Sunday, October 22, 2023


I’ve noted this in my blogs over many years.  In fact, a very long time ago, I read a book as a kid about an apprentice learning the five magics or something like that.  I don’t even recall the name of the book.  But, one of the concepts that he learned was that if two things were similar, affecting one would affect the other.  It’s actually in a way a foundational concept for magic and prayer for that matter.  Scientifically, it’s called resonance, and this tuning fork video displays it well.

But, it’s not limited to magic or science.  In general like people will resonate with others that are similar, and that will affect connections for friendships or more, as well. It affects jobs, too.  You’ll love it or hate it, based on how much it resonates with your soul.

I’m re-learning this, after a couple years of chasing things I found interesting for being different, only to lead to dead ends or conflicts with what I valued as an individual.  So, I’m choosing to work at things I like to do, say what I feel, watch what I want to watch, and be who I like to be.  As I have said in blogs past, if you put on an act to get someone, you’ll just end up getting someone that likes the act.. or the job or whatever you use to attract.  If you want someone that likes you, you gotta show… you.

So, find your place in the universe.  Strike your true note, and let that bring resonance to the things that will most happily fit in your life and lifestyle.  Whether or not it attracts others, you can be happy falling in love with yourself and the life that results.  And, I wish everyone that peaceful journey with me.

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