Monday, August 14, 2023

Echoes of Joy

More simple echoes of joy from my past with commentary.  Again, relationships CAN be a part of joy, but joy is more simplistic and broad…

In no order but as it comes to me..

- my first two years of college were full of many joys.  I think they often play a big part in helping someone become who they will be.  My first year, more joys would come from my work than my classes.  I worked at a movie theater… AMC in Lakeland.  I worked my way up from being an usher to concession to usher trainer, and finally projectionist.  I literally put the movies together (back when they had film.. I bet it’s not that way, now) and fixed breaks and more.  It felt nice to have such trust and influence, even if it was barely paid more than minimum wage.  I enjoyed going to free films (sometimes with someone.. I was wearing contacts and was more popular) but sometimes on my own, and it felt great to be making money to pay rent for an apartment that I shared with two guys and have independence.

- In the years following my first divorce, I was flying into Tampa each month to spend a weekend with my children.  Of course that brought me joy, alone.  But, I also liked driving rental cars like a Mustang or Camaro (probably my personal favorite).  I also loved to go to the Clearwater beach in the evening after dropping them off to stand under or on the pier and listen to the waves .. it carried me away to bliss… and no woman was involved, though doing it with a woman would be very nice, I assume.

Joy is not tied to a person, other than your person and your willingness to let it touch your soul.

More memories  to come…

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