Tuesday, July 9, 2024


I'll lead by giving a link here to a magic performance on a talent show from the internet, where the woman changes clothes in seconds and incorporates magic moves and tricks along the way.  Of course she got all yes votes from the judges.  Why?  We like illusion.  We are more fascinated by illusion than if someone just did something we understand in front of us.  There is a reason people are interested in fantasy movies and shows much more than human life, and the human life shows and movies have none of the mundane elements of our lives like paying bills, watching TV, or more.  No... they have to have people with perfect skin complexion and thin bodies, even though we never see them do skincare or exercise.

Indeed, we incorporate illusion into our own lives.  I used to oppose it and want things and people to be real... but... did I?  Do we?  Would you prefer your first date was with someone that didn't dress well, was sweaty from the day, didn't wear makeup, talked about their financial struggles or family drama that fills their days at times?  No... we expect them to put effort into an illusion, and we judge them on how well that illusion appears.  Then, later, people will start to critique the illusion and feel deceived, despite the fact that they were deceiving,  as well.

I read an article many years ago, and I'm sure it has only become more true.  It said that well over half (I think it was more like 2/3) of those living middle class lives were actually in debt up to their eyeballs and barely hanging on to stay afloat.  They had credit card, car, house, and other loans.  They wore outfits they would return.  They wore jewelry they rented.  Almost all parts of their image was false by actual analysis of their income to debt ratio.  But.... the image DID exist.  The image of others did exist.  Whether or not it was true, they WERE presenting it with others that were presenting it.  To me, the only real problem in the illusion is when they judge others for not appearing so well off.

I am not saying you should not try to elevate yourself.  You should.. I have, do, and will.  But INFJ me has not been willing to present myself to others until I had finished perfecting myself.  And, I notice my flaws much more than others ever would.  I still have a lot of growth and improvement to do, but I should not feel bad to be feeling like an imposter in a land where being an imposter is the norm.  Sometimes, people care less if you are true and more how you make them feel.... that's something very new to me to realize, and I have work to do to adopt it, fully.

So, if there's one thing I'd have you take away from this, it is this.  You are more than you are at present in fact, so do not let the facts keep you from being an illusion to present an accurate depiction of your heart, goals, and personality.  Likely, that's what they want to see, anyways.

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