Wednesday, April 3, 2024

No Surrender

 There have been made ample number of movies about WWII or other war prisoners of war that didn't give their guards the satisfaction of breaking them.  They kept their spirit, even against great odds and certainty of defeat... why?  It was because it wasn't ... defeat.

Someone can overpower you.  They can defame you.  They can deprive you.  They can do all manner of evil against you.  But, until you actually surrender, you are not defeated.  It's like the campaign that was going for a long time that was focused on the semi colon.  Your story is not done.  You are at the point of... "and then" in the story.  It's the part when you make your next move to rise.

Those that oppose you don't want you to rise.  They don't want you to hope.  They don't want you to win.  There is a lot of memes out there that say that your friends list contains several that want you to fail.  I would hope that is not the case with mine.  I tend to remove those that do so, as no real FRIEND wants ill of you.  But, there are definitely those out there that have as a goal for you to fail.  How pitiful is that?  They could want anything in the world, but they desire someone else to fail.  Generally, it is the lowest quality that feel the need to reduce others so they look good by comparison, so pity them.

I'm not saying that your story will be an uneventful rise into prosperity.  That hasn't been my reality.  Usually, it is overcoming one crisis to face another crisis.  I don't claim to be a victim, as ... as far as I can tell... that is the reality of everyone, even those proclaiming providence.  Did you know that the author of Purpose Driven Life had his son die?  And, Christian music star Steven Curtis Chapmain had his child die.  Christian artist Carmen faced death and divorce in those he loved.  It's not all roses to live a struggle free life.  Indeed, contrary to the prosperity gospel, Jesus .. even in the flawed Gospel texts.. reassured his followers that in this life they will have struggle.  And, that was proven to be true.  For hundreds of years, the Foxes Book of Martyrs was printed more than even the Bible, and it told of how all but one of Jesus own followers died brutal deaths.  Whether God was not powerful enough to stop the deaths or didn't desire to do so, the common historical record is that following religion is not a path to blessing but to living just as flawed of an outcome as everyone else.... probably moreso, as many don't have the fight to rise up, feeling it is the "will of God."

But.... here's my thinking.  You exist.  You know what you want and need.  So.. go get it.  Stop waiting around for someone to give it to you, because my experience is that others are pretty much just thinking about what they want for themselves.  I'm sure that some will do that work and gain.  Benjamin Franklin said that God help no one that doesn't help themselves.  And, unfortunately, many will solve their problems and then give credit to those that didn't play a part.  That's sad, as it deprives the victor of their crown.

The greater the challenge, the greater the accomplishment.  I've learned that over and over in my life as I overcame one challenge after another without credit.  But, whether or not others see the victory for what it is, the testimony will stand.  If you refuse to surrender to those trying to hold you prisoner, you will have an eternal record of saying.. this far and no further... and be worthy of whatever future will rise from that seed of conviction, even if it is just knowing the world did not break you.

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