Monday, April 29, 2024

The Truths We Don't Speak

Part of the reason so many live disillusioned lives of depression is found in one society problem that has existed all my life and will probably always exist.  We celebrate fantasies and literally tell and expect people living dark days to keep silent.  We... don't say bad things out loud.  I was never very good at that rule.

The unfortunate result, of course, is that no one can learn from the failures of others, so we keep having to learn them over and over like one of those movies of days on repeat.  I try to make a difference in that area and honestly feel peace only when the truth is spoken.  I thought it would be good to post a few of those truths that are known to those that lived them but kept silent from those about to live them.

1.  You can do everything right and still lose... often that's the case, in fact.   Why?  Well... in part it us because while you're living a code of ethics, others are ... not.  So, you become easy bait and meal for the sharks that would feed on you.  In fact, it is my experience that when you start to object and defend yourself, that is seen as an attack by those only wishing to use you.  But... rather than lamenting all that, why not break free and save yourself.

2.  Religion has been anything but a history of comfort.  The religious get all silent when you mention their dark history... in part because many approve of that past and know it's non pc  to say it.  They don't see anything wrong with the church spending centuries trying to convert otherwise by the sword in the crusades, hanging scientists, burning witches, selling tickets to heaven, expecting women to keep silent in church and submit to men and make babies, and imposing christian morals on everyone that is NOT members of the faith.  Again... we keep the bad things quiet, so we can repeat them again.  And, we definitely don't talk about things like churches harassing LGBTQ members or the sexual assault happening in many church camps or by ministers to altar boys.  I'm not an atheist, but I definitely don't believe in churches from my experience.  I just haven't found one that doesn't turn out to have more sin and problems than the world from whom they... separate and condemn.

3.  Bad things happen, and that's a good thing.  People STILL maintain God will bless those that does good, and they judge those with struggles as sinful.  To be wealthy is to be "blessed" the belief goes.  Problem is that we have literally thousands of years of believers suffering and dying in their faith, and Jesus, himself, said its hard for a rich person to enter heaven... another thing we just don't... say.  But, facing challenges helps us all to grow up and mature, and that's what you need to do, if you're going to actually address your problems and overcome them, yourself.

I have much more I could say, but... some other time.  That's enough for today.

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