, after the homeschooling ended, I was able to start work, again, which I did in Accounting and business in which I had undergraduate and graduate study leading to an MBA.  If there is one thing that you can know about accountants, it is this... they want facts.  You can't do a budget on... they said they WANTED to pay me or I HOPE that I make enough or etc.  Being the kind of person that would do this career, I have always been a person that looks for how things ARE, not how they are said to be.

And...then... I began to apply that to the church at large, and it began a process of evaluation and discarding of one fallacy after another that people in the church just do not challenge, and the reason that they don't challenge it is this.  They feel that... being a new to the church, they have no right to know what is "christian" and that any objections they see in the Bible to it must just be from not having read it, enough, not realizing that the Bible is either True or it is NOT, regardless of how long it has been repeated by a cycle of new believers and those collecting money from them.

What I found is that those church leaders are the LEAST interested in Bible exploration or questions and the most interested in re-inforcing the status quo, and it makes sense why that is.  The entire charismatic / evangelical structure is built around their ego and their income.  They don't even hide it.  They hold entire prayer conventions and "revivals" about their need to get a bigger building, while there is little to NO mention of programs to say .. feed the poor, give shelter to the needy, provide healthcare to the elderly, or ANY other physically ministerial program, IF those programs exist in the church at all.

Of course, this is at odds with the Bible that I studied saying, Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress" (James 1:27)  Indeed, while Jesus was telling the rich man to "sell all that you own. Give the money to the poor" (Matt 19:21) to be saved, the Evangelical pastors were driving up in their fancy new cars or putting their new private jets on the cover of their newsletters they mailed out to their donors in which they asked for more money.  They don't hide it...they straight up FLAUNT their wealth.  Have you SEEN the TBN Paul Crouch show and the GOLD and WEALTH that adorns the set, as they talk about all the travel they have done, right before they ask for MORE money, and sure as anything, the drones that watch the programs GIVE, even though they can see with their own eyes where that money is going, so that a few people can be UBER rich, paid for by taking money from the very ones in need, under the DECEPTION of the "promise" that if you make THEM rich, that God would make you rich, as well. 

But, remember that I am a factual person.  So, as I was seeing LARGE churches built and seeing the community around them crumble faster than the areas around gambling casinos, my eyes could not bypass the truth.  People in those congregations were getting POORER, while the RICH in the church were getting richer.  Rather than following the words of Jesus, who rebuked the rich as being unable to enter heaven and told the rich man to sell his goods for the poor, what we are seeing ACROSS THE BOARD IN ALL EVANGELICAL CHURCHES, no matter the denomination, is the POOR selling all that they have to give to the RICH in direct contradiction of Jesus, Himself.

Then, we got to the last election, and that was the absolute last straw for me, as we saw entire religious groups defy the very foundational principles of their "faith" to not only vote for but to promote a RICH man, spending none of his own money, running for President, who not only was not giving to the poor but was a self confessed adulterer (having cheated on each of his wives with his next wife), who never repented of his sins (a condition Jesus put on salvation), someone that preached war (instead of being a peacemaker Jesus promoted), and running in a party whose platform was cutting benefits from the POOR to enable tax cuts for the RICH....but, as we saw above, they were brainwashed and conditioned for just that.  So, why WOULDN'T they give all their money and support to someone that was taking from THEM to make himself RICH so they could feel they were doing GOD a service in doing it.

So, yeah.  I am not a member of any evangelical church.  For that matter, I am not a member of ANY denominational church, any more, as the protestant denominations in America are not much better.  Just think back to commercials you have seen or buildings you pass on the side of the road for the poor and needy....shelters, food pantries, clothing distribution, crisis pregnancy centers, etc.  Are ANY of them done by a CHURCH or one of the groups the evangelicals are condemning, today (United Nations, United Way, Planned Parenthood, or other "liberal" groups condemned for being too  ... "bleeding heart" for society).

Am I believer in the love of Jesus?  Yes.  Am I believer in religion to carry it out?  Well, not until my eyes see evidence of that love, and right now those eyes see those churches seeking riches more than opportunities to serve and self-glory rather than self-sacrifice, and that is to me....very un-christian.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

After 6 Months, Is America GREAT Again or Failing Americans?

So, how is that whole... "Make America Great Again" campaign promise going?  After all, that was the GOP campaign slogan.  They said that President Obama had failed the country's common man, healthcare, and security.  Well, let's look at how those things are doing under a GOP President and GOP Congress.

According to a new Pew Research report, the rest of the world no longer trusts us as leader of the free world...

"According to a new Pew Research Center survey spanning 37 nations, a median of just 22% has confidence in Trump to do the right thing when it comes to international affairs. This stands in contrast to the final years of Barack Obama’s presidency, when a median of 64% expressed confidence in Trump’s predecessor to direct America’s role in the world."

 Indeed,the only reason that it stands at 22 percent, instead of less, is that RUSSIA has over half of it's people trusting TRUMP to do the right thing, while countries like Sweeden, France, Germany, etc fall near 10 percent.

So, at least in terms of whether America is GREAT in the eyes of the world, that answer is a resounding NO.  And, why should they respect him?  Since Trump has become President, he has withdrawn from MANY international agreements to which we had pledge our support, and he has threatened even our ALLIES with retaliation, while he holds hands with dictators on camera and praises the North Korea leader as a smart man, as well as giving Russia American land, after it was confirmed they hacked our election. 

Ok, so that is the rest of the world.  What about the common man at home and healthcare?  Well, if you are a common man, you are not going to be included in the Tax Cut for the rich, and you may be one of the 26 million that will either lose your heathcare either directly in changes to the plan or indirectly, when the employers are no longer required to subsidize your insurance.

Also, if you are a common man that uses public schools, goes to state parks, watches PBS, or attends plays or concerts, you might be sh** out of luck, as Trump is proposing cuts to each of those American Industries.

Indeed, for a President that is supposed to be all about jobs, jobs, jobs, we should take a second to consider all the jobs he has affected so far.  When he came into office, he immediately froze hiring of vacant and needed government jobs, while forcing existing people out of their positions, either through early retirement or... as was the case with ALL of the US attorneys.... just firing them.  However, within the budget and healthcare plans working their way through congress, he will be eliminating entire government branches of employees, drastically cutting healthcare money upon which the industry's employees are built, cutting money for the arts and humanities, which is one of the lifebloods of local theater, and cutting education funding across the board, which will reduce school employees and resources to teach your kids.  How... GREAT....

Anyone that still thinks Trump is interested in making anyone but himself great is as deluded as his extended Trump Campaign Public Relations team at Fox News, who recently went from Russia is fake news to Russia Trump is a great thing for America with the speed it took for Trump to admit it in a tweet (the new GOP talking point feed).

So, in the span of only 6 months, Trump has reduced us from a global leader in many industries and supporter of the common man at home to an unempowered and broken land, ripe for him to build his new fascist fatherland, with the public poverty and golden GOP palaces to boot of himself to boot.  Hiel Trump. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Blasphemy of Reason, Age of Reason by Thomas Paine $5.99

The Blasphemy of Reason
Age of Reason Complete Text by American Founder Thomas Paine $5.99
Or, Buy Print book on by clicking HERE or Kindle HERE (coming soon)


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke. 

As you leaf through the pages of this book, you might think it was written by someone in our day, viewing our political climate.  However, it was actually written 200 years ago by one of the founding fathers of our country, Thomas Paine.

Paine was author to two works that would inspire the revolutionaries to break from England and inspire them to fight a war of independence: Common Sense (which sold up to 150,000 copies in 1776) and The American Crisis series, being brought over by Benjamin Franklin for inspiration for that quest for liberty.

However, the themes of that day are, to me, particularly relevant to our current society, where we have a rise in far right religious nationalism, similar to the day in which Paine lived when he wrote the book Age of Reason in three parts in the late 1700s and early 1800s.  As with then, large religious groups that are aligning themselves with patriotism have their own agenda and, after promoting "freedom" to gain that power seek to take that freedom away.

And, so I am putting out this printing of this book for your review, without annotation.  I do not claim to agree with all of his statements, but I find his reasoning compelling.  The fact that I present something that I don't fully accept for review is exactly my point in presenting it and the reason I most think it must be read.  REASON, by it's very nature, does not preceed a question with an answer, but it listens to answers to inspire questions.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in the tales of Sherlock Holmes...
"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts." 
Indeed, our children know this lesson much better than we do, as they BEGIN their journey of learning by asking why, and they end it when they are told to stop questioning and "just because," which is how I find myself daily having to question things I have always believed that have proven false.  Yet, I accepted them on the words of those that accepted them from others, who accepted them from others and so on.

So, I ask you to approach this work with the open mind of Sherlock to listen... just listen .. to an independent mind of Paine free of institutional or peer pressure, as he questions and reflects on the facts of faith, freedom, and government, as well as the intersection of all three, being a published and recognized participant in all 3 (as reflections of a founding father that was a believer in God and recognized authority and influence of the freedom we, now, enjoy.  He can't be all wrong, and wouldn't you rather understand what you believe, rather than being told you have no right to ask contemporary questions to answers given by those who were not alive to see life as it has become?  

We can either promote darkness or light, and years ago I learned to illuminate my path, again, by asking why.   


In this work, Paine (and all of his generation and prior generations) had been subjected to the establishment of religion by those in government power, and, as they were creating the new government they were concerned about reviving this error.  It was why they put the establishment clause in the First Amendment and why Thomas Jefferson warned so forcefully about the needed Separation of Church and State.  However, Paine felt that established religion needed challenged with the same independence that the government had just faced.

From Paine's profession of faith...

"I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life.

I believe the equality of man, and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavoring to make our fellow-creatures happy.

But, lest it should be supposed that I believe many other things in addition to these, I shall, in the progress of this work, declare the things I do not believe, and my reasons for not believing them. 

I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church.

All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit. 

I do not mean by this declaration to condemn those who believe otherwise; they have the same right to their belief as I have to mine. But it is necessary to the happiness of man, that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.

...The adulterous connection of church and state, wherever it had taken place, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, had so effectually prohibited, by pains and penalties, every discussion upon established creeds, and upon first principles of religion, that until the system of government should be changed, those subjects could not be brought fairly and openly before the world; but that whenever this should be done, a revolution in the system of religion would follow. Human inventions and priest-craft would be detected; and man would return to the pure, unmixed, and unadulterated belief of one God, and no more." 

So, as you leaf through this book's pages, take the time to reflect not only on what has happened in the past but what may happen in the future, if we leave this alliance unchecked.  Paine wrote this book so that future generations, such as our own, would not repeat the horrors to which they so violently broke free.

Blog Focus Changes

I am making a few changes to my blogs, due to time limitations and life realities.  Up to current, I have had a Lifestyle blog, a magic blog, and a fitness blog posts on the lifestyle page, as well as instagram's and twitter's for each, and a Pinterest that has gone very very neglected.  Here are the changes...

1.  Ending fitness blog.  It was kinda a stretch for me to have a fitness blog at all, as I don't have any certifications in the area and run at most about 3-4 miles.  I did and do like sharing my activities with others, and I will continue the fitness Instagram and Twitter as I find time to post there, but the blog focus will dissipate.

2.  Lifestyle blog.  When I began the lifestyle blog under the name Forward to Happiness, it was from lessons learned in dealing with narcissistic people and having the self respect to move on from those that would bring negativity into your life toward those that bring you happiness, and it was my intention for it to be a temporary blog leading to focus SOLELY upon being happy with your new life.  However, as I began that movement, I discovered two things... 1.  SOME of those that hold you back can get a foothold in your life to require continued interaction (such as an ex with custody sharing issues) and 2.  There are a lot of a**holes in the world, and the likelihood of you having to re-experience the issues again and again is high.  Plus, there will always be new readers on here that can benefit from my lessons learned.

Therefore, I plan to dedicate more time to this focus and divide it between the messages of dealing with those that cause us harm and bringing back MORE of the positive posts that, previously, were on my Living First Edition blogsite, before I migrated that to this domain, as well.  So, some will be FORWARD (dealing with the negative) and some will be HAPPINESS (keeping your center on those things that give life meaning).

You will have undoubtably noticed that my criticism of those that cause us harm has moved from my ex as main focus to Trump, and that will continue for two reasons.  I believe that ALL narcissistic users share many of the same characteristics, and most things I say about Trump applies to my ex as well.  Second, I believe Trump and the GOP are a threat to the entire NATION and the WORLD, as evidenced by the elimination of protections of the environment, healthcare for the sick, food for the poor, and protections for the economy.  So, his Presidency and Congress, while on a national level, will cause suffering by neglect and abuse to millions on an individual level.  So, desiring to move us as a COUNTRY to happiness, I will continue to illuminate their abuse and neglect, until we have a more stable and empathetic path to the happiness of us all.

3.  Finally, I am going to be doing more product ads.  It's a fact of life that we all need money to survive, and I plan to be doing fitness, fandom, and magic product ads to that end (though the magic products will be on the magic blog, instagram, and twitter, as well as the shared Pinterest for this page.  There will be Tarot card readings offered on those pages, as well.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Why the GOP would fail pre-school (social skills)

For the time being, I am a rideshare driver, until my new job starts next month.  Doing this job, I have experienced a LOT of types of people and have had a good sampling of how people can be, both IN and OUTSIDE the car.  And, just driving through Tulsa on a daily basis and seeing what I have ALREADY seen a lot of but see now more widespread, I can say that this GOP Religious Right community would fail preschool, and it is just a microcosm of what we see from the GOP at large.

From PBS's page on grade by grade page for preschool's Social Studies section...

"Understanding how to get along with others can often take up the biggest part of a preschooler’s day. Children learn how to resolve conflicts and practice skills like sharing, taking turns and cleaning up. They figure out how to express their feelings using words. The class may also explore its community and the people in it by taking short field trips around the neighborhood."

 Do those sound like things conservatives are known for... getting along with others, sharing, taking turns, cleaning up, resolving things with words, exploring the diversity of what is around us?

Getting Along With Others

Well, we know the conservatives fail this one, because rather than negotiate with the Democrats, after winning the Presidency by less than a majority, they fired everyone they could in the government, are hiring only those willing to do loyalty oaths in top positions, defunded entire government branches they didn't like, and crafted the healthcare plan without allowing ONE Democrat into the meetings to see it or to help.  Indeed, if there is ONE thing that Trump is known for, it is his barrage of tweets CONDEMNING others, whether that be his own citizens or other world leaders, not to mention the plans to ban entire religions from being present and plans to start new WARS with other lands.


All you have to do to see this failure is look at the proposed budgets from Trump and the GOP.  In them, you will see tax cuts for the rich and less aid for the poor and suffering.  Indeed, one of the HALLMARKS of not only the GOP but the Religious Right is their protest AGAINST social programs to feed, shelter, and care for the poor and sick, BECAUSE they don't want to pay for it.  As I type this, Oklahoma that I have had the misfortune of living in (until next month) is almost LAST in the country for Education funding, because they don't want to have to pay a few cents of their taxes for others (explaining this post's education failures), and in Congress we had MEN saying they didn't want to be taxed to pay for WOMEN's health needs.

Taking Turns

This is the one that I see the most in traffic.  On almost a daily basis, I see the following.  Cars are lined up in one lane, because the other lane is closed ahead with an arrow and lights warning people to change lanes.  I bet you can guess what I am going to say, as even YOU know how society is turning.  Well, from a half mile back, cars see the signs and, rather than merge into the slow lane, they rush up to the very last space they can get in the closed lane and FORCE their way into the slow lane at the end.  I watch this happen, daily, and not just by one car but many.  Then, there is speeding.  We DO have speed laws, and those laws are punishable by fines.  However, in this religious right community, I was taking the Broken Arrow expressway, today, and noticed that EVERY car on it was speeding...every one.. by at least 5 MPH.  If you want to get over in traffic, what do you do?  Well, according to the law, you put on your blinker and the cars behind you will let you over, right?  Not here.  HERE, you put on your blinker, and they rush up quickly from behind to get ahead of you.  Indeed, if you want anyone to speed up, all you have to do is act like you are going to pass them, and the very idea that you would beat them causes them to increase their speed.

Cleaning Up

One word...environment.  I really don't have to say anything else.  The capitalism party that CREATES the most pollution is at present pulling out of agreements that make them clean it up, because they don't want to spend the money to do it.

Resolving Things With Words

By this I don't mean they express ANGER with words, because I think Trump and the GOP have a corner on that.  Trump will go down in history as an ANGRY man, as will anyone that follows him.  But, now.... RESOLVING things with words is another thing, completely.  As soon as Trump became President, he and the GOP RUSHED to get us out of United Nations peace negotiations with muslim countries and North Korea and Afghanistan.  What did they do instead of TALKING to other lands?  Why.... several dozen cruize missiles in Syria, the Mother of All Bombs in Afghanistan, threatening full war in North Korea, and I type this.. they are putting together war plans to fight Syria and Iran national government troops.  And, the GOP WONDERS why the world hates us, when we cast out their people and attack their lands.

Exploring the World and Diversity

Conservatives are really not much for getting outside of their bubble.  I recall the Pace Picante sauce commercials in the past that would have them mocking others for getting salsa in "NEW YORK CITY?"  Ha.  Indeed, when I was growing up, I had one of my father's friends say, "You are just a city boy, aren't you?"  I said yeah and was happy.  Then, my father explained that wasn't a compliment.  Conservatives retained the "Southern Heritage" pride from the civil war to believe they are better than others, and that has only grown in time.  There is no professional NFL team in Oklahoma, because they are too proud of their college teams and don't care about cheering for other states.  As we speak, they are also pushing legislation that would like them completely re-write education courses to teach the Bible in classrooms and NOT to have to say things like... evolution, climate change, birth control, etc in the classrooms and not have to teach about the values of the cultures of say.... Arabs or Chinese or any other that is not like their own.  And, God forbid if someone is gay within 50 feet of them, because I guess that would infect them and give them the homosexual plague, so that must be kept quiet, as well as ballet, theatre, and art, if the messages in them might be something the conservatives wouldn't want others to see, as they already wouldn't be buying tickets.

So, for all the political comics that compare Trump to a 3rd grader, I don't think the GOP has, yet, mastered the social skills to even be a first grader, and the whole country is paying for that Education failure.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Deaths by Terrorism and Guns Compared

Deaths by Terrorism and Guns Compared

I shared the above image, side by side, on my Instagram page this week @livelifekwc to illustrate a point.  On the left side, you see a Channel 4 news story about Muslims participating in providing disaster relief to those injured in the fire in London, while on the Right side is the statistic of  how many lives are lost on average to gun deaths.

Let's look at this comparison a little more.

Business Insider magazine reports that "Since 9/11, however, foreign-born terrorists have killed roughly one American per year."

ONE per year.  Not surprisingly, the cite notes, "Americans are more likely to win a lottery jackpot" than die by terrorists.  One in 45,808 people will at SOMETIME in their life die by terrorism by the odds, while it says that one in 358 will die by a gun assault.

Get that.  One out of every 358 people walking around right now will die in their life by an assault with a gun.  So SURELY these same people that are standing for SECURITY and SAFETY are amping up their fight on guns, as well, right?  I's just logic and numbers.  Surely, they have your interests at heart.

Well....not exactly.  The GOP that is always preaching the need to build walls and ban entire COUNTRIES and RELIGIONS from our country is actually fighting for MORE guns on the streets. 

This last week, a "gunman" attacked US congressional members with an assault gun.  So, they must have been outraged that someone could get a gun in that state without a background check and fire upon them.  Wrong, again.  The GOP response was that there should have been MORE guns on location, there.

So, given the numbers, the GOP would rather allow 11 thousand people a year to be injured from guns, so they can restrict travel and suspend American freedoms to prevent ONE person from dying from terrorism per year.

Indeed, Trump and the GOP was QUICK to announce plans to recind school zone bans on guns, after Trump was elected.  So, think about just how level headed your kids are right now.  Feel safer?

Trump: Savior or Psychopath... You Decide

Donald Trump: Savior or Psychopath, you decide....

For this blog post, I am going to make this short and sweet.  It continues to sicken me to see the religious continue to deny their own religious convictions to continue praising Trump as a "savior" and God's Gift to Man.  So, let's break this down to the bare bones of the argument....

What is a "savior" per the very definition of Christians, themselves?  It is someone, Christ, that died for the sins of others.  So, when the judge come knocking, Jesus stood up and said...take me, instead.  The same Christians that are supporting Trump, now, says a savior is someone that gives personal sacrifice, provides atonement for others, and through the acts of that one in taking their punishment, they are free of their "sin" and made acceptable, despite their past.

Does that sound like ANY part of Trump to you?  I am not sure that Trump has EVER admitted being "wrong" about anything, which is a necessary element for salvation per these evangelicals.  Has Trump given up ANY of his wealth to the poor, or is he proposing tax CUTS on those rich as he is and tax increases on the poor?  Is he suggesting anyone should pay more (sacrifice) so that those without food or healthcare are covered, or he suggesting the reverse?  And..sacrifice for OTHERS?  It seems to me that Trump has no hint of guilt or loyalty keeping him from throwing ANYONE of his staff or party under the bus, if it suits himself.  Rather than he sacrificing himself under scandal so that the GOP party could survive and get things done, he seems determined to burn his own party in Congress for any failures in getting his agenda passed, rather than negotiate with people of opposing positions to find a compromise that everyone likes.  It's HIM first...and HIM only.

So, does that kind of personality have a definition?

Pychopath... "a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc." -

Him... inability to care, anti-social, egocentric (self focused), failure to learn from the experience and CHANGE behavior to work with others.  Does that sound like anyone you know?  Indeed, there is another word that works, too..

Narcissist - "a person who is overly self-involved, and often vain and selfish. 2. Psychoanalysis. a person who suffers from narcissism, deriving erotic gratification from admiration of his or her own physical or mental attributes." -

So, rather than someone that exhibits the self sacrificial nature of a savior, we have a narcissistic psychopath (by definition of the words) that instead of giving of himself to save the world would BURN the world to serve himself, much like the mad king that preceded the Game of Thrones stories we see on HBO, today, who screamed.. "burn them all," just as Cersei Lannister was doing to topple her enemies, later, herself.  Not like the others in that show are that much better.  It is a show about the battle of those who would put to death all who would stand in their way to power, and ... personally... I am one sheep that thinks there are more of us than one cruel shepherd on the THRONE.  God help us, till the next election.

Trump Resigning as President?

I am honestly wondering if Trump is about to resign as President.  Here are the facts...

...Trump just pulled his family away from the media at Camp David and canceled all meetings for 60 hours, according to reports.
...Mike Pence just commented that it has been a great honor to serve the President to go along with all the other, almost eulogy, praising statements.
...The Bush White House ethics lawyer just said that if Trump fires Mueller, Mike Pence would be the next President of the White House...implying the GOP will remove him.
...There is, now, public testimony that Trump fired 2 people for investigating him and told intelligence chiefs to falsify why that happened.
...New reports are coming out that Trump's money is coming from golf courses and that those golf courses are funded in part by the Russian Government Banks.
...The special council is, now, investigating Trump family members and associates for money laundering.
...Pence has been kept OUT of the Trump press releases, so he could claim ignorance, as he already has with Flynn.

...and, finally, logic.  Just think... Right now, Trump is "radioactive" as  is being reported in the press, and people are unwilling to be associated with him and are resigning and getting away, as fast as they can.  No way the GOP can pass ANYTHING under the cover of darkness, because TRUMP is highlighting the light on the GOP.  If the GOP backs him to the utter end, they go down with the scandal and lose power for the next generation (which I have been hoping would happen); but if they ask Trump to resign, they can claim they DID something, Trump can claim to be the ultimate victim but go back to doing business (which is what he wants to do anyway) minus the spotlight, and the party gets the media darkness to change the laws to make the rich richer without losing power.

Of course...the only fly in this logic is that to my knowledge Trump has never admitted failure in ANYTHING, and I don't know if the party COULD convince him to resign, even if they threatened him with force removal.

One thing is for sure.  The coming drama will be interesting.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Family, Gender, and an Unbalanced Government Home

I was out running this morning and a blog started to write itself, as it often does, as a perspective hit me as to why we need a Democrat Congress for very "Republican" reasons....Family.

First, let me say that I don't believe in stereotypes..people are who they are and the find others who complement who that is...and that is not based in whether their genitals are inside or outside.  That said, I do believe in that I don't mean that I believe sex and gender are linked but are two different things.  Some men are sensitive and supportive, and some are leading or aggressive, but the same can be said of women.

Now, the REPUBLICANS like to cite articles and individuals that say a child's development to be balanced and complete need both genders as parents, and they say THIS is the reason why they are opposed to gay couples with children.  But, again, the problem is that Republicans are saying that ALL men are one way and ALL women are another, which is absurd, unless you think Shakespeare played hockey on the side, or Joan of Arc really wanted to raise a lot of little girls to have tea parties.  Personally, I would tend to think I am more gender female, while I a very sexually and physically male, but I have found someone that loves that sensitive side to me, which makes us a good pair, even though EVERY male can be romantic and every female can be providing.

But, to get back to the point, REGARDLESS of whether you think gender is tied to sex, even Democrats believe a balanced family has both GENDERS, even if Democrats allow that to be filled by the same sex, and that makes sense.  You need someone to lead and someone to follow, even if you are only dancing; and no one leading means you will never eat ... "where do you want to go...well, where do YOU want to go...etc" and no one provide while both support.  No... a partnership in a family requires both leadership AND a heart.  It requires a "man" or leader to say this is what I need to do to make money and protect you, and it requires someone to say,"well, we have to think about the children and what they need."  So, the MAN (or male gender) works hard to provide, and the WOMAN (or sensitive one) says, "but don't work too much so we can spend time with you" (reminding him what is truly important.

NOW,  let's look at the parties.  We have Republicans saying that they want to fight and to work and to earn and get richer, and we have the Democrats saying, "Well, what about the children"....or the elderly or the environment or etc.... MALE Republicans and WOMEN Democrats, which not ironically is how the majority of both sexes voted.  However, right now, BOTH the President AND Congress are the first.

So, to carry forward to analogy and gender of the parties, we have two MALES married in our government family, with the President saying THIS is what we are going to do, but the FEMALE is absent, as the Government Family's male gender counterpart, instead of saying to the leader "what about the kids" are saying to the kids "shut up and take what he gives you."

Thus, FAMILY structure, itself, suggests that we need to elect a Congress with a heart for the innocent and poor, and the GOP has very clearly shown, that will not be them.  If we want our nation to GROW and develop into a strong balanced nation, we need to elect a Democrat Congress mom to represent them and make policies that are good for everyone.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Powers Trump Supporters are Giving the Next Democrat President

I don't think Trump's supporters are really thinking about what their support of Trump's actions are doing for their cause, but ...then... I don't personally think they think AT ALL about where Trump's leading the country.  In this case, however, I think they are really setting themselves up to be royally screwed. 

While the GOP defends every Trump action and gives Trump almost absolute powers in a dictatorial worship, have they stopped to consider that the NEXT Democrat President (hopefully in 3.5 years) will have the following powers...

...Fire every government leader and employee that disagrees with him.
...Fire everyone that investigates him.
...abolish funding or government branches that they don't like.
...change foreign policy, security, trade, and other international agreements without Congressional approval.
...identify political opponents to publicly attack in official White House communications.
...explicitly reject Constitutional limits on personal profit and secret foreign deals that profit him, personally, saying the ban doesn't APPLY to HIM.
...use Executive Privilege to change laws without going through Congress.
...consider doing away with entire circuit courts of the Judicial Branch for disagreeing with him.
...demanding oaths of loyalty by everyone in his branch to himself (not the constitution) and firing anyone that refuses to do it.
...give one particular religious group other than Christians priority over Christians in access and government programs.
...require conservative states to adopt the morality codes of liberal ones in social and health services.
...ignore the interests of any minority parties in the country, since the liberal WON the election, and make them all do things his way.

After all, if might makes right, whoever wins the next election MUST be the fulfillment of the Plan of God, since they assign Trump with the same Divine Right, today, and if everything that Trump is doing and allowed to do is JUST, today, it would be JUST for a Democrat, too...right?

Saturday, June 10, 2017

GOP Using Trump Scandals to Hide Law Changes

Everyone is paying attention to the Congressional Investigation into the Russian - Trump scandal, as it is revealed; and, they should is historic the degree to which a President has taken firm control of the government's intelligence and investigative branches to direct them NOT to look into something, surpassing even Nixon's Watergate.  Indeed, one could surmise that the reason that Bannon was brought in to be put in charge of the National Security Council was SIMPLY Trump bringing in someone to identify just how much they had on him, before Bannon was removed and let go.  We have a President that has, now, fired TWO Justice department leaders that were about to investigate him, and the third is being pressured to resign.  So, yes...there is ample reason to pay attention to what is being done, as this will go down in history books to the end of time as the legacy of the Trump short as it may be.

HOWEVER, I want to bring your attention to something that is very damning to the Republican party, as if they need anything else for that to be the case.  Did you know that under the cloak of media attention on Comey that they rolled back the Dodd - Frank bill corporate controls and protections that were put on companies, after the financial crash of 2008?  Yes, after that market threatened to sink the entire country, they put controls on companies and required full disclosure in audits of information that could pose a risk of financial crash.  THOSE CONTROLS are the ones that they just voted to remove with all but one Republican voting to remove them and EVERY democrat opposing the lifting of the protections.

It is not the vote numbers I want to bring to your is the TIMING.  They waited till there was a big enough distraction so that, like any state fair magician, you would be paying attention to THIS hand, while the other one did the trick.  This is not the ONLY thing that has been passed in this manner.  They are doing it with everything.  They tried to rush through the healthcare bill, AFTER TELLING EVERYONE THEY WERE NO LONGER CONSIDERING IT.  They tried to pass TAX CUTS for the rich, until it was reported and was taken off the voting table.  From corporate tax cuts and regulation changes to healthcare to education to defense, the Republicans keep following this EXACT timing of waiting till no one is looking.

Which is what is the condemning factor in this...just think.  If the Republicans were PROUD of what they were doing and felt it was a good thing, they would WANT to have as many eyes on it as possible, so as to get credit for it.  However, everything they are passing, they are trying to pass it when no one is looking, which can ONLY mean one thing.... They KNOW what they are doing is bad for the country, and they are ashamed to be doing it.

Stop for a moment and consider, is THIS the kind of government you wanted.... a President imposing his power to block investigation and a Congress that doesn't want you to see when they take away your protections, food, and benefits?  If not, we have an election in a year and a half.  Start getting ready to remove this infection to restore a government BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE, and OF the common lower and middle class of this land.

15 Running / Fitness Tips I Have Learned

I wanted to take the time to write down some running and fitness tips that I have learned over the years that I have been doing it.

Let me lead by saying I am not a medical professional and hold no medical certifications.  However, I do have the experience of someone that is getting older and is taking the journey to getting in shape after NOT being in shape for a long time, prior.  I assume that many of you might fit into that category, and that is the point I created this blog in the first place....not as a certified fitness book worm and not directing you to try a specific product  Even the products I put on as affiliate sales I PERSONALLY like...and when I lose interest in them or see something better, I stop promoting them, such as Fitbit.  And, that can be my first point....

1.  Fitbit - I initially got my Fitbit as part of my HSA health savings account insurance plan with IBM, when I worked there.  Before I get into the Fitbit, let me caution you to examine your HSA plans.  I picked that plan to save money on my insurance, monthly, and save my own money toward it.  The problem is that they kinda hid the fact that the PER PERSON deductable for such a plan was 6000 dollars, so when my daughter had Pneumonia, I ended up paying 6000 dollars before the plan paid ANYTHING, so it wasn't a great idea.

Now, Fitbit.  Since I had the Fitbit, I felt I should integrate it into my fitness plan.  So, I wore it walking and running, and DOES list the calories you burned all day, as well as distance, and you can get all KINDS of designer bands for it and etc.  HOWEVER, I have learned you can do the SAME THING with Samsung Health app installed on your phone, which takes very little battery or data use...and it's FREE.  So, I pulled that from my promotion.  Just get Samsung Health, which has goal achievement awards and tracks many other things, too.

2.  Build your way up.  When I began running, I used Couch to 5K to begin, which would give you an interval training system of having you walk, run, walk, etc.  As time goes on, the walking periods become less and running more and builds you up to running distances.

3.  EAT - One mistake I see a lot of people making and that I made myself at times is to not eat enough.  You feel FAT after all, and you are trying to lose it, so you make the decision that less food is better.  The problem is that if you are not eating, you are STARVING your body of not only the energy to function but to burn fat (through a low metabolism).  Maybe don't have ice cream, but you need energy and, therefore, need to eat to lose weight.

4.  Hydrate - This is especially true in summer months.  It gets really hot out there, and you are not going to get fat by drinking water.  Doing so may, actually, help you run faster and further.

5.  Take vitamins - This can be any vitamins, but you are sweating out your nutrients, so you need to put more back into you.

6.  Salt Water - When I was growing up, we used to take salt pills to help you retain your water.  You may not have salt tablets, but having salt water is not a bad idea, for the same reasons you just heard.   You are sweating out your water in your body.  When you immediately drink down more, it goes right out of you (you probably noticed).  You need salt to retain it.

7.  Don't Run every day.  I know it is tempting.  I fall victim to it from time to time, also.  You see people out there posting that they ran their daily 5 mile run or etc.  That's great, if you are THAT into shape or that YOUNG.  For people like us that are not 20, pushing yourself in runs, daily, can result in injury on muscles and tendons that are not ready for that.

8.  Yoga -  About a year ago, I started alternating my runs with Yoga and leg lifts.  At the time, I was coming from the past where I had been conditioned to think..YOGA?  That is just stretching and won't burn calories.  Now, there is many yoga moves that WILL burn calories, but, as a runner, I can tell you that there is GREAT benefit to "just stretching" for your run days.  After I started doing it, I noticed I had faster run times and less soreness for days, after.  I, also, have integrated leg lifts into it that builds up the muscles that PUSH you into your runs.

9.  Do at least a few non virtual 5K runs.  I have been at about 6 or 7 5K runs, and I tell you....there is nothing better to inspire you, as  a runner.  You find yourself surrounded by others that share the same interest in fitness....also, you tend to run faster in that than on your own.

10.  However, do NOT run too fast at the start.  I have seen many people make this mistake.  The run goes off and they start running full speed.  I just get into a pace that I am used to running and let them pass me by.  Within a half mile or so, you will find yourself passing those that have burned out and are now walking.  It is tempting to try to keep up with the fastest runners, and many feel like they are failing to let others by; however, remember that these people have been doing a lot of runs and many are YOUNG.  By your age range, you will find yourself in a better spot to just run at a pace with which you can finish.

11.  Give yourself time for losing the may go up.  Every time that I kick into faster running period, after winter has passed, I get depressed, because I feel like I am getting FATTER, and the weight goes UP.  Well, there are two reasons for this.  One is that, as everyone says, muscles weigh more than fat, and you are building muscles.  This will increase your metabolism, and you will burn fat faster, all the time...even when being still.  The second reason for it, I think, is where the fat goes.  Now....this is not scientific, and I may be wrong, but I notice that my leg muscles become very hard when I am running, as well as but and back and etc.  However, I noticed my abdomen looks bigger.  As I said, I may be wrong, but if the fat is being pushed to where it would be excreted, wouldn't that cause it to collect in the abdomen?  Regardless, I can only tell you that I noticed in my OWN exercising that as I ran the fat seemed to collect there, before it began reducing there, at which time the weight dropped, as well.

12.  Do something every day.  This is the counter to the don't run every day point, above.  While you should not run every day to avoid injury, I have noticed fat drop if I simply committed to just do SOMETHING every day, even if only leg lifts or yoga.

13.  Amazon Prime Music - If you are using Spotify as your running playlist and are paying 10 dollars a month to do it (or more) and are also a Prime Member, already, you are wasting money.  As a Amazon Prime member, you have access to 2 million songs FREE using the Amazon Music app, which lets you download songs to your phone without buying them and create playlists and more, just like Spotify, and honestly I think it sounds better quality.  If you don't have Amazon Prime, you can get just the trial of the music and try that app at the banner link, below.  As I said, I only promote what I believe in, and I believe in Amazon music.

14.  Have a BEER or a BURGER.  Here is where I will differ from your doctor, who loves to tell you to not have coffee or fat or alcohol.  Yeah...that WOULD be the BEST course of action for your body's health.  However, I believe in LIVING life, and I think most runners think the same, as you will find free BEER at the end of a lot of 5K runs, now.  Yes, you are putting it back on, after burning it off, but you BURNED IT OFF.  You earned a little diet cheat here or there.

15.  Make runner friends, online.  Over time, I have realized that social media "friends" have evolved into people that you have on your list due to their having gone to the same school or job or have the same last name or relatives, and these people are, actually, the least "friendly" of anyone on your list.  As such, I have reconfigured my social media accounts to those that share the same interests that I have, and runner/Fitness/Yoga people are among the best in the world.  They are optimistic and believe in change...but, more than that, they are the people who actually DO something about it.  It is easy to have a new year resolution or say, "I wish," but these people are experienced enough to know nothing changes, unless you do something about it.  That kind of inspiration can change your entire future and help you become the person you want to be.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Unwarranted and Unwise Optimism

One of the most irritating Meme themes i see in fitness circles goes something like this...

"You're only limit is your mind"


"I can do all things through Christ"

Or such.  While i appreciate their optimism, it's destructive.  We all have biological and physical and financial limits.  I am married to a woman that for all the ways she is amazing has minor spine issues that, while being something that she can can have a functional and happy life will keep her from running.  Now, she can exercise in other ways; however, no amount of confession will change that reality.  If she were to try, it would cause greater HARM.

We all have these limits.  Last week, I felt inspired to decide that I would run every rest day or stretch day.  After all...others do it.  Well, after a week of back and hip pains I realize I am just not there, yet.

This reminds me of a tweet i saw promoted in an article, yesterday.  They were asking an evangelical about their opinion about care for the Earth in light of the President pulling out of environmental protection accords.  The seminary graduate said that they weren't worried because God was big enough to solve the problem without us.

Seriously? That's like saying I can overspend, because God doesn't need me to make me rich... Or He can make me thin, so I can overeat... Or he can fix my back, so i can break it.

We all have limits.  That does not mean we must surrender goals, only our means of accomplishing them, and to do so we must learn the lesson we expect a pet or toddler to learn.... If it hurts us, don't do it.  Find a better option.  Only then will that path lead to happiness.


Saturday, June 3, 2017

10 Proven Tips for Saving Money and Being Happy

Money is not happiness, and it is not romance, either.  Over the last few years I have chosen to reduce my income by half, and I have not only maintained a happy lifestyle but increased the happiness in it.  I wanted to do a post with tips and examples from my own life about how you can save money and still be very happy.  Except the first point, the rest won't be in any particular order but as they come to mind.

1.  First, you need to determine what you (or your loved ones) are looking for to make you happy.  If the answer to that is THINGS, then I can't help you...and you may be with the wrong partner if they are only with you for the items you can provide to them.  In my own case, I have known and stated for a LONG time that I didn't want to make a lot of money but to have a happy life, and I saw work as something to provide that life.  However, when you are spending 90 percent of your awake day at a job you don't like, and you come home too tired or stressed to even enjoy your PERSONAL life...what is the point?  So, determine what it is that you desire and start there.

2.  There are many FREE or LOW COST places to see in the area around you that can still be the most romantic.  One of the first real deep connection moments between my wife and I happened at Utica Square in Tulsa at a live music event, as we walked around, talked, and connected.  We have since come back to that location for the same kind of personal time, even if just over a cup of coffee.  There is also, in Tulsa, movies on the lawn at Guthrie Green and Philbroom Museum, and there is NO cost to the first one and the second one only 8 dollars for a ticket to the museum, where you can also stroll along the flowers, hand in hand, as well.    Other than that, there have been many days of looking at flowers at the Garden Center, walking along the river at Riverside, and even just SHOPPING without buying or getting a cup of coffee at one of the many shops around the area.  You will likely find these kind of places around your town, or you can just rent a movie and get a bottle of cheap wine.  My wife has reviewed cheap wines, which you can find on her website here.

3.  Renegotiate your bills.  You have a lot of power, and you may not even know it.  When I was dropping in income, I started calling my bill collectors and saying that my income level had changed and could we renegotiate what was due on a monthly basis.  This has been successful most of the time.  The biggest example that no one tells you is that your STUDENT LOANS can be put on an income sensitive plan that will never be more than 10 percent of your disposable income, after 20 years of which the rest is discharged.  However, even my Kay Jewelry card let me cut my payments by more than half.  You never know what you will get, as long as you stick with your PRIDE of paying more and making more.

4.  Which leads me to another point.  PRIDE can be a problem for happiness.  A lot of time, we feel that we need to pay as much as we can to bills and make our creditors happy.  This is similar to the pressure that we feel that we should be making our employers happy or our parents happy or whatever.  You have no responsiblility to make ANYONE happy, other than yourself; and you have that responsibility from simply being born.  By being a PERSON with a BRAIN and a PERSONALITY, you have the responsibility to use that brain to determine how best to live your life to please your personality, not anyone else's.  Even 5 years from now, whoever else you are sacrificing yourself for will not remember or care that you did so for them, if they even notice at the start.  So, why are you denying a happy life for yourself for them, now?

5.  Roku and Sling TV.  This one is a practical one.  I used to pay 80 dollars or more a month for cable or satellite tv, as well as internet for the house on top of that.  Then, I realized that if you already have internet, you can get Slingtv, and you pay only 20 dollars a month for your channels.  That is all you need to see them on your devices.  But, if you desire to watch them on tv, you can do that by simply buying a ROKU device or an Amazon Fire Stick, which lets you watch tv channels free as well as Sling through your internet service.

6.  Sprint ... Not to sound like that guy that used to say, "Can you hear me, now" but now does Sprint commercials, but yeah.  You can save money with Sprint.  I used to be with AT&T, and I had a phone plan where I spent nearly 200 dollars a month for a family plan and only like 8 GB of data, NOT including my wife that had a Sprint phone, herself.  So, after I paid off my contract of my phone, I just went in and looked at what they had to offer.  Getting an LG phone (instead of the Galaxy Alpha I had from AT&T) I could pay 50 dollars down for the phone and put it on her Sprint plan, raising her bill from 86 to 125 TOTAL for both of us to have UNLIMITED data.  The coverage is a little more spotty but not that much.  I use my phone for my Uber driving business, and I still get the rides I want.  So, just doing this combination of plans and on Sprint saved us like 150 dollars a month.

7.  And off that last point, YOU DON'T NEED IPHONE 7.  My LG is doing just fine, and I can still run all the apps I used to run, and in fact it runs BETTER in some cases than it did with the Samsung Galaxy.  You don't have to pay for labels, which leads me to the next point.

8.  Labels.  We buy Great Value WALMART...oh, the horror.  Know what, it's pretty great....often better than the name brand.  Do you REALLY need to be buying a label, when you can be HAPPIER in better tasting food, more comfortable clothes, and have extra spending money to boot?  Better yet, make some things YOURSELF and learn the joy of doing something buy hand.

9.  Uber  .... ok, this is a bit self-serving as I am an Uber driver, but I do it because I believe in it, and I see people all day long from all walks of life that use my service, and the reason is costs less.  I mean, consider that if someone is paying even 10 dollars a ride (a high amount) to go to work and 10 dollars back, that is 20 dollars.  Now, suppose that they do that 5 days a week for 4 weeks.  That is 400 dollars.  Now, if you have the greatest credit you can get a great car payment that is much cheaper than that (but less credit people like myself paid more than that for the car payment), but you will have to pay car insurance and fuel for that car.  In the end, Uber is just cheap.  Even your date won't be that put out, if you are paying for the Uber to pick you both up and take you home.  The rich never drive themselves ANYWHERE, but they are taken places buy their own drivers or...ding ding ding...ME, often.

10.  Finally, I am gonna be a little blasphemous to contemporary church but true to the Bible (as seen in my college degree in Bible studies from Liberty University, even if they would reject this realization, as well).  Tithes.  Fact is that NO WHERE in the Bible does the church (or Temple) have people give MONEY to the religious leaders.  The Old Testament passages that established the tithe did not have it being money but PRODUCTS that could be given to the poor.  However, with current day religion as it is, if you brought a can of soup to your church chances are they wouldn't even know what to do with it, as church NOW consists of giving MONEY to the church, so the pastor can wear nice clothes and fly his plane and build new buildings...all bought with money FROM THE POOR.  Get that?  Rather than the church taking from the rich (who have more to give to the church) and distribute to the poor (those without), it is taking donations from the poor to give to the rich, much like most of the Conservative and Republican party officials of the day (dismiss this point if you desire and accept the rest....I am just stating what I have seen).  So, if you want to give to the poor and YOU ARE POOR, give to yourself...the church will be giving you nothing....and God will be happy to bless you.

These points have definitely helped me live a much happier life on an income half of what it used to be.  It's not about money, but it is about identifying what you desire to be happy and crafting your life in such a way that will bring it about.  Doing so will add years to your life (as you live with less stress to affect your health), and it will bring more life to your years, as you live more of your days doing the things that make you happy on a budget that reinforces that happiness.  I hope they benefit you, a well.

Check out my running playlist on Amazon Music: Runlifekwc June 17 #1

Friday, June 2, 2017

Why We Should NOT Impeach Trump and Why Russia Elected Him

Yes...Trump IS really that stupid.  That is the answer to a question in my mind for months, which I am sure that many of you have been asking, as well.  The question is... does Trump have a malevolent plan to destroy this country, or is he JUST THAT STUPID and being used by others.

However, just look at his record of ACTIONS so far.  He, always, seems to say or do things at just the exact WORSE place or time for him to say or do them.  Under Russia investigation?  Hold a private oval office meeting for the head of Russia Foreign service and give Russia back 2 spy facilities within the USA.

These and other recent actions, as spellings, have led me to conclude what exactly is the truth about the Russia "collusion" with this administration.  No.  It was not a super sophisticated and planned out strategy with a very smart spy Donald Trump, working for Russia.  No... as we watch Trump's recent actions making us the laughing stock of the world, it dawned on me what exactly Russia is getting out of their helping Trump become President.  Just 6 months ago, Russia was a FORMER world power with no influence in the world and the USA under Obama was a world LEADER of policy and economy.  Now, just 150 days into this President, the United States is a laughing stock, and domestically our economy is starting to implode, as we see again and again that Trump has no idea what he is doing up there.

I mean....think about it....if Putin in Russia hated us so much, what better accomplishes their goal of destroying American influence and economy than electing an absolute MORON to run our country?  They probably saw Trump running and Putin laughed and said...we should get HIM to run America into the ground.

And, into the ground we are going.  However, I have to change my own public opinion on something.  I have been calling for the President to be impeached for weeks, now.  Like you, I felt that we needed to do something to save our economy or the environment and to hold him accountable for his actions.  But, if we do that, here is what will happen.  Trump will move aside, and the vice president will take over, and the GOP will claim ethical responsibility and say that their NEW leader will be much better.  But, as I have been pointing out for months and recently, the GOP stands by their elected leader...not in spite of his choices but BECAUSE of them.  Trump didn't deceive the GOP to be elected.  He is so much like they are that they voted for him.  The problem isn't the moron that we elected, but the mass that elected him and have leaders in congress, now.

The best possible outcome is that the GOP gets exposed, which is happening, now, as they call for the elimination of the aid for the poor, tax cuts for the rich, and show the face of their party so that we don't just eliminate the leader they picked but EVERY Republican in the coming elections.

#resist ...but resist the cancer, not the symptom.

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