Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Our Choices, Our lives

I want to bring together a few things I have said in the past to expand on what sounds like a pretty obvious point that is actually deeper and supernaturally true than it first appears.

I'll begin by talking about this week and today.  This week (and earlier actually) my deliveries and money has been working much better than usual.  Whereas I used to fight some days and barely make my budgets, it's like money is throwing itself at me.  The car is running great with very little issues, which I used to be facing.  My health has been going much easier with less pains and problems... I know some of that is because of the cholesterol med increase but stay with me.  It is like things are working out for me, really well... AFTER I decided to go back to the midwest.  I no longer need pressure to make me decide that.  Today, I decided to do something I would enjoy in this area, and LITERALLY as I was driving home to get ready for it, a shower popped up that wasn't on the radar and developed and expanded literally right on top of me, til I decided not to go to it and then the weather cleared.  While... at the same time... I got another increased tip where someone increased their tip by 10 dollars.  Recall that money is important to be able to move.  Yeah, it could be coincidence, but maybe it's supernatural science.  I'll explain.

What if our lives are not being either blessed or cursed in total but specific elements related to bad or good choices are being so?  I recall dating people.. and marrying some of them, actually... where it was a struggle the whole way.  And, the whole time I was with them, it was overcoming one disaster or challenge after another.  And, immediately upon leaving that connection, things improved, dramatically.  I have had ex friends that had the same effect, while I was connected to them that left or improved upon ending that connection.  You gotta ask... why would God.. or nature or the universe or whatever you want to use.. do this?  I think science.  You put a mouse in a maze and want it to go in a specific path, so what do you do?  You provide rewards for the right choices and you make it very uncomfortable in the bad ones.  What if we are being directed in much the same way?  I've already made that point about the last year's almost supernatural pitfalls and dangers I faced.

Let me expand on that by bringing up another point that  I made once about the multiverse.  I did a post where I said the multiverse was real in that every second of every day, we make choices.  Each of those choices lead to different paths... different universes that could happen.  Maybe sometimes, our specific choices put us in a world that is not right for us and changing those choices can improve our entire world around us by changing the universe in which we live?  Indeed, I hate to bring him up, as I think he is a dangerous fraud, but I heard a "laughing revivalist" one time decades ago, where people would "fall out" laughing as he spoke, say that the people that were on Jonah's ship in the bible were facing the storms out at sea not for anything they did but because they just happened to be on Jonah's boat, who was running away from God.  Those people were not even believers in that God, but they were not being punished til they happened upon the boat where God was judging one of his servants.  However, the point was... their lives were in struggle and not being blessed because of who they were around.

I can definitely attest to that in my life, but I think it is a good point to share.  Sometimes.... not always, because sometimes bad things just happen that has nothing to do with you ... happens to everyone.  But, if you keep running into pitfalls, maybe you should stop and think... am I on the wrong path?  If you are, maybe you are not in the universe that you should be, and you are not being blessed for simply not being where you CAN be blessed and not for anything you specifically did to deserve it.  

Something to consider.

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