Saturday, December 9, 2023

Wealth is an Ego Illusion

Over my life, I’ve made more, and I’ve made less.  One thing that I’ve come to understand is that wealth is an illusion.  

Even this year.. I didn’t have the money to do if, but I did some meetup events and met a lot of people with money.  And… they all complained about how much they struggled with expenses.  Of COURSE they did.  Just in those few months, I felt the pressure by the groups .. hey, we have THIS to do or THAT.  You’re coming, right?  And, people did it, because they wanted to fit in… to have “friends”.. even if that friendship only lasted as long as their bank account to do things with them an no further.

The Bible says increase seeks increase.  It’s never enough.  So, they do more and more and have the same few real connections.  So.. what are they paying for?  Ego.  That’s why rich people want to be seen for donations and charity work.  If they don’t have an audience, it serves no purpose for HAVING money.

The irony that I see is that at least in Tampa Bay, the most financially liberated are those living in section 8 housing (which is rather nice in places.. I know.. I worked at the Tampa Housing Authority once).. paying very little and spending money on fun, alcohol, clothes, and living life without concern of debts or image.  Then, they learn not to work too hard to lose it.  So… they have much better residences and assets than me, who is working every day to not go homeless after a surgery.  And, they don’t have to work as hard to do it.  So, all things considered, I’d say they are the richest and most free of anyone in Tampa Bay.

Wealth is an illusion.  No one feels they have it.  Everyone feels poor.  And, happiness has nothing to do with your income level. It has more to do with not feeling the need to prove it to anyone else or fit in others’ groups.

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