Friday, December 1, 2023

You Are Doing Just Fine

I am taking time from my playlist listening.. new playlist, listen here.. to do a post.  I won't have time to do more blog format work till Sunday.  I'm in a work cycle connected to a surgery coming that is sucking up all my time in work to cover expenses.  But, I wanted to take a moment to do this post.... short one, but I think needed.  Most of my posts are philosophical, but here's a practical one.

I know you are feeling overwhelmed at times.  It is only magnified in the holidays.  But... Here's to us, as Halestorm sings.  You are doing a great job and are to be celebrated just for taking a step forward and believing in hope.  I know it seems dark, and I know you feel tired.  Don't judge your days based on whether you can escape that.  Struggle against darkness and striving for success is the same steps, only with a different perspective.

Just keep going.  Breathe.  Look for happy moments or make them.  Expect your life to change.  Make effort in that direction.  You can make it through, and you are not alone.  People don't talk about it, but every generation has been where you are, right now.  One day, you'll be an "elder" to advise others on how to make it through.  But, I'm just here to say.. it's ok.  You're doing just fine.  Tomorrow will be better.  Forward to happiness.

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