Tuesday, November 21, 2023


 Isn’t it terrible how our expectations have dropped?  If someone could actually fix the roads.. or fix anything, I’d elect them President.  And, when you date someone that’s not horrible to you, you’re like.. oh this might be the one.. forget whether you have things in common or they do good to you or compliment you or whatever.  Job treats you bad?  Well, you could be fired.  A string of bad things happened to you?  Well thank God, because He could have allowed you to be murdered or maimed.

Years ago, I wrote a book called First Edition about being original and putting forward a greater effort than the lowest common denominator most base their actions on.. what others do.  We can be better than that.

But, science teaches us that entropy happens… things fall apart of effort is not put into them to repair or increase.  It’s nature for things to get worse and worse, unless for example, you get off your butt and exercise to get fit.. you work extra hours to save, you get out there and try to talk to others and date and improve yourself for them and flirt.  If you just wait for nature to take its course, it will.. one day you’ll be dead.. but not yet .. thank God.

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