Monday, March 4, 2024

A Couple Singles or a Dance

 One realization I had over the day is that as I look back over my past failed relationships in my life, I see mostly people that were happy being single... even if they were in a relationship as they lived it.  

I've seen this in dating circles a lot, too.. tho I'm hoping that's just a Florida hedonistic quality and not what I'll find elsewhere.  Many don't even want to be in a relationship.  I've posted statistics of how more women than men but a majority of both at middle age don't want to ever remarry.  Some even post how they want a two person income and to live alone, which I think might be a definite red flag for someone wanting a relationship.

Different people want different things, and there's definitely nothing wrong with staying single and living that way the rest of your life.  It's just not what I want.  If you bypass that question when dating, you can find yourself depending on emotional satisfaction from someone that was really just looking for things for themselves, and trust me... that doesn't end well.  

So, take the time to make sure what you want and seek others that want that too.  Do you want to be a couple singles, together, or two people in a couples dance the rest of your lives.

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