Sunday, January 28, 2024

God Helps Those That Help Themselves

There's an old saying that many know... God helps those that help themselves.  When I was growing up, many thought it was a bible verse. But, it's actually from country founder Benjamin Franklin in his way to wealth booklet.  The point was that you should be working towards your own success and not just sitting around waiting for someone to save you.  Others can help you, and if that's offered be grateful, but ultimately your life is your responsibility and if you don't believe in yourself or your future enough to work for it, why should God believe in you to do it?

It also reminds me of another old story.  There came a flood to a city, and as the waters rose, a pastor said, "God will save me."  Shortly, a man knocked on his door to save him, and he said, "God will save me."  Later, a boat came by his house and called to him, but he said, "God will save me."  Finally, as he was on top of his roof, a helicopter came and called to him, and he refused saying, "God will save me."  After the man died, he asked God why He didn't save him, and God replied, "I sent you a man, a boat, and a helicopter."

Like is confusing.  Things are always changing around us.  Each 5 years is very different than I expected to find myself at that point.  When I took it in my hands to force a specific plan it was usually when success and happiness began to unravel.  But, if I look back at times things went well for me... awards in school, work, kids... it wasn't a specific plan as much as working hard and preparing myself for what may come.  And, the more preparation.. the better the result.

That is my goal.  I'm taking a long term planning structure to my life.  I plan to move to a cheaper area near family, get a good job and rebuild myself and develop connections to others.  I'm not going to even guess how my life will change or where I'll be in 5 years, but I expect my preparation will result in the same expanded opportunities that I had the last time I followed this mentality.

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