Friday, May 10, 2024


Reason has rarely failed me.  Emotional pursuits.. often.  It sucks being an INFJ, because I have to try to balance those, but as I look back over my life I find that the worst struggles that I faced came as a result of following some emotional or hopeful pursuit.  I don't just mean romance, but there have been a lot of times that I did something to please someone or out of hope that it would turn into something great.  It almost never did.  

I remember one time trying to sell life insurance for a month.  I spent an entire month going door to door to contacts and sold.. nothing.. made ... nothing.. for a month.  There has also been multiple internet or web or writing attempts to make money that resulted in very little.  I do appreciate the fact that I kept trying and learning, but the lesson learned after a life of following those pursuits and a life of using reason to guide my path shows me that I have better results with reason.

Indeed.. from an early age, I learned that I could accomplish things with my mind.  I got a lot of academic awards in high school, and I would graduate with High Honors all because I applied my brain.  And, every time that I had to overcome a budget crisis in my life, it would be my mind that would come to the rescue of finding a good path.  

This is going to be a short post.  I just wanted to note that "using your head to guard your heart" is not the only reason it is there.  You can also use it to guide your choices to have a more prosperous and beneficial life, and that is my goal, right now.  I'm not interested in finding romance or love at this point, and I think that my pursuits of that has in fact been the very thing that has distracted me from making positive choices in that area.  My goal is to be my best self, and that self will ALSO have a heart... but I will not be letting that heart make the decisions for a while.  I imagine when it is time to use it, it will make sense, as well.

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