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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Liberal Contributions - Ballet

In the midst of the wasteland that is called conservative America, you can find glimpses of beauty and style.  One of those would be ballet, although ...if you are having lunch with a conservative couple (as we did), you may hear from the man, "Oh, she made you go see that...i had to endure one, too."

Which was the point at which I knew I would have nothing in common with this almost all guys, since I for my whole life have fit more in the category of girl with my attitudes and personality, always having women friends that liked me for being more like them than their husbands.  

However being openly feminine means I can ENJOY artistic things like ballet with my wife, so on this Trans Day of Visibility, I would recommend you become more public, if you are trans.  The reaction you will get is exactly the one you need to establish the right crowd to be in.

But, back to ballet.  This is a art of MOVING if a painting or sculpture came to life.  Plus, it is a great workout to do their moves and works all the right parts.  The combination of movement, lighting, and music is hard to beat for a date night...and not that expensive if you do the team b group performances or if you can stand the balcony (I can't for fear of heights).  Try it, and you'll be hooked.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Oklahoma ...IM..morality by statistics

As I am finding myself FORCED by the state to live in Oklahoma, because my wife's ex was unwilling to drive to the AIRPORT in town to get his kid for weekends (at my expense) and filed lawsuit to drag us back here (still amazes me that a STATE can dictate where an adult that has broken no law can live... very Handmaid's Tale), I figured I would enlighten the rest of the world about the wonderful morals I have to experience, living in this religious mecca of Tulsa, commonly known in this town as the "holy city" due to having Oral Roberts University pressent, as well as many...many.. megachurches.  So...on with statistics...


Now...being divorced from a HORRIBLE person, myself, I do not see divorce as an evil act, but it is a symptom of evil present in the marriage that ONE or both had to escape.

So, when I read that Oklahoma has the THIRD highest divorce rate in the country, I am not surprised...only 2 places above Arkansas.  Honestly, I don't know why ANYONE would be married to a good ole boy out here that was probably drunk, when he got married, and spends more time away from his wife hunting, fishing, watching football, or at a BAR than with his wife.  Indeed, it is very much like The Man in High Castle depiction of a Nazi America, where the women gather together and send men off to do men things.  That LITERALLY is how most church groups happen in this's group...women's group.  No MARRIED groups.

And...what men says...goes.  So, when a woman wants to get divorced, both Oklahoma and Arkansas put a waiting period, before they can get it done, and YET they STILL have the highest rates.  That shows you how DESPERATE women are to get away from good old GOP state men.


And for good reason.  CNN reports that Oklahoma has the SIXTH highest rate of reported sexual assault in the nation, Arkansas falling one ahead at 5th, which does not surprise me.  Whether driving in traffic or anywhere else, the men in this state seem ONLY interested in themselves.  Women...after all in the church services are told that they should be obedient to their husband and are told by their same churches that they are not ALLOWED to leave an abusive relationship or go to HELL for it.  There is NO CHURCH TEACHING, however, in ANY EVANGELICAL church about the evils of neglecting or abusing your wife.


But, then, violence is a part of what it means to be Republican in Oklahoma, and they do it so well.  Oklahoma is the 10th most violent state by FBI statistics in 2014.  But, what do you expect, when one of the two state schools symbol is a man standing with two handguns in his hands pointed outward...OSU.


In 2016, the poverty rate INCREASED, even though the rest of the country got better, with 1 in 6 families living in poverty.  Showing the racism of the state, the poverty rate for black or hispanic families in Oklahoma was nearly 3 times that of white families.

However, despite the increase in number of those living in poverty, the number of those being approved for food stamp state assistance DECREASED. So, surely churches are picking up the slack?  Wrong.  In all my time in several churches in this area, I have not seen ONE local churches with a food bank or soup line or ANY poverty aid provided, at all.  Instead, I hear "christians" saying their poverty is evidence that they are not right with God and, therefore, deserves the poverty.

Gotta love OKLAHOMA MORALITY...ha.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Liberal Contributions - Alcohol

And, now to make sh*t really get serious for conservatives...ha.  The next liberal contribution to society is alcohol.

Right now, conservatives are angrily tapping their beer bottles and bourbon glasses on the tables in protest...what do you mean, whey would say...we DRINK ... a LOT.

Indeed.  Despite the founders of your religious order saying that drinking alcohol is a SIN (so says all Baptists, Falwell, and other evangelical leaders), conservative states sure do drink a lot of it...but what else is new.  Conservatives are USED to breaking their own commandments.

However, let's take a moment to consider where alcohol COMES from...


The biggest USA region that is known for alcohol is Napa Valley, California.  How did they vote in the most recent presidential elections....

Trump - 17,411
Clinton - 39,199

Hmm.. well, what beer...surely, beer will not let the conservatives, down.


Well...first of all, Budweiser is not an AMERICAN owned beer, which has to be a shock to all the America Only crowd.  So, they can start dumping their FOREIGN owned beer down the drain in protest, now.  But, then, if they are going to go for BETTER beer, they are going to be out of luck, as almost ALL the best beers in the world are foreign owned....foreign from countries that DESPISE Trump.  Most hard liquor is foreign based from these lands, too.

However, if we are going to talk about where Budweiser was founded in the 1800s and has a connection to the beer, here, it is St Louis, Missouri, which is only one of 3 counties in ALL of MISSOURI to defy the rest and vote for CLINTON.  Indeed, the company shocked the nation with it's courage to run IMMIGRANT founded beer commercials in a stunning rebuke of Trump, himself.

Alcohol has always been a friend of the liberals, and it was the CONSERVATIVES and more specifically EVANGELICAL base of the GOP that make drinking ILLEGAL in the past, and they would gladly do it, again, given the chance.

Why do I mention this?  Because, conservatives spend every day complaining about how LIBERALS are the source of all their problems....then, go home, and drink LIBERAL created ALCOHOL till they feel better...and enriching Democrats in the, drink up GOP.  CHEERS!

For the conservatives out there, if your evangelical and fascist GOP only leaders are successful in excluding our "evil" society from you, just keep in mind that you will be finding yourself walled into a conservative compound making your own moonshine and being judged by the very leaders for which you now cheer.  Good luck with that.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Liberal Contributions - Theatre

It was a humorous display of conservative fascism's bravado to think they can tell everyone what do like and do. The news ... MIKE PENCE was angry that the HAMILTON cast criticized him, when he attended their showing, saying they were concerned he would not defend them in their diversity.

This caused Trump to tweet angrily...

"Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing.This should not happen" - The Guardian

But...seriously... This was THEATRE. As even the article notes, it is filled with people of color and sexual orientation and ALWAYS has been. Until the last few hundred years, it was common for ALL roles on stage to be played by men...even women roles in full Crossdressing, trans glory on stage for kings.

So...the humorous bravado is that the most recognized racist homophobe going into the liberal theater IN NEW YORK expected anything else. It wasn't like this was a show in a state that actually VOTED for him, and neither Trump or Pence can ORDER people to love the very ones attacking them or pledge to them) least not yet.

Theatre is a place of self expression and free speech, and as such it is a place where people can say what they feel and be applauded by those with open minds that appreciate the freedom. May it always remain FREE of GOP fascist control.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Liberal Contributions - Freedom of (or from) Religion

Imagine you lived in the 1600s and 1700s.  You fled your country, because they demanded you worship THEIR way.  Now, after a perilous journey, you reach the shores of the America colony.

Then, they tell you you must worship our Christian god and believe OUR way, and we are gonna put signs everywhere telling you what to believe.

Now...that didn't happen.  If it had, no one would have come.  The Republicans can claim they are trying to return this country back to colonialism, but even that is a lie.  The colonists wouldn't sign the Constitution, unless it provided for protection they could believe whatever they wanted without the government trying to establish a national faith.

Enter modern day GOP that establishes legal organizations like Pat Robertson and Jay Sekulow (also a Trump attorney) created ACLJ for the EXPRESS purpose of putting THEIR beliefs in every government institution and school.  They claim they want "freedom of religion" but, then, try to ban Muslims, attack witches, and require atheists to use money saying "in God we trust" and demand they pledge "under god."  

And the ONLY thing holding these back from their agenda to convert everyone, impose the old GOP no Sunday work laws, ban alcohol, proscribe one accepted version of sex and type of clothing and accepted reading material is liberals standing for your RIGHT to believe something else.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Liberal Contributions - Civil Protests

Had a great time with the family at the #marchforourlives local event in the midst of Republican majority Tulsa, Ok.  The location that held the event did not mention it was happening in advance, during, or after.  However, it was filled with students and families protesting gun violence and calling for gun control.  Nationwide, the event gained over 2 million hash tag tweets and early estimates say over a million attended events in New York and D.C. with over 800 crowd locations holding events, elsewhere.

But, this is what liberals do.. We CARE enough to protest, whether it be for LGBTQ rights, environmental protection, minority and gender rights to vote, workplace protection, or protecting animals from abuse.  And...I don't have to prove it to conservatives, because they call us "bleeding heart liberals" BECAUSE we care, as if that is a bad thing.  

If your heart bleeds with the rest of us, vote Democrat.

Evangelical Worship Songs.. Army of God

From a former insider that has a B.S. in Religion at Evangelical Jerry Falwell school Liberty University and was both a security guard at one megachurch and dood greater at another, I figured it time in light of this day protesting gun violence and hearing the Austin bomber was part of a bible study that taught how to shoot guns ..the kind of songs being sung in conservative churches (and has for a decade)...

Revival - "We reach out and claim Your place We won't rest, we won't fade away 'Till You reign forevermore..We will die leaving a revival behind behind"

Awesome God - "Judgement and wrath He poured out on the Sodom"

Onward Christian Soldiers - "Onward, Christian soldiers! marching as to war"

I'm in the Lord's Army (KIDS worship) "I may never march in the infantry Ride in the cavalry Shoot the artillery Imay never fly o'er the enemy But I'm in the Lord's army!"

We Will Worship Him "It is time for battle It is time for war As we sing hosanna As we praise the Lord He will still the accuser Crush the enemy As we celebrate God's victory"

Lion and the Lamb "And every knee will bow before the Lion and the Lamb Every knee will bow before Him"

These are just a few of hundreds of references in "christian" worship referring to being in the military of the "lord," asking him to destroy the enemy, saying God is more powerful than the spirit of the world (unbelievers) and these SAME church leaders are the ones identifying to their members who the "enemy" is in society and training them how to shoot guns (in the bible study or on the side).

Still think it's all just fun and games and a loving religion?  Evangelicals have become a straight up religious terror organization in the name of God, no different than any ither around the world. them... God is on THEIR side (as all others say, also).

Friday, March 23, 2018

It's CULTURE... Don't Expect Immediate Change

With the last post and this one, I feel it is important to make it clear that we will not convince Republicans they are wrong, as many on the left imply.  It is not because we are failing to make it clear.  We don't need a new strategy to show them.  They know.  

They knew who Trump was when they chose him.  They had JUST heard his comments about women when they voted for him for President.  They knew he was a rich ahole, and they liked that about him...because that is how they are, too.

I think that people in liberal states can't believe people can't be that way, but anyone that has lived out here in the new Gilead (Handmaids Tale) knows that is how it is.  

I remember unbering someone, here, and using the guest say, "The mayor promised to do something about these homeless."  She didn't mean feed them but get them out of sight, and that is a great way to describe GOP morality, here.  They CLAIM to be Christian loving, and they will remove out of sight anything that proves them wrong...or attack.  But, they are not about to listen to criticism.  Nothing pisses off a bully  or selfish person more than someone calling them a bully or selfish...just look at Trump's Twitter, daily.

Foxnews will always spin every story.  GOP politicians will always defend themselves, and GOP voters are gonna hold to grandpa's racism and hatred, since it is "southern heritage" values that they prize.  Can there be change?  Maybe, but not for a generation.  Till then, the best we can hope is to limit their influence.

Who is to Blame for cuts, wars, guns, and Trump? GOP VOTERS!

Ok...gonna go off page and vent about the REAL threat to our country.  It is not Trump.  He is just the current dckhd leader they put there.  It is the GOP VOTERS.  It is not deemed proper or acceptable to say, but consider the past...

Trump and GOP Congress - cutting healthcare, cutting poverty aid, making rich richer, making alliances with foreign dictators using ends justify the means reasoning, closing foreign trade crashing the market and economy, amping up for multiple wars, making it a PRIORITY to cut funding for the arts and tell people what bathroom to use, forcing Christianity upon the entire population, restricting freedom of speech, etc. 

BUSH 2 - Started a war with Iraq based on false premise of alliance with Al Queda and WMD (evidence of neither found), launched multiple wars around the world, did away with due cause for privacy violations in OUR country, set up torture prisons, crashed the economy in 2008, cut funding for the arts, etc.

BUSH 1 - Started a war with Iraq based on the false premise of WMD (also never found to be used), had to bail out housing and banks from crashing, etc.

Notice that in both of the Bush administrations, simply POSSESSING a WMD (or the suspicion of it) was reason to fight a multiple year war with the country.  Then....RUSSIA USES THEM IN A NATO COUNTRY TO ASSASSINATE SOMEONE...and Trump has not even spoke against them or called them out on it.  Indeed, he ignored his OWN STAFF's NOTES that told him not to congratulate them and did THAT in the phone call, instead...and STILL didn't mention the nerve agent attack.

And, so...this brings me to this post.  I don't want to focus this on Trump or the GOP leaders...they are aholes..and have been the WHOLE TIME.  I want to focus this condemnation on the GOP voters that put them there...

...the GOP voters that said a one time affair by Clinton was reason to impeach him but doesn't care about 19 women and Trump.
...the GOP that screamed about the deficit under Clinton and Obama, but in the FIRST YEAR of having power added over a TRILLION to our national debt.
...the GOP that condemned Obama for failing to release a birth certificate (until he did) but has NO PROBLEM with Trump refusing to release tax returns.
...the GOP that demanded any involvement in the investigations in the 90s by Clinton would be met with charges, but they don't care at ALL when Trump FIRES his own Attorney Generals multiple times for the explicit reason of stopping the investigation and fires his own Secretary of State and NSA director for saying Russia was a security threat.

Trump is evil.  He is an immoral man that rules by sin and subversion to a foreign power.  At this point, we all know this.  We also know the GOP Congress is bought and sold by rich people to make them richer at the expense of the poor.

HOWEVER, the PEOPLE that put them there...the EVANGELICAL Right that is SUPPOSED to follow their own commandments to love and at the very least NOT LIE are the BASE that allows all of this to happen.

One day, they will meet their makers and hopefully burn in their own fire, but until then, I will make it a mission in my life to not only see no republicans in power but that they are exposed for the EVIL, SELFISH, POWER driven, warmongers and Christofascists that they are.  THEY...not Trump...bear the PERSONAL responsibility for EVERY evil their elected leaders have done.

Liberal Contributions - Art Museums

(My pictures of the Philbrook Art Museum in Tulsa and Dallas Museum of Art exhibits)

Another contribution from the left is art museums, which provides a place for fun, free (on certain days), family time and education in the history and culture of not only ourselves but other people.  And this is only one of many arts funded in part by the same endowments the President and GOP wants to cut.

If you have not gone to your local museum, lately, go.  I have never been disappointed or felt the time was wasted, and I came out not only inspired but with the appreciation of all humanity.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Liberal Contributions - Coffee Shops

(My photo at Tulsa's Utica Square Starbucks)

I am starting a new post series to be posted every day (or every other day).  Trump and the GOP have kept us and the world focused on what is WRONG about the political right, and I feel it is important ro focus on what liberals bring to the table.

Every few months, we hear from the evangelicals how Starbucks is it's symbol is a derivative of a goddess symbol (falsely).  However, how many of them stop for their cup of joe weekly...or daily.  Coffee shops are much more than caffeine tho.  Many of them also have hanging art, calming music, and provide a place for social centering or study.

God bless liberalism.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The GREED of MAGA in a World of Humans in Need

I wanted to address something that I think goes overlooked in the discussion of Trump's Make America Great Again campaign.  The Democrat leaders like to point to the fact that America has already BEEN great, under Obama.  Under his admif pnistration, unemployment was cut in half, debt was cut, GDP rose, and we didn't have to decrease healthcare...increased it in fact.

However, what I want to focus on is the idea that America being GREAT in the midst of the WORLD in NEED would BE a great thing at all. 

It makes perfect sense that RICH people in this country that build great mansions and large churches in the midst of poor communities without helping them (Republicans) would be on board with the idea of building a BIG COUNTRY, as well. 

But...I'm coming back to that poor community around their mansions and church buildings.  Can it REALLY be seen that we are in any sense of humanity GREAT when our brothers and sisters around us are living in poverty and dying from lack of FOOD?

I mean, seriously...isn't that the POINT of why churches used to run mission trips to poor countries to bring them food or help them with water?  Has Evangelicals MATURED beyond the compassion to help the least of these? 

There was a time that I was working at one of my jobs, and I had JUST told the group that I was struggling to make it to the next payday, and one of the other men in the group (later in a conversation with someone else about something else) says, "Yeah...I always carry a few hundred dollars in cash in my wallet, just in case."  He was LITERALLY standing 2 feet behind me holding out hundred dollar bills as evidence.  How do you think that made me feel?

Well, THAT is how the rest of the world feels when Trump touts how RICH he is and how GREAT the country would be, while saying that his mission is to close our border and make sure that NO ONE else gets ANY of our money.

This is the attitude of the rich land owners in Ireland (and other lands), before the poor rose up and burned their houses down, and I expect that is EXACTLY what the rest of the world would do, if we tell them to eat dust, while Trump and his crowd eat caviar...and maybe, that is EXACTLY what we deserve.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Pay Attention: Cambridge Analytica story is BIGGER THAN TRUMP

Having an insane President with his hand on the nuclear button and able to destroy people's lives and finances is definitely an important story.  Him firing his Secretary of State and NSA Chief for questioning Russia, confirming the President is under the influence of a foreign power is even more important.

HOWEVER, as I started digging into this Cambridge Analytica - Facebook story, it has taken precedence as the MOST IMPORTANT STORY IN THE NEWS NOW.  When I go through it, you will see.

Channel 4 News did an undercover expose (complete with hidden cameras and microphones) with Cambridge Analytica, acing like they were a potential client and wanted to hear about the company.  Click here for their news story...

What they discovered...

...Cambridge analytica claimed victory for the election of Trump, citing the popular vote loss as evidence that they did their job.
...Their system analyzed the personal data of private voters in swing states, and created crafted feeds just for them (more on this in a bit).
...They coordinated with campaigns, such as Trump's campaign, so that all the positive news went through official news, while the negative stories they wanted aired were fed into the internet feeds of group members they knew would run with the story (which in the story CA officials says it doesn't matter if they are true).  This allowed CA to state on the hidden camera that their work, then, would be "untrackable"...implying they KNOW they needed to hide it.
...CA employed both Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway....ever wonder what they had on the President to get those jobs...ding ding ding.. they helped him get HIS JOB as President.
...Steve Bannon is currently under investigation for receiving almost a million dollars from coordinating Superpac activities with the Trump campaign, violating election laws.

Now, two follow up notes.  One....other than Bannon, the other GOP figure that has intimately involved in the Cambridge Analytica is Ted Cruz.  HERE is an article about Ted behind legislation, last year, to make it legal for companies to take your browser history without telling you and selling it to others.  Now, I wonder why a CA funded politician would want to do that...hmmm...

Now, to get back to why it is important that FACEBOOK gave this data to CA, who used it in the election cycle and why it is illegal. 

Imagine that I was going to meet you and wanted to say just the right things to get you to buy my product.  So...I BREAK INTO YOUR HOUSE and rifle through your photos and papers, so I would know what you watch, what you read, what you owe, and who you like.  THEN, I take that info and "meet" you for the first time, saying what I know will sway you to accept my offer. 

Now...THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID IN THE ELECTION.  FACEBOOK is your house of interests, and they gave that to this analytic firm that, under the direction of the campaigns, created ads that they knew would influence you.  Then, they used Russian hackers to put those stories in your feel...crafted JUST FOR YOU by your manipulate you to vote just how they wanted you to vote.

No wonder they claim they gave Trump the election.  They did.  If we keep just focusing on the putz in the White House, we will have missed the machine that PUT HIM THERE and can do it, again...over and over.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Exposing Corporate Insurance GREED (not all insurance)

For today's expose on corruption in the marketplace, I want to talk about Corporate Insurance...or to put it another way....Benefits, are they really?

I thank God every day that I left the corporate world to follow my own happiness.  I only made a few ventures into the world of corporate accounting, and I have definitely learned enough to keep me from ever doing it, again.  I discuss some of those stories in Shh ... Lessons Learned in My Fall From Grace. (free download)  I didn't talk about EVERYTHING I learned, there, so expect a sequel at some point in the future (maybe next year).

Benefits...are they really?

The scam is pretty well laid out.  You finished COLLEGE for a degree that financial magazines told you would make you money (funny how that works...a mag written by a business).  Then, as you took those classes (often at a for profit college by a high paid professor paid to tell you good things) using your student loans (via corporate money to get paid back with interest), you dreamed of the things you would do with your higher income.

Then, you graduate.  

Now, you face TWO realities.  First, IF you are poor, you have student loans to repay (the rich had daddy pay for school so they stay rich and you stay poor).  I will do another post on that in the near future.  However, the second thing you face, even sooner is....benefits.

Now, two important things need to be noted. is not all insurance companies.  There are legitimate low cost, term life policies that can cover emergency accidents or life that are worthy.  Second, it has not always been this way.  Even a few years ago it was not this bad.  However, my own testimony (witness) of what I faced, this year.

When I was forced to move back to Tulsa for my wife's lazy ex, I had an immediate need to pay for moving costs and to get setup, here.  So, I worked at my old job at IBM (a mistake) via contract doing the same job I was paid 60K to do a few years ago at 40K without IBM having to pay benefits (is happening a lot, btw...they fire someone, hire them back at lower pay without paying benefits, and the unemployment rate is unaffected).

My benefits for this job was included in my contract company's benefits package (though an IBM employee confirmed to me that is how much it costs them, too).  For a family policy, I would be paying 1300 dollars a month as my insurance payment.  Kinda high, right?  Surely, then, I am definitely covered, in case something happens.  Except...I'm not.  Before the insurance company would pay out a single dime, I would have to pay the 7000 dollar per person deductible. recap, in the event that anything happened to me that DIDN'T cost over 7,000 in one year (I have never had over that in expenses in a single year), I would STILL be paying ALL of the cost of the expense, and for this ...benefit... I get to pay them 15 thousand dollars a year.

So...I refused the insurance.  OH NO..people would don't have insurance?  You are right, there is the risk that something would happen that costs more than 7,000 (since if it is less I am paying, anyway).  However, IF it were to happen, and I DID have to pay that cost, it would be tax deductible at least partially, if it exceeded the standard deduction, and that amount would be comparable to what the insurance company would have paid.

Now, I will be taking out emergency care, this month.  There are some great emergency care policies at places like Aetna that cost less than a hundred and provide thousands in the event of an emergency...they not only don't TELL  you these exist at IBM or Manpower, but they don't OFFER them to you, either.  The corporations only provide you the alternatives that are the most PROFITABLE...again, funny how that works.

I am not sure I like Bernie Sanders as a President, but I do like him as a social economist, and his plans work.  For all the heat he takes on his single payer health insurance plan, the alternative is WHAT I JUST TOLD YOU....corporate greed, while the workers get nothing, and HIS plan specifies no high deductibles.  It is the health care plan we need.

Vote democrat.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Trump Got Matching Orders from Putin

My recap of the news of the last few days, including the firing of the NSA Director, Secretary of State, FBI Deputy Director and the foundation laid for firing FBI Investigator Mueller ... All because they questioned Putin, who owns our President.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Notice Repubs Don't Check With You Before Deciding For You?

One of the most infuriating things about dealing with conservatives is their elitist twist to portray everything they do as being FOR YOU, even though they never CHECK with you, first.  Then, if you disagree with them, you just don't understand yourself.

The duplicity of this party is absolutely astounding.  Remember this is the party that CLAIMED they were for state rights for decades.  Then, they get to national power and impose their values on EVERY state, even those that didn't VOTE for TRUMP and condemn those in those states that happen to be lesbian or gay or trans or liberal or socialist or pacifists or of another face color or faith choice...or female.

But, this is what they do.  That is why like half of Tulsa is blocked off with road construction, under Republican leadership.   They didn't care if the drivers had a hard time getting to work and are not really interested in HEARING about it, either.  They figured they knew what was BEST for ALL Tulsa, so they just did it.

This is like my recent chat I had with my ex-wife that I referenced in another post.  I don't talk to her, because I can't go ONE chat without her telling me how is best for me to live in my life in my house SIX YEARS after we were no longer married.  And, we are, now, living back in Tulsa, because of my wife's ex and a court that decided whether it was BEST for the kids to move 3 hours away for a 40 percent pay increase, even if we paid for flights for the kids to see the ex (they decided no...and so back we came).  No one even ASKED us...or the KIDS ... what WE wanted...only the man.

This FASCIST PRIDE needs to end that says someone not in my family can decide how best that family is run or if I can leave an abusive ex or whether someone can choose their own personality traits, clothing styles, or sexual preference.  The ONLY person who knows those things is the only one Republicans are not asking...the person themselves.

No Mercy to Republicans (They Knowingly Chose Evil)

We just had a congressional race for a district in Pennsylvania for a district Trump won by 20 percent.  It appears, barring any changes, that the Democrat will be the next Representative.  And, that is the Democrat narrative.  It was the narrative DURING the campaign, as they ran on Democrat platforms.  Then, after the victory, it was the narrative after the race.  They was a good race, but the Democrat won, because they love Democrats.

Except.  It's NOT.  He WON, because the last GOP person to hold that seat had sex with someone and then PAID for them to get an abortion, while preaching that abortion was wrong.  So, why wasn't THAT what the race was about?  Because, the Democrats wanted to be fair and polite to the Republicans.  It wouldn't be NICE to talk about a man when he was down.

BULLSH*T.  This is the kind of response that KEEPS us having to DEAL with Republicans.  I don't want to be nice to Republicans...the ones preaching law.  The ones literally telling all others that they are going to burn in hell fire for their "sins," while feeling perfectly content with their own.

And, it is common.  No...not every Republican is banging somebody on the side and paying for abortions.  However, ALL of them voted .... KNOWINGLY ... for someone that has had MANY affairs and who is angry (which Jesus called murder) and who loves money (which Jesus said is the root of all evil).  They CONTINUE to support (as a party, not just congressmen) a man that is not a peacemaker but war lover.  They continue to support him, as he takes away the healthcare and food of the poor and aged.  They continue to support him, even though EVEN HE BRAGGED ABOUT HOW WELL HE LIES this week, when he talked about his meeting with a foreign power.

But, that is not the reason I think that they deserve no mercy...that they have as much or more sins in their belt than those they condemn.  It is BECAUSE this all STARTED when they condemned everyone else.  They may not like having the light of biblical condemnation put on them, but they have built an entire PARTY on using GOD to HATE and CONDEMN all others...others that GOD MADE.  The only reason we are TALKING about sin, is that THEY brought it up.  Before they did, we were and are ok with everyone doing whatever they want with their own body and lives.  However, THEY changed the tone by saying that we must live by a higher law and started pushing all others down with it.

So, no....I don't feel sorry for them that they look foolish and is an accurate depiction.  I don't feel bad pointing out how they morally failed by breaking their Scripture, INCLUDING how the President's son followed his dad's example to get a divorce and how that doesn't bother the evangelicals showing them to be hypocrites, because I went through a half DECADE of church condemnation for doing the same thing, and no one in the church came to MY defense.

These are false disciples of Jesus, even though they do it in his name...the name of the man that is famous for saying, let him without sin throw the first stone, but these evangelicals have not cared one whit what Jesus EVER said, and now they are being exposed on the world stage as frauds.

I not only hope they lose majority power, but I hope (and will help to bring about) their elimination AS A PARTY, completely...not because they did wrong but because they KNOWINGLY did wrong, defended it, and praised it.  We have had many parties disappear over the course of our nation's history, and it is time this party died, this decade, as the party of fascist, ahole, men who (as will be recorded in history) tried to impose their cult lifestyle on everyone in a country they intended to surround with walls, cut off from the rest of the world, and that woke up the country how far we have come from the land of the FREE and inspired us to become the home of the brave, once again.

Runlifekwc March 2018 Fitness Playlist

Click here for my March 2018 running and fitness playlist

Ongoing Coup' at Trump White House (About Time)

I believe what we are seeing at the Trump White House is an attempted Coup D-Etat.  It's about time that it happened, but I am not praising any involved (who also need to be jailed).  They are just distancing themselves from a ticking time bomb coming from Mueller, and they knew what Trump was when they joined him.

Here's why I think this is happening.

First, Secretary of State Tillerson says Russia was behind the attack on the UK, and he learns from a Trump tweet on the way to work the next day that he is fired.  This would have triggered a "suicide pact" formed by Tillerson, Mattis, and Mnuchin that should one of them be fired the others would quit.  Just the fact that they FORMED such a pact not only shows how instable Trump is seen in the White House, but it shows all involved as being COMPLICIT in what they KNEW was happening, there.

The other two have not quit, but the fact that Trump fired his National Security Advisor McMasters for saying the same thing about Russia distracted the press from the 2nd action from the suicide pact.  The TREASURY department, on the same day, issued sanctions on 19 Russian entities involved in the Russian hacking of the election....which Trump has denied happening and a sanction order that does not mention Trump as issuing them.  And....who runs Treasury?  Mnuchin.

Meanwhile, so far, Sessions has refused to fire either Mueller, the special counsel or Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General that appointed Mueller.  However, this week Trump started floating plans to fire Sessions and replace him with someone who WILL fire the Russia-Trump investigator.  Seeing this coming down the pike, what is the Justice Department response?  Yesterday, they issued a subpoena for Trump Organization records related to Russia.  

Then, we have this by the Department of Homeland Security, saying that Russia hacked the power grid of the USA (another government document without Trump authorization or carrying his name.  DHS is formerly headed by John Kelly, the current Chief of Staff of Trump.  The Independent wrote an article, last year, that said Kelly and Mattis (the 3rd in the pact) have been so concerned about Trump that they made a personal agreement that one of them should always be in the USA to keep an eye on Trump.

There are two ways of looking at this, and both are true.  So far, the press has only jumped on the first of them, which is to say that Trump is paranoid and mentally instable and firing all his top staff to clear house in the manner of a North Korea dictator.  However, the OTHER side is what I am talking about here.  These previously loyal Trump officials that ate from his Lord's Table private retreats, where they have him his demanded divine adoration, are this almost a coordinated fashion, defying their own President to scream RUSSIA IS A THREAT, at risk of losing their own jobs (and potentially prison for complicity).

And, if even they are doing it at personal risk, you KNOW this ship has run its course for these greedy rich appointees, who are acting against their divine leader (and money bag), before Mueller starts knocking at their doors, too.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Be You... For You

I am doing alot more of this, lately....smiling.  I am very happy with my life choices, and that is the point.  I used to feel it was my "place" in the family to be the designated "male" asshole, since I had the penis...and I hated it.  I vowed never to be that person, again.  There have been a few periods of failing myself that I took on the "ugh, I just have to work THIS job that pays more, even if I hate it" or "I just have to raise my voice to get the kids to mind." 

Except... It was all b.s.  I usually ended up being barely any better off financially (if at all after paying benefits that wouldn't be used until I paid 7000 out of pocket in deductible), while working hard hours away from family for a boss that could care less for me.  And, all you teach kids by raising your voice is to fear you.  If you were a male wanting status and control, both of the above would be fine.  I have met many men that are only happy when they are the angry "profeasional" guy, but that is not me.

For me... The stay at home dad of 7 years in the past, romantic driven, experience person that I am, MEMORIES are my treasure, and my memories as "the man" was a curse.  The last few years of saying... I am gonna be me, for me, and find ways to enjoy my days may have drawn the ire of those wanting me masculine for their own ends, but, at the end of the day, I am smiling...and that's all I will remember.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Veteran Challenging Veterans Preference

Ok...time for my controversial post of the week (only one?).  I think it is time we challenged a little thing called Veterans Preference.

Before the conservatives start tar and feathering me, a little about MY military background.  I have veterans preference.  Oh?  I must have fought in a war, right?  NOPE.  How did I get it, then?  Because about 20 years ago, Republicans changed the law, and a "veteran" is someone that SERVED during a time of war, and they declared Iraq an open war, since the 1990's....then Kosovo...then..Iraq...then Afghanistan...then Iraq...then ...and so on and so forth.  Or, BASICALLY ANYONE THAT SERVED THE LAST 20 YEARS qualifies as a veteran, whether they fought in a war or not.

Well, is that really bad, you may ask?  Now, while I was and am a moral person from BEFORE my time in the military, I served in units with many that were not...ex cons, people that talked about using and abusing women, people that spoke joyfully about shooting people, etc.  EVERY ONE of these people (over half of my units) would NOW qualify for veterans preference....for jobs they are not qualified to do.

Get that?  THINK about it.  If they were really "the best trained" for the jobs in the military, they wouldn't need preference, and veterans preference is not limited in the slightest to what they did in the military.  So, for example, I got my first IRS Auditor job with veterans preference, which allowed me to get an accounting job, before I had even finished my degree and with NO experience.  In fact, for that job, my category of veterans preference put me ahead of ALL other candidates.  They LITERALLY COULD NOT select someone more qualified and follow the GOP passed law.

SO...that means that throughout government branches and, afterwards, in industry as a result of government work gained by veterans preference, our industries are filled with people with NO experience or training that, because they were trained to kill people, have authority over all other candidates.

This is also a SEX DISCRIMINATION, as the military is selective of men for battle positions, and it is a field that men would choose to do more than women (by majority).  Therefore, by penalty of law, there is a benefit to MEN who served over women that apply.  Why is it that only SOLDIERS get this preference.  I think NURSES or TEACHERS also provide a great service to the country, so why are they not getting hiring preference?

It is time for this boy's club GOP preference is ended, so we have fairer hiring and qualified candidates.  Maybe THEN people won't have to talk about the lazy and inefficient government workers that messed up their case...AGAIN, and we can actually move FORWARD to a better society.

Who Loves Ya

Thought I would blog about a theme I have talked about from time to time in the past.  Words Vs Actions.  It is easy to say, "I love you," to someone eagerly waiting to hear it.  It is harder to SHOW you love someone, and those that are only saying it to GET things for themselves often won't go the distance of actually doing anything for you.

I have said it, before.  Someone that loves you won't have to say that they do, because it will be evident by their actions, while someone that does not will make it all the worse by their actions contradicting false words.

When you love someone, you place their happiness as a priority, even over their own happiness.  If you cannot point to a time that someone sacrificed something they desired for you, they don't love you...only themselves THROUGH you. 

This applies to relationships, job managers, churches, or politicians.  If they have not sacrificed for you in some way that has hurt their power or poll numbers, they are just lying to you.  If they have not given up their time for you or money for you or PRIDE for you, they do not love you.  They are just using you, expecting you to be there for THEIR ego and support, instead of any concern for you, at all. 

Personally, I think life is too short to invest your days of it in people that barely notices you are there and won't miss you when you are gone.  Move on to happier days and the freedom of self respect.  Life has taught me there are people waiting to take the place of those that you lose (who already lost you, long ago).


Busting the "Immigrants Taking Our Jobs" Myth

It is one of the trademarks of the Trump GOP to hear that they have to stop "those immigrants" (usually laced with language calling them drug lords or murderers) from taking "our" jobs...or our tax dollars or etc.  So, it is only fair to determine if there are logic problems with that claim.  Yes...there are...

1.  First of all, saying "our" impies immigrants are not a part of us, forgetting we are a country of immigrants.  You could say they mean illegals, only, except ... #2.  

2.  Illegal aliens couldn't GET your job.  Do you recall having to show your social security card and license to get your job?  Illegals couldn't DO that.  The only jobs they might get are extreme manual labor, unskilled, and low paid jobs.

3.  If that is the only kind of jobs you have in your state, that is not the fault of the immigrants but your...ehem...STATE GOVERNMENT.  See #4

4.  Our COUNTRY isn't losing jobs...only GOP states.  While the Republican states that represents these frustrated workers are losing jobs, DEMOCRAT states ... Where must business resides (see how that works) is gaining both jobs and population....FROM IMMIGRATION with plenty to go around.

Instead of taking responsibility for their own weakness promoting commerce and providing jobs for their people, Republicans have institutionalized "if we can't have it, you can't either."  

In short, conservatives just need to grow up and take responsibility for their own failures, instead of blaming others.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Fall From Grace - Oklahoma "Divorce" Female Shaming

My 2nd Fall from Grace post of the day, but as my wife's legal case is's time, and since I was informed by the Oklahoma court early on that my opinions don't count in their custody agreement as I am not a party to it (as step father), I am not bound to any agreements to be silent, either....after all.  I am only "boyfriend" in his documents which were never corrected by the court.

So.  Short summary.  Last year, I took a job 3 hours away.  We followed state law and notified him of the move.  He did not object in time allowed.  He paricipated in the agreements.  He received funds from us for expenses of travel, under the new agreement.  Then, 3 months later, after like 10 weekends at his house under the plan, he objects and filing lawsuit charging my wife with contempt on the charge she failed to notify him of the move and "unilaterally" moved without communication with him.  Every facet of the charge was false, which the custody law specifies SHOULD result in him being in contempt for filing.  

However, this is Oklahoma.  The "man" had spoken, and even with out producing evidence showing he had lied, let's review how all this ended.  We went to mediation, and to make OUR part in the concessions, we moved up here.  What did he end up giving? The case being done, I still don't have an answer to that, since my wife just signed a statement in which the court seems to have adopted every charge of his as true, and my wife basically promised not to do it, again (in terms that would violate gay marriage beside the point).  There was no mention in the documents that he only takes 1/4 of his summers with them, no warning for him to take additional time, and no adjustment of child support based on his allotted time.  

So, it didn't matter AT ALL that he lied or that he was uninvolved.  In the end, the man was right, and the woman was shamed and made to feel guilty for following the law he didn't and watching the kids on times he rejected, while the court said the kids are not to be told their "dad" did anything wrong or that he threatened to send their mom to jail for lies.

Gotta love Oklahoma "family values" ... Court style.  Next GOP candidate for The Handmaids Tale.

Fall From Grace - Conservatives Don't Give, They Buy

I am going to continue my Fall from Grace post series, here, I began on of my testimonies in my journey from blind Republican to aware Democrat of the things Republicans did in the name of "family values" and God.  It may not end up as a book.  Instead, I may just move them all to this site on a unique page.  It's time people speak up, even if others don't like it... Or especially if so.

For today's addition, I will reference my interaction with my ex over the last week and use it to illustrate another truth about conservatives.  They don't give... They buy.

I don't talk to my ex out of experience.  I got away from her, because she saw it as expected that "if I cared for her" I would surrender my desires to help her "succeed," which meant gain personal status and income.  Then, when I left out of self respect, i had many, many conversations that ended with my being stressed out and my telling her that our being divorced meant she could not tell me how to live my life. However, she never changed, so I determined the only way to have peace was not to talk to her...especially as she paid no child support at her demand.

In all the years of the divorce, she has paid nothing with two a few years ago paying a hundred and this last weekend paying 50.  Both times, it was followed by a request/demand.

This time, there was suddenly 50 dollars in my account.  I went to my email to find her, first, tell me it was for my family and so my daughter could have gloves.  This was my first notice she had apparently lost one of her gloves, and we told her to tell us when she had a need and not my ex.

Then, a few days go by, and my ex sends me a note to call her.  So, I do.  She begins by asking how things are going, and I told her how things were good.  We had made it through the tight financial period during (which would not have been tight if she paid support).  And, it took less than a minute for her to get to her point of telling me what toys my daughter should play with in my house.  

And, there it is... Why she sent any money at all.  She has never given anything, whether it be money or time, unless she uses it as I returned the 50.

But, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  I have never received anything from her parents without passive control.  The same is true of conservatives, pretty much anywhere.  They don't give. They buy.  It makes sense from their greedy perspective.  They need return on their investment, which is why they will even judge you for not accepting a vocal apology, as it was not from contrition but to get a clear conscience and clean slate.

Understanding this explains why evangelicals will give at church but fight to cut poverty aid taxes.  GOD promised them ABUNDANT WEALTH (in their mind) for church tithes, which fulfills their selfish greed, while giving to the poor just feeds someone else.  When conservatives DO give in these programs, it is accompanied by requirements on the poor getting their money, because it was not given but loaned...with interest, which is why Trump's current Education Secretary owns student loan collection firms.

If charity must be paid back, it is not a gift worthy of any eternal reward.  Instead, the church of God has become slave owners of the poor and harrassers of the weak and disparaged.  My hope is their "reward" is to live another life, after this one, born in their slaves skin and lifestyle.  They probably won't learn, but it would only be fair.


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Side note... I don't hate #monday anymore.  Do you? If so, do something about it 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

And Now My Introduction (on Chapter 3)

I am a blogger.

I think I am finally able to establish my online identity, focus, and limits...just took me a few years of feeling things out and trying things out, and I think that everyone needs to do to do just that...whether it be jobs, relationships, hobbies, or whatever.  You cannot know what you like, before you start trying things.  Even as kids, we stuck like...DIRT in our mouths to see if we liked the taste of it.  Just because you are an "adult" doesn't mean you know ANYTHING about things you have not tried.  So, after years of trying separated blogs, different products, different social media, and book ideas, I am ready to define myself (and stick to that definition for focus going forward).

I am a blogger.  In the end, that is really what it is.  It's like the fact that I am also an uber driver, when I am not online.  As I wrote about in a recent blog, you gotta follow your bliss.  You should do a job that you would like doing, even if no one paid you for it and for which you would say...people PAY you for that?  Just as with the writing focus, I tried many different employments, as well.  However, it has ONLY been the case that when I am driving people or products and listening to my music that I feel...HOME.  Many times as I did so, I told myself, remember how happy you are, right now. 

This also applies to my blogging.  When I am writing, it's not that I am writing for money, which is why I don't like the writer's market books that say, write this if you want profit.  I think that is selling yourself out.  It's also not that I feel superior to anyone and need them to bend to my will.  I greatly support diversity, so long as those I support also support diversity.  I write because...I HAVE to.  If I were not able to write what I see and experience, I think I would explode.  Only recently, I realized that of the 5 Divergent book series houses, I would be Candor, more than anything, because I feel that TRUTH is the highest standard people need in order to make wise decisions and that lies are the greatest mortal sin...since they block that guiding knowledge.

I also don't feel that writing a book works, even though I tried that a few times.  Those that agree with me, already agree.  Those that don't, don't.  So, I can provide an entertaining read for fellow interesting people, but I don't think I would buy my own books or theirs, since we share the same story.  Nor do I think that products based on my works (like t-shirts or coffee mugs) works, either, as I am not a prideful prick that needs validation.

SO, here's my introduction (on chapter 3 of my life's work).  I am a blogger.  This will be my blog ... and will be where I put all my works (other than the election races site, which will be ONLY informationon those election races.  All else will go, here.  It will be broad to include all that encompasses me, since I am just a lifestyle blogger, and my lifestyle includes all of those things previously on other blogs... running, yoga, meditation, magic, relationship awareness, being liberal in conservative america, discrimination, the arts, dates, tv programs we like, movies we like, and whatever perks my interest for that day.  Being not focused may hurt it in the ratings, but I am not writing it to sell it (if I make ANY money it will be from the Amazon affiliate links I will add to the blog) but just because I can and take joy in bringing awareness, support, and entertainment to those that read or subscribe (via email on the page).


Saturday, March 10, 2018

My Tulsa Liberal Diary - March 10, 2018

This is the first post of this series, focused on the life of a liberal in enemy territory (literally) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after we were forced to move back here by an un-involved ex of my wife that failed to protest our move a few hours away (still not great area but better), even though he failed to object in the allotted time and was participating in the new arrangement..but decided he didn't like the idea of us living in a better place, and used the excuse of him HAVING to drive to get them (even though we offered to fly her to his town, so visits would be him driving to an airport the same distance as picking her up, here).

So, anyway, we are back in the OKLA...yay...not.  It's like nails on a chalkboard, daily, even though to THEM, it's normal (which gives some clue about what "normal" society for them would be for us all.  But, we have do deal with things like the following, from just this week...

...the corporate job I got upon moving back to Tulsa, IBM, asked me to break audit rules and make up data for an audit.  I refused to make up data, so they pushed me to pull the data from the next month's pending report, which I warned them would cause reconciliation and system issues.  However, I conceded and said that due to this I would be there a month at maximum.  They asked me to stay a month, and so I worked on the end of month payments and recons.  Two days later, the DAY I completed the recons and payments, they sent word AFTER I left from the day that that day was my last day.  Now, I was and am actually very happy that happened, as I didn't want to be there a single day, longer.  However, the fact that they dragged me on until I did the hard work was typical of this company.

...during the first day of driving I established the oldies stations that I wanted to listen to for my Ubering, and I LOVE the music.  Driving to music is version of heaven.  However, it has to be noted that one of the stations I hear runs a commercial for an Oklahoma company that touts their clothes for men line, saying... "When a man wears a suit, he should be the best version of's about knowing who the MAN is in the family."  No joke...that is literally running on the air, several times a day, here.

...this is a society of complainers.  I thought that BOSTON had the market on complaining for sport, but I am realizing, lately, that conservatives set the definition of what it means to be that way.  You hear them on Fox News, daily, and it has been that way for a decade at least...waaa waaaa waaaa....I don't have a job, so it is the IMMIGRANTS fault.  I have to pay taxes, so it is OBAMA's fault (forget that those taxes pay for social programs, because them having to pay for the poor is ANOTHER complaint.  It is a party of babies, and I get to hear their whining, wherever I go.  Just today, we were getting glasses for our two girls, and I had to hear (and observe) a woman stop us in the vision store to complain (without even knowing us) about the cost of the glasses.  Then, another walked by us, twice, complaining out load right in front of us about the long wait.  Then, as we were getting them fitted for the glasses, the woman working complained about not eating lunch, because another complained the call center had scheduled them too many appointments.  WAAAAA.  Babies.  How about...grow up and realize YOU MADE MONEY, TODAY.  If you don't like doing the job, leave.  So, to get away from that negative atmosphere, I went over to Reasors to get some food (a generally higher class grocery market that I usually avoid but went to, today).  As I was coming up to check out, first a woman cuts in front of me, starting a conversation with someone ahead of me and then putting her stuff in front of mine (like I said..shove my way in should be the Oklahoma motto).  Then, the man, behind me, complained that there was a checkout line open without his light on...."Well, THAT would have been nice to know," he said.

But, on the positive, we took our kids out to the local art museum, so I will end with this positive experience and advice.  If you are looking for some inexpensive thing to do with your kids, Philbrook Museum has a "second Saturday" event each 2nd Sat of the month,when it is FREE to of many free things to do, around town, that I would and will recommand in this post series.  We may have to endure conservative assholes, but we can at least decompress with wonderful things like this...

The Eternal Answer to What Should I Do (Life Guide)

If you are ever questioning what you should careers, relationships, or anything, you should do what you love, or follow your bliss as comparative religion expert Joseph Campbell (an influence of Star Wars writer George Lucas) labeled it...

"If you do follow your bliss,
you put yourself on a kind of track
that has been there all the while waiting for you,
and the life you ought to be living
is the one you are living.
When you can see that,
you begin to meet people
who are in the field of your bliss.." 

The concept of doing what is truest to you can also be seen in Shakespeare's famous line "To
 thine own self be true" (Hamlet) and in the writings of Lord of the Rings author Tolkein's work Music of the Ainur (in Silmarillion)...

"Eru brought all the Ainur together and declared that they would play a song greater and more complex than they had ever sung before. He told them that they would be allowed to weave their own thoughts and ideas into this Music, since they had been kindled with the Flame Imperishable and thus had the power of creativity."

And in that story, as in all of these stories founded on an original concept behind myth, there is a dark lord that rose that hated the diversity of the music or freedoms of the individuals.  Melkor in this story, Darth Vador (and others) in Star Wars, and etc.  Today, that power that has arisen is the Republican party in the United States and Trump as it's chosen leader.  Like other fascist dictators of the past and those in other parts of the world, they have one enemy in their global quest of influence ... FREE WILL. 

It was the threat of the Roman Pope's saying this is the only version of Christianity.  It is the threat of every religion that hates all other religions.  It is why a black man (automatically different from empowered whites) kneeling on a football field, silently, instead of joining a chant of loyalty to Trump, was a bigger threat than any foreign power, cause of national deaths (like guns or drugs) or any other thing.  How DARE they sing a song NOT led by the great and powerful leader but a song of their own.  It's why the LGBTQ community are under attack and told to keep their song to themselves and why the arts community was immediately defunded by the incoming GOP President.  Freedom is a threat ONLY to someone with the intent to enslave.

So, when you are considering the question...should I do THIS or THAT, ask yourself which makes you happy and follow that.  Every choice will be accompanied by the need to stand up and invest yourself in the choice, which will not always be pleasant.  However, if you chose a path apart from yourself for the purpose of financial or social reward, you will find that existence hollow and find you not only dislike your LIFE but YOURSELF for betraying your principles for thirty pieces of silver.  While those that follow their bliss need no other reward to make them happy...the NATURAL joy of being yourself will well up within you and those angry to have lost influence over you can never take that away.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Challenge Christian Presumption (and all others)

Sherlock Holmes character is often quoted saying..

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twistfacts to suit theories, instead oftheories to suit facts."

Yet, we do. It took me decades of living, before I started challenging the presumptions I grew up hearing as "truth" as to right, wrong, and normal and perverse.  Really, it didn't start till my divorce from a cold, selfish, "christian" lady, BECAUSE I knew that a loving God would not want me to suffer and would not judge me for caring for myself...ONLY to find myself JUDGED by Evangelicals as a whole, as if I were the selfish, evil person for not allowing myself to be used.

After this, I began to challenge presumptions I had held, one by one, and found my eyes opened to SO MUCH wrong that I had grown up "knowing" as right, and so much RIGHT that I had previously not only been led to see as right but was explicitly told it was a sin to even CHALLENGE it.  But, now, I see it as part of my life's mission to put this stuff out there for others to see.  Today, I want to do so with Christianity.

Is it "Christian" to be Christian?

Trump and the GOP have made it really easy to challenge Evangelicals and Conservative Christian Right followers as hypocrites, because they literally spend most of there time finding fault with people in the world to judge them, even as they forcefully vote for and defend politicians that have multiple sexual affairs, covet money and things, take away aid from the poor, spread lies, and so many more violations of their own Ten Commandments...and call it Christian.

However, as someone with a degree in the Bible from one of their own conservative colleges, Liberty University, I have long seen problems with even the structural framework of Christianity from which evangelicals departed.  It's not a recent thing, either, for "Christians" to be not like even the Christ in their "Scripture" but even THAT is something that needs to be challenged with logic.

Consider.  Isn't it convenient that the Scripture that is not to be challenged favors men over women, when you consider that it was written EXCLUSIVELY by MEN, VOTED for as Scripture by MEN, and not only features men as saviors but explicitly says...

"I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control." - 1 Timothy 2:11-15

...written by a man...convenient.  Hmm.  This self serving nature of Scripture goes back not only the entire history of the Bible's texts but the societies that carried them out.  It was convenient that Moses, as a former Egyptian Prince, declared HIMSELF to be the ONE person to speak for God (as Egyptian rulers did) and laid down Egyptian style laws and procedures including animal sacrifice, which was common in his prior kingdom.  More convenient that he literally wrote down their history (carrying over Egyptian mythology as their own) and gave himself and his council the authority to pick new leaders to carry on the "truth"...lest people actually think for themselves.

When Jesus came, they wrote down the things he said and did, but even one of those Bible writers says it was only a fraction of what he said and did, and NONE of the books were written by Jesus and NONE were written till DECADES after the events took place.  By that time, the "Gospels" that were written fit nicely into the already existing church structure, validating them, alone, as Jesus designated vessels of truth, long after Jesus were there to SAY whether that was, in fact, true.  And, further, the leading person that spoke for God was DIRECTLY responsible for the betrayal of Jesus to death, and the main epistle writer was previously a Roman killer of Christians....but, hey, they could be trusted to speak the truth if it worked against them, right?  Or, would they preach a message that says...the past is the past, so don't challenge me.  Isn't that EXACTLY the summary of the Roman Road and FORGIVENESS?

But, let's skip down the road from the Church's founding.  What has happened over the centuries of "Christian" ....RULE over man?  Well, we had several wars, started and fought by the church, to KILL all who disagreed with them, converted people by sword, burned witches, sold tickets into heaven, and more. But, hey, they had nice little seasonal ceremonies, which....CONVENIENTLY... used the same procedures as pagan myths or those of other religions but with a saint that supposedly existed (only evidence being their own stories) that just happened to do the same events or say the same things as the other religions.

Further down the road, the church is EXPLICITY involved in justifying and distributing the selling of slaves, burning crosses to threaten those of other colors, keeping women from voting, and the NUMBER ONE ENEMY in "Christian" America to them is SOCIALISTS and the number one God given economic system is CAPITALISM.  That is what I grew up "knowing" to be true.  However, it gets complicated when you ask how a system that is all about caring for the poor can be EVIL, and how a system that is literally BUILT on GREED can be GOOD?

I have come to the point of rejecting not only Evangelicals but the Christian church as a whole, as not only NOT reflective of even the Christ they promote (who said the love of money is sin and said the whole law is summed up in love) but the whole of Christianity, which presents itself as the ONLY ticket to GOD by FORCE (not love), if you pay them money and doen't challenge anything they say...conveniently.  

Now, I do believe in a loving God, and I hold as highest truth that God is love, because what parent wants evil for their child?  ANY Creator would likewise want the same for theirs, no matter their skin color or difference of opinion.  In fact, such a creator would see as highest goal the integration of ALL the varieties of the world that he made, and he would see as greatest SIN those that which those varieties destroyed.  So, I don't fear for my soul at all from a God that would appreciate my defense of his creation, and I do not need to be "saved" but, instead, look forward to being present when the loving God of even their own writings passes sentence on them for what they did "to the least of these."

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Monday, March 5, 2018

IBM Whistleblower Talk Time

What a great post to kick off using as my social center, again.  I get to do a tell all about IBM, which I WASN'T going to do, but considering the last week...pull up a chair.

There is a reason I left IBM in 2016, after 3 years of working on one of the highest skilled desks in the organization (ONRR Federal and Indian Royalty Reporting for Marathon Oil).  I have relayed that part on here in various posts about how I was originally hired onto a 2 person desk and within 4 months was given sole responsibility for the desk.  Then, they brought me over time 2 others to train on the desk (both of which moved on to other organizations before completing training).  Then, after ONRR audits went from 4 in 6 months to 12 a month (due to an increase in ONRR auditors on staff), I was told that I was not going to get any more help but all the blame if anything was missed.  So...I left.

Then, this year, I came up to Tulsa, under unpleasant circumstances with my wife's ex, and I had to get a job...any job.  I had a few options, but I made what in hindsight was the wrong one.  I applied to IBM as a temp, thinking I would just have to do some little job, there, for 6 months, as the whole company was closing down by the end of July (as Marathon had pulled their contract from them...gee...wonder why).  Instead, I found myself back on the same desk, doing my old job.  And...get this...after I left, they split my desk out to 4 different people, saying that it was too much for one person to do.  Yet, upon my hire, they wanted to "consolidate" it back to being just under ME ...with no help...sound familiar? 

That was difficult enough to go back to that level of responsibility (at 20 thousand dollars less than they had paid  me for the same job a few years ago and temp so they don't have to pay benefits...uh huh..).  However, that was only the beginning of the decline.  First of all, I was being thrust out to answer the client for setups and reporting done in the last year (remember ...I had JUST started and this was not my work I was answering for) by managers that not only didn't answer for it to the client but didn't KNOW how ANYTHING was done on my desk.  After 18 months gone, I was at one month back the most knowledgeable person on staff...think about what that means. 

Then, I get into the last week of the month...the REPORTING period, where I take what has been booked and adjust it so it can pass ONRR ecommerce errors.  Suddenly, one person is on vacation that I could reference, and another retires.  The audit coordinator starts asking me to PERSONALLY come up with booked volumes for an auditor (when I am not a revenue accountant but solely reporting) and to do so OUTSIDE of the computer system.  When I object that this was unprofessional and against audit protocol for me to be doing it (no separation of duties), I am scolded and threatened to get it done.  I say that I will do so, but that March will be my last month.  However, I offer to train the replacement.

They take me up on the offer to train the replacement...or so I thought...which would make sense as NO ONE there knows how to do HALF of my job.  They thank me for sticking around, and I continue on to do all the account recons and payment on the audit rule violating PADs they had me make.

Then, after I did all that work, they call me ON MY WAY HOME to tell me they had decided I didn't have to come back in, since I had given them notice, and that today was my last day.

Ha.  Now, joke is on them, because, I don't WANT to be there and was only doing so for THEIR benefit.  I am certain the next month will be VERY interesting for them, as they asked me to do things OUTSIDE the system that was NOT written down in, they won't be able to account for them.  However, it cemented my desire to post this post.

If there are ONRR, client, or state auditors reading this, you should audit this company, because I saw MUCH more being done outside my desk that is ALSO shady and underhanded.  Good luck in your investigations.

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