Friday, December 15, 2023

Instant Karma

 I had the idea for this blog post for like a week, but it didn't feel right time.  Feels ok, now, though.

So, I think there exists this thing called instant Karma.  I don't mean that someone that did someone bad suddenly faces bad, though the videos out there for that are awesome.  What I mean is natural consequence.  The more I reflected on it, the less stressed I am over other people that reject you or don't get you.

Here's the deal...  We don't have to do anything, and we don't even have to think about it.  It will happen on it's own.

If someone is nice to you, they will get more of you. If someone does bad things to you, they will get less of you.  If you are nice to people, you will probably get more friends.  I learned that over the years, and some of my closest friends are those of which I used to have loud debates... but always circled back because in my opinion care for someone doesn't ever really go away.  It is just either shared or not.. fueled or dwindles for lack of nourishment.   But, to get back to my point, people will get good if they give good, because people LIKE good.  If they are distant, they will get distance... because who wants to chase someone that is only interested in you when they are bored.

So.. not a long concept.  So, it's a short post.  Point being, if you want good, be good.  Feed those things you want to stick around in your life, because you will give them a reason to stay.  Then, if they leave, let them go.. give them that Karma to lose you, and find another worthy of it being given.

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