Wednesday, July 10, 2024

It's Magical

People want something that's special.  They want something that works and makes them happy, even with the fact that they must work at it to get and maintain it, too.  But, not everything that you work hard at will work.  Sometimes, it's a clash of needs vs abilities.  Or, it's a clash of personality or interests or more.  Sometimes, no matter how hard you work it won't work for you.

In order for something to be special, it means other things don't work.  It is the failures that make the success worthy.  In order for something to fail, it must cause discomfort or discontent or pain.  So, the only way you get to special is through failures, discomfort and pain.  It doesn't feel good, but it is planting seeds of joy for when it does work.  I don't have all my works path figured out, but I'm working on a path towards it.  I already have more peace to be moving forward from the failed past, but I know there's likely more failures ahead, as well.  But...that is what will make it more magical when I DO find harmony.

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