Saturday, May 11, 2024

Single Freedom

 Single.. single.. single..

That was the embarrassing shout of the carnival operator at the ferris wheel in Never Been Kissed, where Drew Barrymore was pretending to be a high school student for a story.  I think she asked him not to say it that way, because it embarrassed her.

Isn't that us?  We feel embarrassed to be single.  In fact, if you find a "singles" group out there in FB or otherwise, it is probably intended to CHANGE that status.  I remember when I was in one of those groups and posted the idea that being single was ok all by itself and that you could stay happy single, I was attacked by the group leaders and others that demanded that you MUST be LOOKING FOR SOMEONE.

There is a funny movie that I should watch again called The Lobster starring Colin Ferrell.  In that movie, you had to find someone to mate with or you would be transformed into an animal of your choice.  In one scene the star says that a dog that he has was his brother that didn't find someone.  There is SUCH a demand that you must be a part of a couple.  I know that as a person that loves music, it is VERY hard to find music that is not about finding someone, hurting from someone, or such.

In my recent more cynical vibe, I have found much more peace, actually, in not seeking that.  We spend so much of our lives feeling inadequate for someone in the past, someone in the future, or in comparison to others in society.  When you finally say... fk it.. and just love yourself being yourself, it is transformational.  

But, even before that moment, I had moments of joy being single, and I am sure that everyone that was single or is single can testify.  I get up and can wear what I want.  I can go work and use my phone for fun and not worrying about whether someone is texting me.  I come home and can watch what I want, drink what I want, etc.  I can scope out someone sexy when I am out or look at porn or enjoy looking at sexy stars in my movies and shows.  I don't have to check with someone before I tell someone what I believe, and I don't have constant fear that something will end.

Will it ever change.. maybe.  But, I want you to get this... being single isn't a sin, and it isn't being broken.  It is being how you were made... period.  And, that person is good... so stop pretending it isn't.  Enjoy yourself, but better yet BE YOURSELF to the world.  Let that light shine, and stop feeling that you are incomplete til you find someone to limit you.  Single freedom is a treasure not to be surrendered, til someone is worth the sacrifice.

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