Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Worthy Moment

 Listening to my playlist this morning, I wanted to put down a thought, before I get started with my day planning and acting on new potentials of future.

I used to say... years ago.. that the value of an attempt was not determined by how successful it would be in the end.  But... life battle scars and pains over the years makes that hard to really feel true.  But, consider our lives in the grand scheme of life.  We live a life, and then we are gone.  For us, it feels like the center of everything, but for most that are alive today, we are nothing, and we will leave a mark that will be erased within years, very likely.  Even if we leave a historical mark, it will be distorted over time and eventually forgotten or found irrelevant.  So... was our lives important and beautiful?  To us... yes.  And, OBJECTIVELY they can be so, as well... even if no one was there to see or record it.  They are still good.

I think this backwards applies, as well.  This is a very hard one for me, and I won't say that I will do a good job feeling it or applying it... but I'll try.  What if you lived a romance with someone or raised kids or worked at a job or whatever.  In those years, there were many moments that were very nice, inspirational, encouraging, or more.  Then, things turned badly and ended badly... or just drifted apart or whatever.  Now, you don't want to think about those years.  I have blogged in the past that part of the process of recovery from a breakup is to forgive yourself for taking the risk and to accept your part in those years was good to bring yourself together.  But, what about the other person's part in it?  Were they good?  At the time, they were.

So, the hard moment is to accept that those moments in time WAS good as much as they were... at the time.  They may not still be possible or even something that you might want, but the value of that moment will remain etched in time... as a worthy moment.

So, that's something I'm going to work on, as well as feeling inspired to do more worthy moments or at least give a worthy attempt.  Whether or not it fails, it will be a good mark in an otherwise bleak canvas.

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