Thursday, February 22, 2024


A Greek philosopher is credited with saying the only constant is change, but it has been repeated by many in different contexts over the centuries. Indeed... I have always thought that my life is always very different than I expected it to be 5 years prior. Five years ago, I was married and expected it to last, forever. That would change within months that year, and my life has had many other change points between then and now. It hasn't been all bad... just different. However, it was often unexpected.

This will be a short blog, but it's worthy of its own post. Life is unexpected.. it is chaos, and that's a good thing in part. How would you ever touch the magic of a moment, if every moment was dictated? The last several years has been hard and challenging at times, and ultimately it's taught me I want more of family and roots, at least for now. But, I grew SO much on my own in the challenges, here... in the... change.

We change our clothes, our hair, our direction to get to work... and much more, because "anything is better than a life standing still," as Ethan says in Beautiful Creatures. Sharks suffocate if they stay still. I once did a graph where there was a line going out in two extremes... one is life and the other is death. Life is activity, growth, regeneration, change. Even our weather gives cycles of change and reset. And, that's OK. Reset or regeneration is starting over but with new hope for what lies ahead. Death, on the other hand, is stillness, fixed states, and less movement with decay.

So, the next time you stress over change, just think... you could be staying the same... the horror...

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