Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Nutrients for Happiness

 I should’ve done this post a long time ago, since it’s something that I personally practice.  I learned many years ago that the right nutrients can make you feel better and happier and the loss of them can make you feel incomplete.  It takes an emotional affect, as well.  Sometimes, you may feel like you are down about things or struggling, when all you need to do is eat something and take a vitamin or mineral.  So, I want to go over some of my own things I take and why.

B E D - it’s a funny little combination of letters into a word, but if you take B vitamins by themselves or in a multivitamin combined with vitamin E and D.. you get a peaceful rest and are less anxious over things.. but I’d take B early in the day, so it doesn’t affect sleep.

Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc with D - this is a way to get that D as well, but I break up the daily supplement amount to spread over the day.  It helps with eye calmness, too.  Plus, Zinc helps with colds, but if you take a multivitamin this might become less important.

Iron - Last week, I was feeling very drained and weak one day, but I realized that I hadn’t had any red meat or iron fortified foods in a bit.  Women’s multivitamins often contain it but not men’s, as they assume men will be eating meat.  With I gave blood, it confirmed that yes.. I was on the very bottom of acceptable range.. AFTER I started taking Iron.

Protein - I’ve watched people that were working out and avoiding fat so much that their protein levels were a fraction of what they need in a day.  I have absentmindedly done it myself at times.  But, if you go too low in protein, you not only cut down on your body fuel source but slow your metabolism.. meaning your body isn’t processing what you DO eat to function, too.  This can make you lightheaded or weak in itself and make you feel achy in my experience.  Also, keep in mind that to make full protein from non meat sources, you need both grains and nuts or beats to make complete proteins.

So, I hope this helps you.  I’m not a doctor and this isn’t medical advice, but it’s what I have noticed in my own life.  Also, be careful of the ranges of what is safe to take, and you can adjust that if you know.. for example like I knew from my blood history that I run low on iron and with diet in mind.. but again consult your physician if you have questions.

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